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1. "Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice."
Author: Adolf Hitler
2. "Hey, that's why they in­vented the In­ter­net, her­manita. To talk about weird shit and down­load porn."
Author: Ann Aguirre
3. "Obsession with sanitation is a concern for sanitariums. A sane consumer makes decisions based on beauty alone, no matter how bad it smells."
Author: Bauvard
4. "La cortesia non e' superficiale, come altrove; ma non e' neppure una passionale offerta di sé, come qualcuno di voi vuol credere. Diciamo che e' una combinazione di intuizione (questo vuole el cliente), professionaita', (questo pare io debba fare), umanita' (vizia al prossimo tuo come te stesso)..."
Author: Beppe Severgnini
5. "There are still civil rights issues. There are still people who can't be visited by their spouse in the hospital because they're gay. These are humanitarian issues. At the end of the day, all you want is for people to be happy in the pursuit of life, love and liberty."
Author: Brandi Carlile
6. "The conditions necessary for devastating epidemics or pandemics just didn't exist until the agricultural revolution. The claim that modern medicine and sanitation save us from infectious diseases that ravaged pre-agricultural people (something we hear often) is like arguing that seat belts and air bags protect us from car crashes that were fatal to our prehistoric ancestors."
Author: Cacilda Jethá
7. "My humanitarian work evolved from being with my family. My mom, my dad, they really set a great example for giving back. My mom was a nurse, my dad was a school teacher. But my mom did a lot of things for geriatrics and elderly people. She would do home visits for free."
Author: Cat Cora
8. "Aku tahu seharusnya aku menjadi wanita kuat yang tegar dalam menghadapi berbagai masalah. Tapi... bukankah kita boleh menangis kalau memang itu membuat kita menjadi lebih tenang?"
Author: Cindy Pricilla
9. "What was the reason for invading Iraq' Was it a humanitarian crusade or an economic one' I would be inclined to say the latter. It was the same with the Civil War, because the landed gentry's money was being stolen by the king."
Author: Dougray Scott
10. "I am an actress, I earn money, I am well-known. I don't think it is altruism to become engaged in humanitarian work. It's the least one can do."
Author: Emmanuelle Beart
11. "The library is not, as some would have it, a place for the retiring of disposition or faint of heart. It is not an ivory tower or a quiet room in a sanitarium facing away from the afternoon sun. It is, rather, a command center, a power base. A board room, a war room. An Oval Office for all who preside over their own destinies. One does not retreat from the world here; one prepares to join it at an advantage."
Author: Eric Burns
12. "As warriors, as humanitarians, they've taught me that without courage, compassion falters, and that without compassion, courage has no direction."
Author: Eric Greitens
13. "Wanita cerdas bisa menghadapi cecunguk mana pun dengan anggun."
Author: Francisca Todi
14. "What's so wonderful about 'The Walking Dead' is that we're able to explore human nature in its most depraved as well as its most humanitarian in each episode."
Author: Gale Anne Hurd
15. "From the moment I bought my ticket, I had a premonition I wasn't returning to New York anytime soon.You Know, this happens a lot to Russians. The Soviet Union is gone, and the borders are as free and passable as they've ever been. And yet, when a Russian moves between the two universes, this feeling of finality persists, the logical impossibility of a place like Russia existing alongside the civilized world, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, sharing the same atmosphere with, say, Vladivostok. It was like those mathematical concepts I could never understand in high school: if, then. If Russia exists, then the West is a mirage; conversely, if Russia does not exist, then and only then is the West real and tangible. No wonder young people talk about "going beyond the cordon" when they talk of emigrating, as if Russia were ringed by a vast cordon sanitaire. Either you stay in the leper colony or you get out into the wider world and maybe try to spread your disease to others."
Author: Gary Shteyngart
16. "Se poate observa cu usurinta ca este un proces intentat filozofiei, un efort de a-i demonstra vanitatea, vacuitatea si ridicolul. Am urmarit lichidarea generala a acestui avorton echivoc al spiritului uman, a acestui monstru cu sex dubios ce nu vrea sa fie nici stiinta, nici arta, si e un amestec din amîndoua, fara a reusi sa fie un instrument de actiune si de cucerire. În acest sens, cartea mea ar putea fi programul unei generatii animate de o anume bunavointa: asasinarea unei fiinte inutile în vederea pregatirii unor forme de activitate mentala mai demne de cei ce se autointituleaza pompos regii creatiunii."
Author: Giovanni Papini
17. "The present dominant values (xenophilia, cosmopolitanism, narcissistic individualism, humanitarianism, bourgeois economism, hedonism, homophilia, permissivenes, etc.) are actually anti-values - values of devirilising weakness, since they deplete a civilization's vital energies and weaken its defensive or affirmative capacities."
Author: Guillaume Faye
18. "Forcing people to be generous isn't humanitarian, effective, compassionate or moral. Only acts that are truly voluntary for all concerned can be truly compassionate."
Author: Harry Browne
19. "Although we have do not have adequate access to all parts of Darfur we do fortunately have humanitarian personnel, including staff from my own office, in each of the three provincial capitals of Darfur."
Author: Jan Egeland
20. "I can tell if two people are in love by how they hold each other's hands, and how thick their sanitation gloves are."
Author: Jarod Kintz
21. "Skepticism is my nature. Free Thought is my methodology. Agnosticism is my conclusion. Atheism is my opinion. Humanitarianism is my motivation."
Author: Jerry DeWitt
22. "To transport this way along bouncy mountain roads is not the way to die. Every woman deserves the simple dignity of dying in a bed with clean sheets and an electric light at hand. They wanted me to participate in a horrible abomination. I simply will not countenance the lack of respect for the poor mother of those boys. Imagine how she would feel if she woke up and saw her sons piled at her side."-spoken by Sara to Matt regarding a victim of Amanita Phalloides [poisoning"
Author: Joe Niemczura
23. "Salah satu hal ajaib mengenai kehidupan.Saat muridnya siap, sang guru muncul.Saat pertanyaan diajukan, jawabannya datang.Saat kita benar-benar siap menerima, apa yang kita butuhkan akan tersedia.Ketika penduduk Venus siap menerima, orang-orang Mars siap memberi." (dikutip dari buku: Pria dari Mars, Wanita dari Venus)"
Author: John Gray
24. "The chronicler would abandon any idea of making a detailed report of all the other ills that are afflicting most of the nearly three hundred inmates being kept in this inhumane quarantine, but he could not fail to mention at least two cases of fairly advanced cancer, for the authorities had no humanitarian scruples when rounded up the blind and confining them here, they even stated that the laws once made is the same for everyone and that democracy is incompatible with preferential treatment. As cruel fate would have it, amongst all these inmates there is only one doctor, and an ophthalmologist at that, the last thing we need."
Author: José Saramago
25. "Era ciudat felul în care, pe masura ce îmbatrâneai, vanitatea era tot mai pu?in un viciu ?i devenea aproape opusul ei: o cerin?a morala."
Author: Julian Barnes
26. "Ada banyak lapisan dalam perasaan seorang wanita. Terkadang apa yang ia tunjukkan kepada dunia, berbeda dengan apa yang sebenarnya ia rasakan di hatinya."
Author: Karla M. Nashar
27. "I sang with Anita Bryant in the Southern Baptist churches."
Author: Kathie Lee Gifford
28. "I, Anita Blake, scourge of the undead-the human with more vampire kills than any other vampire executioner in the country-was dating a vampire. It was poetically ironic."
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
29. "-Please, Anita, go home, and don't freak. Just go home, and be happy. Be happy, and let everyone around you be happy. Is that so hard?When Jason said it like that, it didn't seem hard. In fact, it seemed to make a lot of sense, but inside, it felt hard. Inside it felt like the hardest thing in the world. To just let go, and not pick everything to death. To just let go and enjoy what you had. To just let go and not make everybody around you miserable with your own internal dialogue. To just let go and be happy. So simple. So difficult. So terrifying."
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
30. "Who me?"anita blake seriesby: Laurell K Hamilton"
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
31. "But my best friend from college was silent for a long time. She, of all of my friends, had seen the parade of sad wrecks through my life, date after bad date after bad boyfriend. She was the one who'd picked up the pieces after the musician, the investment banker, the humanitarian who was human to everyone but me.When at last she spoke, she said, Oh, hell.And, after that: Hallelujah."
Author: Lauren Groff
32. "My mother grimaces, clearly on to my BS. She's what you'd call a health fanatic times one hundred, from the raw-ful cuisine she makes us eat to her handmade sanitary napkins (no joke: the woman actually uses kitchen sponges), and so, pepperoni-and-cheese-laden pizza ranks right up there with what fur coats are to PETA."
Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz
33. "Dad and mom would have preferred that I be a doctor, a lawyer, a scientist, or a great humanitarian."
Author: Levon Helm
34. "I'm not a humanitarian. I'm a hell-raiser."
Author: Mary Harris Jones
35. "I know a 'crime against nature' when I see one. It is usually a sign of crimes against nature that we cannot bear to see them at all, that we recoil and hide our eyes, and no one has ever cringed at the sight of a soybean factory. I also know phony arguments when I hear them--unbridled appetite passing itself off as altruism, and human arrogance in the guise of solemn 'duty.' We must, as C.S. Lewis advises, 'reject with detestation that covert propoganda for cruelty which tries to drive mercy out of the world by calling it names such as 'Humanitarianism' and 'Sentimentality."
Author: Matthew Scully
36. "With a foreign policy appropriately rooted in some sense of humanitarian decency, the Central African crisis will not be easily ignored by American policymakers. It screams for remedy."
Author: Michael Johns
37. "Witches and sorcerers cultivated plants with the power to "cast spells" -- in our vocabulary, "psychoactive" plants. Their potion recipes called for such things as datura, opium poppies, belladona, hashish, fly-agaric mushrooms (Amanita muscaria), and the skin of toads (which can contain DMT, a powerful hallucinogen). These ingredients would be combined in a hempseed-oil-based "flying ointment" that the witches would then administer vaginally using a special dildo. This was the "broomstick" by which these women were said to travel. (119)"
Author: Michael Pollan
38. "When a livestock farmer is willing to "practice complexity"—to choreograph the symbiosis of several different animals, each of which has been allowed to behave and eat as it evolved to—he will find he has little need for machinery, fertilizer, and, most strikingly, chemicals. He finds he has no sanitation problem or any of the diseases that result from raising a single animal in a crowded monoculture and then feeding it things it wasn't designed to eat. This is perhaps the greatest efficiency of a farm treated as a biological system: health."
Author: Michael Pollan
39. "I glanced at George half naked in his towel, then at Barkley, completely naked in his . . . nothing. A vampire and a werewolf. I shook my head. It was obvious. I was having one of my Anita Blake dreams again."
Author: Michelle Rowen
40. "The other kids wanted to play Destiny's Child, but I wanted Anita O'Day."
Author: Nellie McKay
41. "His (Lenin's)humanitarianism was a very abstract passion. It embraced humanity in general but he seems to have had little love for, or even interest in, humanity in particular. He saw the people with whom he dealt, his comrades, not as individuals but as receptacles for his ideas. On that basis, and no other, they were judged. He judged man not by their moral qualities but by their views, or rather the degree to which they accepted his."
Author: Paul Johnson
42. "Juga jangan jadi kriminil dalam percintaan-yang menaklukan wanita ddengan gemerincing ringgit,kilau harta dan pangkat.Lelaki belakangan ini adalah juga kriminil,sedang perempuan yang tertaklukan hanya pelacur."
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
43. "I want to be a lawyer, a dancer, an actress, a mother, a wife, a children's author, a distance runner, a poet, a pianist, a pet store owner, an astronaut, an environmental and humanitarian activist, a psychiatrist, a ballet teacher, and the first woman president."
Author: Rachel Corrie
44. "I know it looks vaguely unsanitary and potentially scandalous, Nana, but I promise that Izzy and I are only pursuing noble...pursuits. We've even got a chaperone! Izzy, who was that woman who went into the cave?'I blanked, not sure how to describe Maya. I settled on, "My...also my Nana."
Author: Rachel Hawkins
45. "Florence Nightingale was an amazing figure. She created the American Red Cross. She saw the suffering from bad health conditions on the battlefield and in the military hospitals, and she fought like crazy to change the conditions; to make sure that the doctors washed their hands and practiced sanitary measures. She put herself at great risks."
Author: Sharon Lawrence
46. "My name is Mary Katherine Blackwood. I am eighteen years old, and I live with my sister Constance. I have often thought that with any luck at all, I could have been born a werewolf, because the two middle fingers on both my hands are the same length, but I have had to be content with what I had. I dislike washing myself, and dogs, and noise. I like my sister Constance, and Richard Plantagenet, and Amanita phalloides, the death-cup mushroom. Everyone else in our family is dead."
Author: Shirley Jackson
47. "As razões práticas invocadas contra o aborto legal não têm qualquer peso; quanto às razões morais, reduzem-se ao velho argumento católico: o feto possui uma alma a que se veda o paraíso, suprimindo-o antes do baptismo. É de observar que a igreja autoriza, ocasionalmente, a morte de homens feitos: nas guerras ou quando se trata de condenados à morte; reserva, porém, para o feto, um humanitarismo intransigente."
Author: Simone De Beauvoir
48. "She prowled the city on moonlit nights, and OK, there was the occasional chicken, but she always remembered where she'd been and went round the next day to shove some money under the door. It was hard to be a vegetarian who had to pick bits of meat out of her teeth in the morning. She was definately on top of it, though. It was easy to be a vegetarian by day. It was preventing yourself from becoming a humanitarian at night that took the real effort."
Author: Terry Pratchett
49. "Ah! Vanitas Vanitatum! Which of us is happy in this world? Which of us has his desire? or, having it, is satisfied?-Come, children, let us shut up the box and the puppets, for our play is played out."
Author: William Makepeace Thackeray
50. "Ketika wanita menangis, itu bukan berarti dia sedang mengeluarkan senjata terampuhnya, melainkan justru berarti dia sedang mengeluarkan senjata terakhirnya.""Ketika wanita menangis, itu bukan berarti dia tidak berusaha menahannya, melainkan karena pertahanannya sudah tak mampu lagi membendung air matanya.""Ketika wanita menangis, itu bukan karena dia ingin terlihat lemah, melainkan karena dia sudah tidak sanggup berpura – pura kuat"
Author: Windhy Puspitadewi

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