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1. "Quietly, Macey went through her options. Even though the masked men were asking for cell phones, the gunmen were making so much noise that she was sure someone had already called 911. The obvious exits were blocked, and the elevators had no doubt been disabled. The men moved with confidence and order, but they weren't trying to be quiet. There was nothing covert at all about this operation.Unlike the boy beside her."
Author: Ally Carter
2. "Asking about someone's animal is the shifter equivalent of pulling a ruler and asking a guy to whip it out."
Author: Chloe Neill
3. "Yes. I was looking for Lettie. They were both very kind to me," Percival said, "Even though they'd never seen me before. And Wizard Howl kept visiting to court Lettie. Lettie didn't want him, and she asked me to bite him to get rid of him, until Howl suddenly began asking her about you and—""what?"he said, " I know someone called sophie who looks a little like you.. And Lettie said, that's my sister,' without thinking," Percival said. " And she got terribly worried then, particularly as Howl went on asking about her sister."
Author: Diana Wynne Jones
4. "The kiss stayed there with no place to go, no sensory reserve that could absorb it and file it away as a common act of intimacy, a thousand times received. He knew what Anna was asking: whether you could love someone without habits."
Author: Nicole Krauss

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Quotes About Asking Someone Out
Quotes About Asking Someone Out

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