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1. "În tara noastra, totul e posibil. Mahalaua e eligibila, grotescul e rentabil. Se poate face cariera pe baza de tupeu, minciuna, bîzdîc si fermentatie viscerala. Lumea se distreaza. ‘Baietii rai' se cauta prin alte cotloane. De pilda, printre intelectuali. Intelectualii sînt o adunatura de profitori, golani, fascisti, fii de nomenclaturisti, pupincuristi, antieuropeni sau, din contra, vînduti strainilor. Acolo e buba! În preajma lui Socrate, care l-a corupt pe Platon, care l-a corupt pe Aristotel, care l-a corupt pe Alexandru cel Mare, care ne-a corupt pe toti."
Author: Andrei Ple?u
2. "Wenn die Disputation etwas streng und formell geführt wird und man sich recht deutlich verständigen will so verfährt der welcher die Behauptung aufgestellt hat und sie beweisen soll gegen seinen Gegner fragend um aus seinen eignen Zugeständnissen die Wahrheit der Behauptung zu schließen. Diese erotematische Methode war besonders bei den Alten im Gebrauch heißt auch Sokratische : auf dieselbe bezieht sich der gegenwärtige Kunstgriff und einige später folgende. Sämtlich frei bearbeitet nach des Aristoteles Liber de elenchis sophisticis 15. Viel auf ein Mal und weitläufig fragen um das was man eigentlich zugestanden haben will zu verbergen. Dagegen seine Argumentation aus dem zugestandenen schnell vortragen: denn die langsam von Verständnis sind können nicht genau folgen und übersehn die etwaigen Fehler oder Lücken in der Beweisführung."
Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
3. "Con le macchine pensano di far miracoli: ma quali? Di Dio non sentono più bisogno; ma che sortii di miracolo saranno? Per esempio, non si deve più parlare di alto e di basso: a loro non serve più. Aristotele, che per tutto il resto considerano alla stregua di una vecchia ciabatta, ha detto (e questo lo citano): «Se la spola del telaio girasse da sola, se il plettro della cetra suonasse da sé, i maestri non avrebbero più bisogno di aiutanti, né i padroni di servi». Ed è quello che sta avverandosi mi sa."
Author: Bertolt Brecht
4. "Lest we forget, the birth of modern physics and cosmology was achieved by Galileo, Kepler and Newton breaking free not from the close confining prison of faith (all three were believing Christians, of one sort or another) but from the enormous burden of the millennial authority of Aristotelian science. The scientific revolution of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries was not a revival of Hellenistic science but its final defeat."
Author: David Bentley Hart
5. "Când ma gândesc ce putin am de învatat de la marii filozofi! Niciodata n-am avut nevoie de Kant, de Descartes sau de Aristotel, care n-au gândit decât pentru orele noastre sigure, pentru îndoielile noastre permise. Dar m-am oprit la Iov cu pietatea unui stranepot."
Author: Emil Cioran
6. "A further point is that, little by little, in the current universe, everything is slowly being named; nor does this have anything to do with the older Aristotelian universals in which the idea of a chair subsumes all its individual manifestations."
Author: Fredric Jameson
7. "Untuk hidup sendirian, orang harus menjadi binatang atau dewa--kata Aristoteles. ada yang ketiga: orang harus menjadi keduanya, yaitu seorang filsuf"
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
8. "Neither Aristotelian nor Russellian rules give the exact logic of any expression of ordinary language; for ordinary language has no exact logic."
Author: P. F. Strawson
9. "Amicus Plato — amicus Aristoteles — magis amica veritas. (Plato is my friend — Aristotle is my friend — but my greatest friend is truth.)"
Author: Plato
10. "Nobody ever wanted to go to war, but if a war came your way, it might as well be the right war, about the most important things in the world, and you might as well, if you were going to fight it, be called "Rushdie," and stand where your father had placed you, in the tradition of the grand Aristotelian, Averroës, Abul Walid Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Rushd."
Author: Salman Rushdie
11. "Tutti gli uomini nascono aristotelici o platonici, cioè razionali o irrazionali: le opinioni e le interpretazioni difficilmente interesseranno i primi, i fatti e le dimostrazioni non convinceranno mai i secondi."
Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
12. "I should have written you a letter, it was too late to make the deaths of my brothers an excuse. Since they died, I wrote a book; why not a letter? A mysterious but truthful answer is that while I can gear myself up to do a novel, letters, real-life communications, are too much for me. I used to rattle them off easily enough; why is the challenge of writing to friends and acquaintances too much for me now? Because I have become such a solitary, and not in the Aristotelian sense: not a beast, not a god. Rather, a loner troubled by longings, incapable of finding a suitable language and despairing at the impossibility of composing messages in a playable key--as if I no longer understood the codes used by the estimable people who wanted to hear from me and would have so much to reply if only the impediments were taken away."
Author: Saul Bellow
13. "Kai patenki i situacija, kurioje nuo tavo sprendimu kas nors priklauso, buni absoliutus besmegenis. Ir atvirkšciai, kai nieko negali pakeisti, butinai samprotauji kaip Aristotelis."
Author: Sigitas Parulskis
14. "This is a throwback to the Aristotelian conception of nature, banished from the scene at the birth of modern science. But I have been persuaded that the idea of teleological laws is coherent, and quite different from the idea of explanation of the intentions of a purposive being who produces the means to his ends by choice. In spite of the exclusion of teleology from contemporary science, it certainly shouldn't be ruled out a priori. Formally, the possibility of principles of change over time tending toward certain types of outcome is coherent, in a world in which the nonteleological laws are not fully deterministic."
Author: Thomas Nagel
15. "All incoming bits of information have, simultaneously, a tentacular, optic, and sexual dimension. Its world is not doubtful, but surprising; vampyroteuthic thinking is an unbroken stream of Aristotelian shock."
Author: Vilém Flusser

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