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1. "Caci în fata lui Dumnezeu nu se pune atît problema libertatii cît problema raului. E cunoscuta alternativa: sau nu suntem liberi, si Dumnezeu cel atotputernic este responsabil pentru raul din lume, sau suntem liberi si responsabili, dar atunci Dumnezeu nu mai este atotputernic. Toate subtilitatile unor scoli de gîndire n-au schimbat cîtusi de putin caracterul definitiv al acestui paradox."
Author: Albert Camus
2. "Yo me comprometo a vivir con intensidad y regocijo, a no dejarme vencer por los abismos del amor, ni por el miedo ni por el olvido, ni siquiera por el tormento de una pasión contrariada. Me comprometo a recordar, a conocer mis yerros, a bendecir mis arrebatos. Me comprometo a perdonar los abandonos, a no desdeñar nada de todo lo que me conmueva, me deslumbre, me quebrante, me alegre. Larga vida prometo, larga paciencia, historias largas. Y nada abreviaré que deba sucederme: ni la pena ni el éxtasis para que cuando sea viejo tenga como deleite la detallada historia de mis días."
Author: Ángeles Mastretta
3. "Aku mencintaimu. dan itu ternyata menyakitkan. kamu tidak tahu betapa setiap kali kamu berpaling, aku sangat menderita. aku seperti orang yang sedang menoreh nadi dan meneteskan darah perlahan-lahan. semakin lama aku jadi semakin lemah hingga darah habis terkuras. karena itu aku pergi… aku harus menjauh darimu."
Author: Avianti Armand
4. "Fame is what you have taken, character is what you give; when to this truth you waken then you begin to live."
Author: Bayard Taylor
5. "Characters who simply have goals opposed by others do not create the effects of a story."
Author: Bill Johnson
6. "O Universo é algo que gera reverência, respeito. Em termos de tempo e espaço, sua escala torna a existência humana microscópica. É fascinante que as leis da natureza sejam as mesmas em todo o cosmos. A lei da gravidade, por exemplo, funciona aqui como a 1 bilhão de anos-luz de distância. Olhemos para cada detalhe, mínimo que seja, como para uma folha, e veremos que sua perfeição e harmonia são deslumbrantes. Creio que a folha resulta do processo de seleção natural, indicado por Darwin, ao longo de quase bilhões de anos de evolução da vida na Terra. Se olhamos essa mesma folha através de um microscópio, ficamos ainda mais maravilhados. Se alguém quer chamar esse sentimento de religioso, isso não me incomoda."
Author: Carl Sagan
7. "Minds that have withered into psychosis are far more terrifying than any character of fiction."
Author: Christian Baloga
8. "To preserve the silence within--amid all the noise. To remain open and quiet, a moist humus in the fertile darkness where the rain falls and the grain ripens--no matter how many tramp across the parade ground in whirling dust under an arid sky."
Author: Dag Hammarskjöld
9. "The world is so obsessed with defining sexuality for everyone and attaching labels to it. Any time any person openly leaves the sexual norm, their sexuality becomes, more often than not, the absolute defining characteristic of that person. It becomes the first thing people think about and often the first thing they mention. Every other part of that person all but disappears."
Author: Dan Pearce
10. "Listen, I'd rather lie naked in a plowed field under an incontinent horse for a week than have to read that paragraph again!"
Author: Diane Ackerman
11. "! Adiós! !Adiós para siempre, mi buena amiga, dulce y triste recuerdo de mi infancia!"
Author: Edmundo De Amicis
12. "Kung ang paglilibang ay gamot na pampalimot, paniguradong maraming taong sasama ang loob na kalimutan na lang ang kagustuhang makalimot dahil sa mahal ang makalimot."
Author: Eros Atalia
13. "El amor más hermoso es un cálculo equivocado, una excepción que confirma la regla, aquello para lo que siempre habías utilizado la palabra "nunca".Niki - Perdona si te llamo amor."
Author: Federico Moccia
14. "Linguistics will have to recognise laws operating universally in language, and in a strictly rational manner, separating general phenomena from those restricted to one branch of languages or another."
Author: Ferdinand De Saussure
15. "Cortejo as palavras para cair na graça dos seus amores tal qual um aristocrata burguês trocando gracejos com uma dama da nobreza a fim de ascensão social por meio de matrimônio."
Author: Filipe Russo
16. "Eu vivia à base de fotossíntese: arrancava o néctar dos teus lábios aos beijos e captava o brilho atencioso do teu olhar para em meu coração adivinhar um morno amor de um empuxo que me mantinha suspenso sobre o próprio cataclisma."
Author: Filipe Russo
17. "Ursula fu l'ultima della sfilata. La dignità del suo lutto, il peso del suo nome, la convincente veemenza della sua dichiarazione fecero vacillare per un attimo la bilancia della giustizia. "Voi avete preso molto sul serio questo gioco spaventoso, e avete fatto bene, perché state facendo il vostro dovere" disse ai membri del tribunale. "Ma non dimenticate che finché Dio ci dà vita, noi continueremo a essere madri, e che, rivoluzionari o no, abbiamo il diritto di tirarvi giù i pantaloni e prendervi a sculacciate alla prima mancanza di rispetto."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
18. "Mamá sabía ser alegre. Mamá sabía ser temerosa. Mamá sabía olvidar fácilmente. Y, sin embargo tenía buena memoria. Mamá me daba con la puerta en la narices, y sin embargo, me admitía en su baño. A veces mamá se me perdía, pero su instinto me encontraba. Cuando yo rompía vidrios, mamá ponía la masilla. A veces se instalaba en el error, aunque a su alrededor hubiera sillas suficientes. Aun cuando se encerraba en sí misma, para mí siempre estaba abierta. Temía las corrientes de aire y sin embargo no paraba de levantar el viento. Gastaba, y no le gustaba pagar impuestos. Yo era el revés de su medalla. Cuando mamá jugaba corazones ganaba siempre."
Author: Günter Grass
19. "Our situation today shows that beauty demands for itself at least as much courage and decision as do truth and goodness, and she will not allow herself to be separated and banned from her two sisters without taking them along with herself in an act of mysterious vengeance."
Author: Hans Urs Von Balthasar
20. "Domínalo y domínate, sigue mandando sobre tu propio cuerpo. Si la euforia se lleva la conciencia de tus actos, si no puedes parar cuando algo te lo indica desde adentro, no te aficiones mucho: Hazlo una vez al año."
Author: Héctor Abad Faciolince
21. "Romeo and JulietRomeo and Juliet is a tragic play written early in the career of William Shakespeare about two teenage "star-cross'd lovers" whose untimely deaths ultimately unite their feuding households. It was among Shakespeare's most popular plays during his lifetime and, along with Hamlet, is one of his most frequently performed plays. Today, the title characters are regarded as archetypal "young lovers". (From Wikipedia)"
Author: Jane Austen
22. "All the planning for the first ever Sleepwalking Parade has made me tired. I think I'll go for a walk."
Author: Jarod Kintz
23. "I was always a clown. In the eighth grade I won a city speech contest by doing an Eddie Murphy routine. I'm no good at public speaking, but if I can assume a role and speak as that person, then I'm fine. When I had to give a book report, I always did it in character."
Author: Jason Wiles
24. "Tis better to have love and lustThan to let our apparatus rust."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
25. "Spectacles, on that strong-featured face…and his hair mussed as if he had been tugging absently on the front locks. All that combined with a plenitude of muscles and masculine virility was astonishingly…erotic. "When did you start wearing those?" Daisy managed to ask. "About a year ago." He smiled ruefully and removed the spectacles with one hand. "I need them to read. Too many late nights poring over contracts and reports." "They…they are very becoming." "Are they?" Continuing to smile, Swift shook his head, as if it had not occurred to him to wonder about his appearance."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
26. "I think Cate Blanchett is fabulous - she just shines in everything she does - and I'm a big Susan Sarandon fan."
Author: Malin Akerman
27. "For it was the one that I would have chosen above all others, convinced as I was, with a botanist's satisfaction, that it was not possible to find gathered together rarer specimens than these young flowers that at this moment before my eyes were breaking the line of the sea with their slender heads, like a bower of Pennsylvania roses adorned a Cliffside garden, between whose blooms is contained the whole tract of ocean crossed by some steamer, so slow in gliding along the blue, horizontal line that stretches from one stem to the next that an idle butterfly, dawdling in the cup of a flower which the ship's hull has long since passed, can wait, before flying off in time to arrive before it, until nothing by the tiniest chink of blue still separates the prow from the first petal of the flower towards which it is steering."
Author: Marcel Proust
28. "Covek je stvorenje nacinjeno na kraju radne nedelje kad se Bog umorio. I cemu je trebalo celi ovaj globus stvarati u zurbi, za sest dana. Da se potrosilo malo vise vremena, svet se ne bi trebalo toliko popravljati i poboljsavati. Slicno se desava kad na brzinu sklepas kucu, pa u zurbi zaboravis WC, ili spremiste za metle, i to onda moras naknadno dograditi, bez obzira koliko te to kostalo novaca ili zivaca."
Author: Mark Twain
29. "Because she was solid gold, fourteen-carat, barely burnished despite twenty years of hard molling. But beneath it, I knew, beneath that gold and stardust, she was all grit and sharp teeth gnashing, head twisting, talons out, tearing flesh. She was all open mouth, tunneling into an awful nothing."
Author: Megan Abbott
30. "Kamera, video, telepon, dan internet membuat bersembunyi semakin sulit dilakukan sekarang ini" - Nicholas Flamel"
Author: Michael Scott
31. "Dari hidup di kalangan yang memiliki pengaruh kemudian hidup di kalangan bawah masyarakat membuatnya mengetahui bahwa banyak kalangan masyarakat yang tidak memiliki pengaruh dan perlindungan apa-apa."
Author: Multatuli
32. "«Podría hacer que te arrastraras, Elena.»"
Author: Nalini Singh
33. "On behalf of NARAL Pro-Choice America - and our one million member activists - I am honored to be here to talk to you about what's at stake for women in 2012. I am proud to say that the Democratic Party believes that women have the right to choose a safe, legal abortion with dignity and privacy."
Author: Nancy Keenan
34. "Dependability, integrity, the characteristic of never knowingly doing anything wrong, that you would never cheat anyone, that you would give everybody a fair deal. Character is a sort of an all-inclusive thing. If a man has character, everyone has confidence in him."
Author: Omar Nelson Bradley
35. "Arabella dangled her legs out of the bedroom window and closed her eyes. She felt a butterfly brush against her knee, rubbed her skin against the mortar and bricks, drank in the warmth of the morning sunshine on her face, her arms, her feet."
Author: Pauline Fisk
36. "I have sat in the dark and looked at them both, the child and the woman. And the feeling has become too much. It is not sorrow or joy; it is the weight and the pressure of having been brought into their lives, and of knowing that if one were ever to be separated from them, it would mean your obliteration."
Author: Peter Høeg
37. "I like to define biology as the history of the earth and all its life — past, present, and future. To understand biology is to understand that all life is linked to the earth from which it came; it is to understand that the stream of life, flowing out of the dim past into the uncertain future, is in reality a unified force, though composed of an infinite number and variety of separate lives."
Author: Rachel Carson
38. "SEMENTRA KITA SALING BERBISIKSementara kita saling berbisikUntuk lebih lama tinggalPada debu, cinta yang tinggal berupaBunga kertas dan lintasan angka-anglaKetika kita saling berbisikDi luar semakin sengit malam hariMemadamkan bekas-bekas telapak kaki, menyekap sisa-sisa unggun apiSebelum fajar. Ada yang masih bersikeras abadi.(1966)"
Author: Sapardi Djoko Damono
39. "Believe me, Clara. It would be very easy to lay you back down, ease myself inside you, and fuck you senseless. But I can't just screw you on some random couch where anyone could walk in on us. And I can't screw you while the room is spinning and I'm slightly shitfaced. I don't even want to screw you. I want to make love to you. The slow, sweet, all night long kind of love."
Author: Sarah Darlington
40. "Algunas cosas no duran para siempre, pero otras sí. Como una buena canción, o un buen libro, o un buen recuerdo que se puede recuperar y contemplar en los malos momentos.."
Author: Sarah Dessen
41. "He understood privacy and freedom of expression were paramount to liberty, as incompatible as they may appear. One promoted yelling and screaming, while the other encouraged people to retreat and pull within. Yet, cornerstones to American democracy, people needed them both for the lives they took for granted."
Author: Shelter Somerset
42. "What we call consciousness is our ability to perceive stimuli and to file it within the parameters of our personal story."
Author: Steve Maraboli
43. "I remember an insight that taught me much about life. One day I felt that I had everything that I really wanted in life. I had a creative and meaningful work as a therapist and course leader, I had a relationship with a beautiful woman, who I loved and who loved me, I had friend that I trusted and I had money to do what I wanted. But in spite of all this, I still had a feeling that there was something missing in my life. I was not satisfied. The thirst and longing in my heart was still searching for something more. It made me realize that the deepest pain in my heart was that I was still separated from the Whole and that no outer things or relationships could ease this pain."
Author: Swami Dhyan Giten
44. "But if I were to sum up who Barack Obama is and how he plans to meet this moment with one word, that word would be 'responsibility.' Responsibility to each other, our families, our communities, our country, and our world."
Author: Valerie Jarrett
45. "The paradise of the rich is made out of the hell of the poor."
Author: Victor Hugo
46. "My patient was one of those singular and unfortunate people who regard their heart ("a hollow, muscular organ," according to the gruesome definition in Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, which Pnin's orphaned bag contained) with a queasy dread, a nervous repulsion, a sick hate, as if it were some strong slimy untouchable monster that one had to be parasitized with, alas."
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
47. "When he whom I love travels with me or sits a long while holding me by the hand, …Then I am charged with untold and untellable wisdom, I am silent, I require nothing further, I cannot answer the question of appearances or that of identity beyond the grave, But I walk or sit indifferent, I am satisfied, He ahold of my hand has completely satisfied me."
Author: Walt Whitman
48. "I look for an interesting and often times, fresh character. Something different that what is done all the time or than I've done recently. I look at who is directing. Those two variables as well as a third, which is the content and the quality of the screenplay. I look at the arcs of the scenes and characters and relationships."
Author: William Baldwin
49. "That night, as Cork lay in his bedroll, he thought about the bear they were after. He was glad Sam had changed his mind about killing the great animal, but he hoped they would at least see it. He thought about the Windigo, which was something he hoped he would not see. And he thought about his father, whom he would never see again. These were all elements of his life, and although they were separate things, they were now intertwined somehow like the roots of a tree. All his life he would remember the bear hunt with Sam Winter Moon. In some manner he didn't quite understand, the hunt had opened a way in him for the grief to begin passing through. All his life he would be grateful to his father's friend."
Author: William Kent Krueger
50. "Kar yeni yagmisti, yerler kaygandi. ‘Her askin ilk günlerinde duygularin kaygan olmasi gibi,' dedi içinden. Bu durumda ask bir sehir, duygular da o sehrin her kösesine kadar uzanan sokaklar oluyordu."Yekta KOPAN, ‘Kara Kedinin Gölgesi', sayfa 51"
Author: Yekta Kopan

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