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1. "I love to bake. I like to bake with wheat and try not to eat sugar, so I use applesauce instead, which probably sounds really gross."
Author: Brenda Song
2. "A child isn't a symbol, it's a child! It needs applesauce and, and, and playpens and an ass-load of other things we can't provide while we're on the goddamn lam! Just to be clear. Your exact words to me were: "Please shoot it in my twat."Yeah. I know."
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
3. "Never knew Bannen could smell so good.' Edd's tone was morose as ever.'I had half a mind to carve a slice off him. If we had some applesauce, I might have done it. Pork's always best with applesauce, I find.' ... 'You best not die, Sam, or I fear I might succumb. There's bound to be more crackling on you than Bannen ever had,and I never could resist a bit of crackling."
Author: George R.R. Martin
4. "Well, Art is Art, isn't it? Still, on the other hand, water is water. And east is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does. Now you tell me what you know."
Author: Groucho Marx
5. "I rushed us out of your parents' house because I didn't think I could manage two hours at the dinner table with everyone focused on Joe Loosey's joystick sitting in the refrigerator next to the applesauce."
Author: Janet Evanovich
6. "I don't eat applesauce, but I do eat applause. I don't use a spoon—I eat applause with my hands."
Author: Jarod Kintz
7. "I want to fill a jar with a lot of clapping, and sell my applause next to the applesauce in a grocery store. You can eat the praise you didn't earn, but did pay for."
Author: Jarod Kintz
8. "Greetings from sunny Seattle, where women are "gals," people are "folks," a little bit is a "skosh," if you're tired you're "logy," if something is slightly off it's "hinky," you can't sit Indian-style but you can sit "crisscross applesauce," when the sun comes out it's never called "sun" but always "sunshine," boyfriends and girlfriends are "partners," nobody swears but someone occasionally might "drop the f-bomb," you're allowed to cough but only into your elbow, and any request, reasonable or unreasonable, is met with "no worries."Have I mentioned how much I hate it here?"
Author: Maria Semple
9. "Life is not orderly. No matter how we try to make life so, right in the middle of it we die, lose a leg, fall in love, drop a jar of applesauce."
Author: Natalie Goldberg
10. "I always have applesauce in my fridge, and when traveling I take protein bars just in case I get hungry. They're my go-to snack."
Author: Sloane Stephens

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Quotes About Applesauce
Quotes About Applesauce
Quotes About Applesauce

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