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1. "I'd come here to fuck Ashleigh Keaton. There was no way in hell I was staying out."
Author: Annabel Joseph
2. "Because you love him and you miss him. And I'm sure you're dying to tell anyone who will listen about all the things that made him so special. And I'd like to listen, Ashleigh. Because… because I want to make you happy. I want to know because he's part of you and Kate, and I want you and Kate. I'm hooked. I can't even imagine leaving you behind."
Author: J.A. Huss
3. "I can pull you taut, Ashleigh. Like the poems. I can bring you back together. You are so fucking delicious, Ashleigh. So fucking perfect. I wish I could take this pain away from you, really, I swear I feel your sadness and it makes me crazy. Do I ask for more information and risk the tears? Do I pretend it's not happening and risk you feeling ignored? Tell me what to do."
Author: J.A. Huss
4. "I'm not sure you understand what you're getting in to. I'm a single mom." "I'm a single guy." "I have Kate and—" "And I want Kate, Ashleigh. I do. I want you both."
Author: J.A. Huss
5. "So you might as well get your dirty talk over with so you can concentrate on behaving tonight when I have your ankles tied to your thighs and your pussy open for inspection. Because I'm going to have a lot of rules, Ashleigh. And a lot of commands you'll have to follow. I'm going to touch you in places that will make you scream. I'm going to let you please me in ways you've only dreamed of, and then I'm going to fuck you sore."
Author: J.A. Huss
6. "I do like the fight, but not tonight. Tonight you're mine. Tonight I own you. I get to take care of you. I get to make you feel things for the first time. Tonight I promise you perfection. So just give in, Ashleigh. Give yourself to me and let it happen."
Author: J.A. Huss
7. "Just give yourself to me. Trust me. For one day. I'll take care of you." She exhales and stares up at me. She looks lost and broken. She looks sad and defeated. And I hate it. "One day of trust, Ashleigh. Just one day. And then tomorrow we can drive to LA and life can start again. But don't let your pause end up meaningless. Make it count. Give me control. I'll show you life goes on."
Author: J.A. Huss
8. "Tell me, Ashleigh. Tell me all those things you need him to know. I'll make sure he gets the message"
Author: J.A. Huss
9. "Ashleigh's a manipulative liar," Jenny said. "She makes Dick Cheney look like Mr. Rogers." "That is an ugly thing to say about Dick Cheney!" Dr. Goodling snapped. "And my daughter, as well."
Author: J.L. Bryan
10. "Christopher, baby, I love you. Completely. I love your looks and everything else about you." She felt his hand enclose around hers. "I know you do. Ashleigh…I love you so much that it scares me. Everything I do, I have you in mind."
Author: Pepper Pace
11. "I was convinced I felt as strongly about Jane Austen's books as Ashleigh had ever felt about any of her crazes, but my love was deep and silent - and therefore easily overshadowed."
Author: Polly Shulman
12. "Ashleigh is so freaking immature"
Author: Testy McTesterson

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Quotes About Ashlei
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