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1. "Why did so many teenagers fall for Stanley Horowitz's tricks?""These were impressionable teenagers," Nick explained. "Many of them were devoted fans of romantic Vampyre stories. They over-romanticized what it means to be a Vampyre, and that gave Stanley a way to manipulate them.""I've read Twilight," Tamara said. "My daughter is a huge fan. Is she in any danger?""The danger arises from wanting to belong to the in crowd so badly, you lose sight of what's real and what's fantasy.""Surely today's teenagers know that vampires are fantasy," Tamara said."Possibly. But remember, Vampyres are not romantic. Vampyres are dead. They are walking reminders of tragedy. Loving one is necrophilia. And wanting to be one is the first step on the road to catastrophe."
Author: Abramelin Keldor
2. "I lived to play basketball. Growing up as a kid, Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics were my favorite team. The way they played, the teamwork, the sacrifice, the commitment, the joy, the camaraderie, the relationship with the fans."
Author: Bill Walton
3. "- Az ember néha hamarabb kiönti a szívét egy idegennek, mint azoknak, akiket ismer. Miért van ez így?- Talán azért, mert az idegen olyannak lát bennünket, mint amilyenek vagyunk, s nem olyannak, amilyennek látni szeretne."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
4. "Bi li radije da si dobila vec proživljen život, Tamara? Tako da se samo možeš opustiti ipromatrati ga? Ili bi ga radije proživjela sama?"
Author: Cecelia Ahern
5. "No mockery in this world ever sounds to me so hollow as that of being told to cultivate happiness. What does such advice mean? Happiness is not a potato, to be planted in mould, and tilled with manure. Happiness is a glory shining far down upon us out of Heaven. She is a divine dew which the soul, on certain of its summer mornings, feels dropping upon it from the amaranth bloom and golden fruitage of Paradise."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
6. "I belonged to another club, and liked the camaraderie."
Author: Chuck Zito
7. "I shall miss all the people in it and the great fun we had doing it. I enjoyed playing the character very much. It was a very, very special character and a very special series. And the camaraderie of it all. I loved it."
Author: Derek Jacobi
8. "Segala sakit, keluh, tangis, dendam, amarah, entah di mana. Aku tidak yakin telah meninggalkannya di suatu tempat. Tapi meski aku juga tidak mau membawanya lagi, aku tak bisa memastikan bahwa semua rasa itu pergi begitu saja. Aku antara kosong dan tiada."
Author: Dian Nafi
9. "Cînd ai cunoscut amaraciunile si dulceata lor, îti pare rau ca n-ai decît o inima de sfarîmat."
Author: Emil Cioran
10. "I'd really like to visit India and South America. I think India will be a great mix of sightseeing and relaxing, and I've got a feeling it will also be good for one's soul and spirit. And I'd love to go backpacking around South America at some point. I did that in Australia when I was younger, and the camaraderie was great fun."
Author: Emilia Fox
11. "This life is ironic: for it takes pain to discover pleasure; it takes sadness to know happiness; it takes war to value peace; and it takes hatred to treasure love.[Culled from: "Amara & The Strange Elderly Woman"]"
Author: Emmanuel Aghado
12. "I like playing a character every day. I like having something to go back to. I always enjoyed that with 'Will & Grace.' I like the camaraderie. I like having a crew that I know and I can work with every day."
Author: Eric McCormack
13. "Suzanne glanced over at her, eyebrow raised. "Is there an anaconda?" she asked, like it had suddenly occurred to her she could be totally wrong.Tamara should only be so lucky. "No, there's no anaconda, I can promise you that." Not even a garden snake."
Author: Erin McCarthy
14. "The silence that falls between them is a comfortable one. He longs to reach over and touch her, but he resists, fearful of destroying the delicate camaraderie they are building. He steals glances instead, watching the way the light falls over her skin. Several times he catches her regarding him in a similar manner, and the moments when she holds his eyes with hers are sublime."
Author: Erin Morgenstern
15. "Mabuti na nga siguro yung ganito, na papaniwalain ko sya na hindi ko sya mahal at baka sakali, sa ganitong pamamaraan ay minamahal nya ako."
Author: Eros S. Atalia
16. "- Secondo te le stelle sanno di pan di zucchero o di sale?- Non lo so, non le ho mai assaggiate.- Io sì, sono rimasta molte notti sul balcone della casa dei bambini chiusi. Le stelle in estate perdono briciole che arrivano in bocca.- E come sono?- Salate, a gusto di mandorla amara.- Le preferivo dolci.- Ma no, guasterebbero la terra per quante ne arrivano. Certe notti c'è tempesta di stelle sbriciolate. La terra è seminata da loro, riceve senza poter restituire. Allora dal basso si alzano le preghiere a sdebitarsi di alberi e di bestie che ringraziano."
Author: Erri De Luca
17. "He sank into the rocking chair, the same one in which Rebecca had sat during the early days of the house to give embroidery lessons, and in which Amaranta had played Chinese checkers with Colonel Gerineldo Marquez, and in which Amarana Ursula had sewn the tiny clothing for the child, and in that flash of lucidity he became aware that he was unable to bear in his soul the crushing weight of so much past."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
18. "A trickle of blood came out under the door, crossed the living room, went out into the street, continued on in a straight line across the uneven terraces, went down steps and climbed over curbs, passed along the Street of the Turks, turned a corner to the right and another to the left, made a right angle at the Buendía house, went in under the closed door, crossed through the parlor, hugging the walls so as not to stain the rugs, went on to the other living room, made a wide curve to avoid the dining-room table, went along the porch with the begonias, and passed without being seen under Amaranta's chair as she gave an arithmetic lesson to Aureliano José, and went through the pantry and came out in the kitchen, where Úrsula was getting ready to crack thirty-six eggs to make bread."Holy Mother of God!" Úrsula shouted."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
19. "Carmelia Montiel, a twenty-year-old virgin, had just bathed in orange-blossom water and was strewing rosemary leaves on Pilar Ternera's bed when the shot rang out. Aureliano José had been destined to find with her the happiness that Amaranta had denied him, to have seven children, and to die in her arms of old age, but the bullet that entered his back and shattered his chest had been directed by a wrong interpretation of the cards."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
20. "¡Carajo! -gritó.Amaranta, que empezaba a meter la ropa en el baúl, creyó que la había picado un alacrán.-¡Dónde está! -preguntó alarmada.-¿Qué?-¡El animal! -aclaró Amaranta.Úrsula se puso un dedo en el corazón.-Aquí -dijo."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
21. "HE had fled from her in an attempt to wipe out her memory, not only through distance but by means of a muddled fury that his companions a arms took to be boldness, but the more her image wallowed in the dung hill of war, the more the was resembled Amarant."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
22. "The Games are just a nice, positive way to build friendships, camaraderie and, of course, self-esteem. Plus, the Games are a great opportunity for people to participate in sports who normally wouldn't."
Author: Greg Louganis
23. "Messengers wait outside the door, to carry urgent orders for release. It is difficult, when the pen skips over a name, to associate it with the corpse it might belong to, tomorrow or the day after that. There is no sense of evil in the room, just tiredness and the aftertaste of petty squabbling. Camille drinks quite a lot of Fabre's brandy. Towards daybreak, a kind of dismal camaraderie sets in."
Author: Hilary Mantel
24. "They were enemies, they had both been very close to death and the other had done little or nothing to intervene, but actually to kill her would be very difficult.Or maybe he only wanted to pretend that he would find it very difficult; maybe it would be no bother at all, and the sort of bogus camaraderie of doing the same job, though on different sides, was just that: a fake."
Author: Iain M. Banks
25. "I am in everything that stands for justice and the natural rights of free men everywhere.I am American Amaranth"
Author: J.R. Ortiz
26. "Immortal amarant, a flower which onceIn paradise, fast by the tree of life,Began to bloom; but soon for man's offenceTo heaven removed, where first it grew, there grows,And flowers aloft, shading the fount of life,And where the river of bliss through midst of heavenRolls o'er elysian flowers her amber stream:With these that never fade the spirits electBind their resplendent locks."
Author: John Milton
27. "Después de esas piedras negras, dice Aguilar, ya qué me importaba cómo se llamara el tipo del hotel, podía llamarse como le diera la gana porque a mí Agustina me había llevado a conocer el río de su niñez."
Author: Laura Restrepo
28. "No, no." Amaranthe lifted a hand. "You needn't let me know you think my idea has promise. It's been nearly three months since the last time I almost got myself killed, so I'm brimming with self-confidence. I don't need bolstering."
Author: Lindsay Buroker
29. "Porque la mejor parte de nuestra memoria está fuera de nosotros, en una brisa húmeda de lluvia, en el olor cerrado de un cuarto o en el perfume de una primera llamarada: allí dondequiera que encontremos esa parte de nosotros mismos de que no dispuso, que desdeñó nuestra inteligencia, esa postrera reserva del pasado, la mejor, la que nos hace llorar una vez más cuando parecía agotado todo el llanto."
Author: Marcel Proust
30. "To je ona ljudska sklonost, ispunjena olovnim samosažaljenjem, da se svaka stvar, svaki vedar i svijetao životni trenutak, zagorca uvjerenjem kako ti netko cini nepravdu, kako nisi nagraden po svojim zaslugama i kako, sve u svemu, jadnijega i nesretnijeg od sebe okolo i ne vidiš. Tako se kvari vlastiti život, zamara se i ojaduje bližnje; tako se ostaje sam, jer je s ogorcenima teško živjeti. To ja o sebi znam, i to je takoder moj identitet."
Author: Miljenko Jergović
31. "Camaraderia între un barbat si o femeie tânara este posibila numai daca amândoi sunt foarte inteligenti sau daca amândoi iubesc. Altminteri este o simpla tovarasie mai mult sau mai putin insipida, foarte putin interesanta sufleteste, sau o etapa preliminarie unei legaturi tot atât de putin interesante. Iar prietenia între un barbat si o femeie tânara este de asemenea un mare cuvânt, cu majuscula, daca nu e alimentata de inteligenta si sustinuta de dragostea pe care fiecare dintre ei o poarta altei persoane. Tovarasiile acelea agreabile si impure pe care le numim prietenii se rezuma de cele mai multe ori la vizite frecvente, la oarecare confidente si la o calda familiaritate. Mai sus nu razbat."
Author: Mircea Eliade
32. "Kennedy said that if we had nuclear war we'd kill 300 million people in the first hour. McNamara, who is a good businessman and likes to save, says it would be only 200 million."
Author: Norman Thomas
33. "According to Japanese scholar Yuki Tanaka, the United States firebombed over a hundred Japanese cities. Destruction reached 99.5 percent in the city of Toyama, driving Secretary of War Henry Stimson to tell Truman he "did not want to have the US get the reputation of outdoing Hitler in atrocities," though Stimson did almost nothing to halt the slaughter. He had managed to delude himself into believing Arnold's promise that he would limit "damage to civilians." Future Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara, who was on LeMay's staff in 1945, agreed with his boss's comment that of the United States lost the war, they'd all be tried as war criminals and deserved to be convicted.Hatred towards the Japanese ran so deep that almost no one objected to the mass slaughter of civilians."
Author: Oliver Stone
34. "Teringat saya amaran daripada Imam al-Ghazali, bahawa jika solat dipersembahkan kepada Allah tanpa ada sebarang rasa, sama keadaannya dengan mempersembahkan bangkai yang tidak bernyawa."
Author: Pahrol Mohamad Juoi
35. "You need to have camaraderie in the clubhouse. Wherever you're working, be it a baseball team or at a business, you want to walk in there and say, 'Geez, it's great to be at work. Let's go get 'em,' as opposed to walking in there knowing there's going to be a commotion."
Author: Pat Gillick
36. "Setiap ketidakadilan harus dilawan, walaupun hanya dalam hati. (Saya Terbakar Amarah Sendirian! h. 45)"
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
37. "Saya masih berpendapat bahwa Multatuli besar jasanya kepada bangsa Indonesia., karena dialah yang menyadarkan bangsa Indonesia bahwa mereka dijajah. Sebelumnya, di bawah pengaruh Jawanisme, kebanyakan orang Indonesia bahkan tidak merasa bahwa mereka dijajah. (Saya Terbakar Amarah Sendirian! h. 15)"
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
38. "Jawanisme dan kolonialisme Jawa sudah bertindak jauh lebih brutal terhadap penduduk yang tinggal di Negara kepulauan yang luas ini daripada yang dulu dilakukan oleh penguasa penjajah asing (Saya Terbakar Amarah Sendirian! h. xxvii)"
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
39. "No había nada que yo amara mas que tentar a Dimitri. Bueno, aparte de besarlo."
Author: Richelle Mead
40. "The success of the Rat Pack or the Clan was due to the camaraderie, the three guys who work together and kid each other and love each other."
Author: Sammy Davis Jr.
41. "Chamara. What is the word that comes closest to it? Soo-Ja wondered. To stand it, to bear it, to grit your teeth and not cry out? To hold on, to wait until the worst is over? There is no other word for it, no way to translate it. It is not a word. It is a way to console yourself. He is not just telling her to stand the pain, but giving her comfort, the power to do so. Chamara is an incantation, and if she listens to its sound, she believes that she can do it, that she will push through this sadness. And if she is strong about it, she'll be rewarded in the end. It is a way of saying, I know, I feel it, too. This burns my heart, too."
Author: Samuel Park
42. "Emancipated' women found out that the honesty, generosity, and camaraderie of men was a lie."
Author: Shulamith Firestone
43. "You went to the catamaran with him?" Marcus couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You've been boating together?""Yes, boating--not boinking--boating!" Rosie screeched."
Author: Suzy Duffy
44. "This good fellowship - camaraderie - usually occurring through the similarity of pursuits is unfortunately seldom super-added to love between the sexes, because men and women associate, not in their labors but in their pleasures merely. Where, however, happy circumstances permit its development, the compounded feeling proves itself to be the only love which is strong as death - that love which many waters cannot quench, nor the floods drown, besides which the passion usually called by the name is as evanescent as steam."
Author: Thomas Hardy
45. "Le parti national-socialiste avait fait un fameux cadeau à ces SS-là : ils pouvaient marcher au combat sans aucun risque physique, décrocher les honneurs sans avoir à entendre siffler les balles. L'impunité psychologique était plus difficile à atteindre. Tous les officiers SS avaient des camarades qui s'étaient suicidés. Le haut commandment avait pondu des circulaires pour dénoncer ces pertes futiles : il fallait être simple d'esprit pour croire que les juifs, parce qu'ils n'avaient pas de fusils, ne possédaient pas d'armes d'un autre calibre : des armes sociales, économiques et politiques. En fait, le juif était armé jusqu'aux dents. Trempez votre caractère dans l'acier, soulignaient les circulaires, car l'enfant juif est une bombe à retardement culturelle, la femme juive, un tissu biologique de toutes les trahisons, le mâle juif, un ennemi plus implacable encore qu'aucun Russe ne saurait l'être. (ch. 20)"
Author: Thomas Keneally
46. "Nothing is more occult than the way letters, under the auspices of unimaginable carriers, circulate through the weird mess of civil wars; but whenever, owing to that mess, there was some break in our correspondence, Tamara would act as if she ranked deliveries with ordinary natural phenomena such as the weather or tides, which human affairs could not affect, and she would accuse me of not answering her, when in fact I did nothing but write to her and think of her during those months--despite my many betrayals....and the sense of leaving Russia was totally eclipsed by the agonizing thought that Reds or no Reds, letters from Tamara would be still coming, miraculously and needlessly, to southern Crimea, and would search there for a fugitive addressee, and weakly flap about like bewildered butterflies set loose in an alien zone, at the wrong altitude, among an unfamiliar flora."
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
47. "Kesamaran yang jelas terdapat berkaitan perhubungan yaqin dan zann pada tahap ilmu manusia, walaupun jika ia berdasarkan sumber Ilahi, sepatutnya dilayani dan dihargai sebagai satu keresahan positif. Di sebelah pihak iaitu, pihak yang berkeyakinan, menekankan kemungkinan keputusan-keputusan yang dibuat oleh manusia dan mengelakkan keraguan yang tekal dan buruk padahnya amatlah penting. Pada pihak yang lain pula, aspek keraguan akan keresahan itu mesti sentiasa diingati demi mencegah kefanatikan dan kesombongan yang melampau sama ada berbentuk teologis, saintifik atau sejarah, yang telah mengakibatkan banyak penderitaan manusia, di samping menggalakkan penyelidikan lanjut dalam semangat ijtihad dan shura. Sikap ini akan menggalakkan kerjasama dan akan memajukan perkembangan sains, kemanusiaan dan tamadun bukan sahaja di kalangan orang Islam, tetapi seluruh kemanusiaan."
Author: Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud
48. "One must recently have lived on or close to a college campus to have a vivid intimation of what has happened. It is there that we see how a number of energetic social innovators, plugging their grand designs, succeeded over the years in capturing the liberal intellectual imagination. And since ideas rule the world, the ideologues, having won over the intellectual class, simply walked in and started to run things. Run just about everything. There never was an age of conformity quite like this one, or a camaraderie quite like the Liberals'."
Author: William F. Buckley Jr.
49. "-Mi, hátramaradottak, utadra bocsátunk. Sok év rabság vaskapujáról leverve a lakat. Menj hát szabadon a gyönyöru országba. Bocsáss meg nekünk, e befelhozött világon szenvedoknek. Vezess bennünket, várj bennünket, ahogyan mi téged várunk. Még viszontlátjuk egymást."
Author: William Nicholson
50. "Amaranth, the world's most nutritious grain, is available from health food stores."
Author: Yotam Ottolenghi

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