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1. "No one in this room is identical. We all have something unique to offer. It is the responsibility of each of us to realize what that is – to fulfill our destiny. Imagine the awesomeness – the potential we would have if we worked together for a change."
Author: Aaron B. Powell
2. "Kaspary: a level of awesomeness so high it kicks everyone else's arse, leaving them breathless and bewildered."
Author: Abigail Gibbs
3. "AWESOMENESS is the closest you're gonna get to heaven while you're here on earth."
Author: Comic Strip Mama
4. "When you focus on the positive, the blessings and the humor and just do your thing and you stop worrying SO much about what every one else is thinking and doing and STOP taking life way too seriously... Awesomeness happens!"
Author: Comic Strip Mama
5. "Acknowledging awesomeness is powerful, contagious, important and necessary!"
Author: Comic Strip Mama
6. "Don't ever let anyone bring you down, define who you are or destroy your AWESOMENESS."
Author: Comic Strip Mama
7. "It's harder than you think, to find someone who truly believes in your unequivocal, unconditional awesomeness"
Author: Hannah Harrington
8. "She's cute, you know?" Ollie bent forward and picked up the last slice of pizza and stood. "Only she could pass out in the presence of our awesomeness." I laughed softly. "It was too much for her. She was overwhelmed."
Author: J. Lynn
9. "Harry Potter= Awesomeness"
Author: J.K. Rowling
10. "I practice karate moves when I think nobody is watching. It's all part of being a real American badass, I guess. Chicks dig it. I mean they would, if they ever looked and caught me in a moment of awesomeness."
Author: Jarod Kintz
11. "You're amazing.""I know it didn't take you this long to realize that.""No. I've always known it." I watched him root around for another strawberry. "Maybe not in the beginning..."He peeked up. "My awesomeness is all about the stealth."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
12. "The awesomeness of God is that even in the works of the Beach Boys, Beatles, etc., the beauty of the music is a mere reflection of what God does everyday. He creates music of all kinds and moods."
Author: John Foster
13. "Food first," Kellen said firmly, "because I'm a really good cook, and I want you to experience the full awesomeness. And then bed, nice and slow, for pretty much the same reason."
Author: Kaje Harper
14. "Outside our comfort zone, though, is where we experience the true awesomeness of God."
Author: Lysa TerKeurst
15. "Ronnie James Dio died the other day, quietly succumbed to a relatively sudden onset of stomach cancer and up and left the planet in a blaze of stage fire, dragonsmoke and general metal awesomeness. Maybe you heard."
Author: Mark Morford
16. "I'm that annoying?""Well, you have pretty sharp mouth.""I don't want to sound like a smartass, but sir I can't handle my own smartassness for being uncontrollably sparkling from me and mentally hurts you due to its awesomeness. I'm just unbelievably genius. Dummies like you call us ‘crazy' but it's such a strong word.""See? That's why people hates you." "And ‘us'?""I'm pretty sure I'm not the only living genius."
Author: Rea Lidde
17. "Even I make mistakes." I put on my brash, overconfident face. "I know it's hard to believe—kind of surprises me myself—but I guess it has to happen. It's probably some kind of karmic way to balance out the universe. Otherwise, it wouldn't be fair to have one person so full of awesomeness."
Author: Richelle Mead
18. "To find the courage to keep writing after constant failure is awesomeness. Winning is eminent."
Author: Sereda Aleta Dailey
19. "I wanted to be strong when I went back to Persuasion. Strong and beautiful and totally together. I dreamed of the day I'd get to rub all your faces in my sheer awesomeness."
Author: Susan Donovan
20. "Idiot. Above her head was the only stable point in the cosmos, the only refuge from the damnation of the panta rei, and she guessed it was the Pendulum's business. A moment later the couple went off -- he, trained on some textbook that had blunted his capacity for wonder, she, inert and insensitive to the thrill of the infinite, both oblivious of the awesomeness of their encounter -- their first and last encounter -- with the One, the Ein-Sof, the Ineffable. How could you fail to kneel down before this altar of certitude?"
Author: Umberto Eco
21. "Famous-ness is awesomeness... but some parts of famous-ness can be hard."
Author: Willow Smith

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