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1. "A dry stretch of commentary in the middle of an 'Anchorman' movie would have been a terrible thing."
Author: Adam McKay
2. "I tend to relate more to people on television who are just themselves, for good or for bad, than I do to someone who I believe is putting on some sort of persona. The anchorman on 'The Simpsons' is a reasonable facsimile of some anchors who have that problem."
Author: Anderson Cooper
3. "I never believed the anchorman should be the know-it-all. And I try to communicate that to the audience. While I have some knowledge from my years of experience, what I want to do is walk you through this because we're all walking through this together."
Author: Lester Holt
4. "When the anchorman is wearing a colonel's uniform, it tells you something."
Author: Linda Ellerbee
5. "'Anchorman'... is not grounded in anything. There is absolutely no heart to that movie, which I love."
Author: Steve Carell
6. "I am a very, very avid 'Anchorman' fan."
Author: Zoey Deutch

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