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1. "Prison left me with some strange little tics.' She has taken all the door off their hinges in all the apartments she has lived in since. It's not that she has anxiety attacks about small spaces, she says, it's just that she starts to sweat and go cold. 'This apartment is perfect for me,' she says, looking around the open space.'How about elevators?' I ask, recalling the schlepp up the stairs. 'Exactly,' she replies, 'I don't like them much either.'One day, years later, her husband Charlie was fooling around at home, playing the guitar. Miriam said something provocative and he stood up suddenly, lifting his arm to take off the guitar strap. He was probably just going to say 'That's outrageous', or tickle her or tackle her. But she was gone. She was already down in the courtyard of the building. She does not remember getting down the stairs-it was an automatic flight reaction."
Author: Anna Funder
2. "I grew up very self-loathing. I was a phobic. I had anxiety. I had panic attacks."
Author: Dane Cook
3. "She was having an attack of knuckleheaded anxiety. Those attacks last a long time."
Author: Louis Ferdinand Céline

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Quotes About Anxiety Attacks
Quotes About Anxiety Attacks
Quotes About Anxiety Attacks

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