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1. "Nowhere was the airport's charm more concentrated than on the screens placed at intervals across the terminal which announced, in deliberately workmanlike fonts, the itineraries of aircraft about to take to the skies. These screens implied a feeling of infinite and immediate possibility: they suggested the ease with which we might impulsively approach a ticket desk and, within a few hours, embark for a country where the call to prayer rang out over shuttered whitewashed houses, where we understood nothing of the language and where no one knew our identities. The lack of detail about the destinations served only to stir unfocused images of nostalgia and longing: Tel Aviv, Tripoli, St Petersburg, Miami, Muscat via Abu Dhabi, Algiers, Grand Cayman via Nassau … all of these promises of alternative lives, to which we might appeal at moments of claustrophobia and stagnation."
Author: Alain De Botton
2. "Un día habré dormido con un sueño tan largo que ni tus besos puedan avivar el letargo. Un día estaré sola, como está la montaña entre el largo desierto y la mar que la baña."
Author: Alfonsina Storni
3. "Una vez fuimos a Tel Aviv a pasar la fiesta de Pésaj y, por la mañana temprano, cuando todos aún dormían, me vestí y me fui a jugar solo a una placita donde había un banco o dos, un columpio, una zona infantil y tres o cuatro árboles jóvenes donde ya cantaban los pájaros. Al cabo de unos meses, en Año Nuevo, volvimos a ir a Tel Aviv y la plaza ya no estaba allí. La habían trasladado, con los pequeños árboles, el columpio, el banco, los pájaros y la zona infantil, al otro lado de la calle. Me quedé desconcertado: no comprendía por qué Ben Gurión y las autoridades competentes permitían hacer algo así."
Author: Amos Oz
4. "Every time I come home, and every time before I leave, I invite all my friends and I get hummus from this little shack in Tel Aviv called Baadunas."
Author: Bar Refaeli
5. "La ausencia es al amor lo que el viento al aire, apaga al pequeño y aviva al grande"
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
6. "Within a week I walked the streets of Tel-Aviv, I wandered around Budapest and found myself admiring the Architecture of Paris. That's the power of great literature."
Author: Byron Ortiz
7. "Hoje me dei conta de que aspessoas vivem a esperar por algoE quando surge uma oportunidadeSe dizem confusas e despreparadasSentem que não merecemQue o tempo certo ainda não chegouE a vida passaE os momentos se acumulamcomo papéis sobre uma mesaEstamos nos preparando para qualquer coisaMas ainda não aprendemos a viverA arriscar por aquilo que queremosA sentir aquilo que sonhamosE assim adiamos nossasvidas por tempo indeterminadoAté que a vida se encarreguede decidir por nós mesmosE percebemos o quanto perdemosE o tanto que poderíamos ter evitadoComo somos tolos em nossospensamentos limitadosEm nossas emoções contidasEm nossas ações determinadasO ser humano se prende em si mesmoPor medo e desconfiançaVive como coisaNum mundo de coisasO tempo esperado é o agoraSua consciência lhe direcionaSeus sentidos lhe alertamE suas emoções nãomais são desprezadasAntes que tudo acabeÉ preciso fazer iniciarMesmo com dor e sofrimentoAntes arriscar do que apenas sonhar."
Author: Cecília Meireles
8. "Edward had a personal horror of violence and never endorsed or excused it, though in a documentary he made about the conflict he said that actions like the bombing of pilgrims at Tel Aviv airport 'did more harm than good,' which I remember thinking was (a) euphemistic and (b) a slipshod expression unworthy of a professor of English."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
9. "I was coming back from Tel Aviv recently, and we had forty minutes of bumps. I got so scared I grabbed a paper and pen and put them in my pocket, just in case we crashed and I needed to write a letter from wherever we landed."
Author: Daniela Pestova
10. "So that's how we end up helping Aviva pick out a male escort. Even Darcy is impressed with Eugene's organization; each profile in the boy binder has two pictures, a head shot and a full-body shot, and lists essential information: age, school, height, weight, extracurriculars, hobbies, and dance ability (which ranges from "occasional Dance Dance Revolution participation" to "so good he could back up the Biebs")."
Author: Flynn Meaney
11. "Mas algo misterioso estava amadurecendo em sua alma... Sim, o velho tinha razão: elas se sentia ultrajada, sua ferida não podia sarar e elas, propositadamente, procurava avivar sua ferida com esse mistério, com essa desconfiança de todos nós. Parecia se deliciar com sua dor, com esse sofrimento egoísta, se é que se pode expressar assim. Esse cultivo e prazer da dor era-me compreensível. Era o prazer de muitos ofendidos, ultrajados, oprimidos pelo destino e conscientes da injustiça dele."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
12. "Rayna beamed as she hugged everyone good-bye and accepted their wishes for a long and happy relationship. Sage looked dazed."How did it go?" I asked."I think your mother just arranged peace in the Middle East while brokering a marriage deal for Rayna and me.""I'm not surprised. How many kids are you having?""Four. But we can't start until she's twenty-six, three years after the wedding. Oh, and we're honeymooning at the minister's beach house in Tel Aviv.""That's nice. I'll have to pop in for a visit."Sage just shook his head, still shell-shocked."Piri forgive you yet?" Ben grinned."I don't think so. She put an inch of garlic on everything she served me.""Don't take it personally. There's lots of garlic in Hungarian food," I assured him."Including my chocolate torte," Sage added. "Okay, you can take that personally," I admitted."
Author: Hilary Duff

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