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1. "Kuunnelkaa, sillä tuomme teille ilon: elämä päättyy kuolemaan ja kaikki on sattumanvaraista."
Author: Anu Silfverberg
2. "Ye are a scoundrel, a black-hearted robber and a rogue,' Stubble said cheerily to the grumbling captain. It was his usual way of haggling, and he'd beaten down the riverman to a decent price for conveying himself and Anvar to Lankarn."
Author: Ian Livingstone
3. "When he came to, the eels were still being removed from him and Anvar was congratulating one of the rivermen. The man had smashed open a barrel of eels and covered both dwarf and zombie with them."
Author: Ian Livingstone

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Quotes About Anvar
Quotes About Anvar
Quotes About Anvar

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