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1. "I was born left-handed, but I was made to use my other hand. When I was writing 'Famished Road,' which was very long, I got repetitive stress syndrome. My right wrist collapsed, so I started using my left hand. The prose I wrote with my left hand came out denser, so later on I had to change it."
Author: Ben Okri
2. "New Rule: Gun-control people have to stop pressuring Starbucks to ban guns. I want my gun nuts overcaffeinated, twitchy, and accident-prone. That way, the problem will take care of itself. Plus, if just one gun nut kills just one pseudo-intellectual writing a screenplay-slash-graphic-novel on his iPad, natural selection is doing its job."
Author: Bill Maher
3. "I won't stop writing until I am known as the Kurt Cobain of literature!"
Author: Christina Westover
4. "But even writing the column for the 'Telegraph,' that idea of working to deadlines, which as an actor that's not something you have to do in the same way. It's excited me into wanting to do a bit more."
Author: Dan Stevens
5. "Often I have the impression that I am writing on paper that is already browning in the licks of the flames."
Author: Ernst Junger
6. "Never put off writing until you are better at it."
Author: Gary Henderson
7. "Fresh proof of the risks you run in writing about players, and of the advisability of not standing to leeward of their self-esteem when one has had the misfortune to wound it in the slightest degree. When you criticize a singer, you do not have his colleagues up in arms against you. Indeed, they generally feel that you have not been severe enough. But the virtuoso instrumentalist who belongs to a well-known musical organization always claims that in criticizing him you are 'insulting' the whole institution, and though the contention is absurd he sometimes succeeds in making the other players believe it."
Author: Hector Berlioz
8. "I think it's a style of acting that you trust. You trust the instincts."
Author: Jeff Daniels
9. "Sing a song of suspense in which the players die.Four and twenty ravens in an Edgar Allan Pie.When the pie was broken, the ravens couldn't sing.Their throats had been sliced open by Stephen, the new King.The King was in his writing house, stifling a laughWhile his queen was in a tizzy of her bloody Lovecraft.When the dead maid got the garden for her rank as royal whore,King's shovel made it double and he married nevermore."
Author: Jessica McHugh
10. "Your English style will no doubt put all the other gentlemen to bed. I speak figuratively, of course."
Author: John Gielgud
11. "But then again, if you don't imagine, nothing ever happens at all. Imagining isn't perfect. You can't get all the way inside someone else. I could never have imagined Margo's anger at being found, or the story she was writing over. But imagining being someone else, or the world being something else, is the only way in."
Author: John Green
12. "I'll let you in on a secret: I can't stand Jay Ward. I hate being compared to Rocky and Bullwinkle. It's just a different style of humor."
Author: John Kricfalusi
13. "My style is a very universal sound, which is very close to where I grew up."
Author: Jon Secada
14. "People speak generally of a plain style and an elaborate style. I think this is wrong, because what is that poetry should be living..."
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
15. "I've loved fairytales, folklore and mythology since I was a small child, and I think it was inevitable that they would influence my style and my development of stories."
Author: Juliet Marillier
16. "It's not the case of turning in a bunch of songs and recording the next month. I think you're looking for songs all year long and you're writing all year long."
Author: Keith Urban
17. "The sheer complexity of writing a play always had dazzled me. In an effort to understand it, I became a critic."
Author: Kenneth Tynan
18. "My overnight success was really 15 years in the making. I'd been writing songs since I was 6 and playing in bands and performing since I was 14."
Author: Lisa Loeb
19. "Leather is always sexy, and you have to wear leather when you ride a bike. It's more for protection, but it also gets you some style points, I think."
Author: Marisa Miller
20. "I find writing extremely difficult. I usually have to drag myself to my desk, mainly because I doubt myself. And it's getting harder because I want to improve with every book."
Author: Markus Zusak
21. "I suspect that Jane Austen's practice of denying herself the aid of figurative language which, as much as any of her other habits of expression, repelled Charlotte Brontë, and has alienated other readers, conscious with a dissatisfaction with her style that they have not cared to analyse."
Author: Mary Lascelles
22. "We mostly feel fearful because we feel powerless. We feel powerless, I contend, because of a style of thinking that splits information in two poles that makes us lose all the operative information we need to solve the problem."
Author: Patricia Sun
23. "Read. Read. Read. Just don't read one type of book. Read different books by various authors so that you develop different style."
Author: R.L. Stine
24. "When I am seriously composing, sometimes a phrase will come into my head, a catch phrase. When I was writing pop songs for a few years, as a career, separate from my folksinging career, I used to write songs for pop singers."
Author: Tom Glazer

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Quotes About Authors Writing Style
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