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1. "I have been my own disciple and my own master. And I have been a good disciple but a bad master."
Author: Antonio Porchia
2. "It seems to me that unless you or someone very close to you has had a bad head injury, you really can't fathom it. You have no concept of what it is all about. It was so difficult for my whole family, not just me."
Author: Barbara Mandrell
3. "Don't push me, little girl. You don't wanna see my bad side."I blink a second before my eyes widen and i lean back from him as I whisper hiss, "This is your good side?"
Author: Belle Aurora
4. "I had some tough times...i did some bad shit...but i'm still the same girl i used to be"
Author: Britney Spears
5. "This phrase did not have the ring of verisimilitude because I am famously bad at math. If I'm in charge of tipping at a restaurant, the waiter will either fall to his knees in gratitude or slash my tires. There ain't no Mr. In Between."
Author: Celia Rivenbark
6. "It is how we nurture the good and deal with the bad that ultimately shapes our destiny."
Author: Charles F. Glassman
7. "The anger that appears to be building up between the sexes becomes more virulent with every day that passes. And far from women taking the blame... the fact is that men are invariably portrayed as the bad guys. Being a good man is like being a good Nazi."
Author: Dave Thomas
8. "But can you ever excise a bad parent? Though you might come to terms with all that they have psychologically bequeathed you, they can never really be expunged. They're the stubborn, permanent stain that will never entirely vanish in the wash."
Author: Douglas Kennedy
9. "You know, son, in life you'regoing to have some good days and some crappy ones. Maybe more crappy ones than goodones, but whatever you do, don't you ever give up. Make sure to push yourselfthe farthest you can go. If you want something bad enough, you have to fightfor it. If you're not happy with your life, you and only you haveto do something to change it."
Author: E.L. Montes
10. "I am alone, I am all alone, I am completely alone. Grasping this reality, I let go of my bag, drop to my knees and press my forehead against the floor. There, I offer up to the universe a fervent prayer of thanks. First in English. Then in Italian. And then - just to get the point across - in Sanskrit."
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
11. "Gossip is a sort of smoke that comes from the dirty tobacco-pipes of those who diffuse it; it proves nothing but the bad taste of the smoker," But the truth is, gossip hurts."
Author: George Eliot
12. "Good or bad results we are dealing is all in our hand."
Author: Glenda Radores
13. "I make a bad mom, but I can pull off a crazy aunt."
Author: Ilona Andrews
14. "Forest is the backbone of the O-fers. He pitches, bats cleanup, collects the fees, makes all the pre game reminder calls, fills out the lineup card, and is the undisputed (though unspoken) team captain. Few things inspire like watching Forest round third in the late innings with a head full of steam and two bad knees, his spare tire heaving violently beneath his snug jersey, just as the second basemen is fielding the relay. "Run, Forest, run!" We yell, from the dugout. It never gets old."
Author: Jonathan Evison
15. "I think jogging is bad for your health. All that pressure on the knees and back cannot be good for you."
Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
16. "When you have dinner with the Devil, you learn that either you have good taste or that you have bad taste."
Author: Lionel Suggs
17. "I hate you for all the years I 'll have to live without you. How can a heart hurt this much and still go on beating? How can I feel this bad without dying from it?I 've bruised my knees with praying to have you back. None of my prayers have been answered. I tried to send them up to heaven but they 're trapped here on earth, like bobwhites beneath the snow. I try to sleep and it's like I 'm suffocating.Where have you gone?Once you said that if I wasn't with you, it wouldn't be heaven.I can't let go of you. Come back and haunt me. Come back."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
18. "Once your words fly out of your mouth, you sometimes can't control whether they fly straight or crooked, Grandma Augustine says. "They can get bent in the strangest ways." Grandma Augustine says that the only way to straighten out bad words is to keep making good ones until you say what you need to say to who you need to say it to."
Author: Lori Aurelia Williams
19. "Ronan," Noah said, "I have a super bad feeling.""It's called being dead," Ronan replied."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
20. "I'd rather make a good run than a bad stand."
Author: Margaret Walker
21. "Thorne shuffled his feet. "You know, if it was a bad kiss, you can just say so."She stiffened. "That's not at all what I … Wait. Did you think it was a bad kiss?""No," he said, with an abrupt, clumsy laugh. "I thought it was … um." He cleared his throat. "But there were clearly a lot of expectations, and a lot of pressure, and…" He squirmed in the chair. "We were going to die, you know.""I know." She squeezed her knees into her chest. "And, no, it wasn't … I didn't think it was a bad kiss.""Oh, thank the stars."
Author: Marissa Meyer
22. "He stares at the them, mid mouthful. 'Please,' he says, after he's swallowed. 'It's bad enough that the middle-aged are having sex, without thinking of my aunt doing it. And I don't know why someone just doesn't tell Sam to use a condom instead of impregnating the women of the inner-west."
Author: Melina Marchetta
23. "But just now, he'd gotten on his knees and proposed marriage, like in a television commercial for a diamond ring. Except of course they had the roll of duct tape instead, which, when you came to think about it, was a far more practical item. Such a bad mistake it would be, to embark on marriage and adult life without a nice supply of duct tape."
Author: Nancy Werlin
24. "Never quit after a bad day"
Author: Nastia Liukin
25. "It was as bad as the summer that her mother had taken the training wheels off Coraline's bicycle;but then, back then, in with all the cuts and scrapes (her knees had scabs on top of scabs) she had had a feeling of achievement. She was learning something, doing something she had not known how to do. Now she felt nothing but cold loss. She had failed the ghost children. She had failed her parents. She had failed herself, failed everything."
Author: Neil Gaiman
26. "If you don't play well, you have a bad game or a nightmare you know that the amount of coverage is worldwide."
Author: Steven Gerrard
27. "He said,' I began, only then understanding the words as they uncoiled from my mouth, 'it was the only time he'd have a white man on his knees doing something for a black man for free.' I now understood what he meant, and why he did it, though I didn't like it. When you've been made to feel bad for so long, you jump at the chance to do it to others."
Author: Testy McTesterson
28. "Despite a few really bad days we had quite a lot of fun making Low, especially when all the radical ideas were making sense and things were starting to click."
Author: Tony Visconti
29. "Better to have you curse me for giving you too much freedom, than have you blame me for bad decisions that may or may not have come as a result of my advice."
Author: Tori Carrington
30. "How many neighbors ignoring Jolly for her ignorance and bad luck could go down on their knees and save their kid from choking to death this afternoon while the world was going on outside in the sunshine?"
Author: Virginia Euwer Wolff
31. "Life can't be all bad when for ten dollars you can buy all the Beethoven sonatas and listen to them for ten years."
Author: William F. Buckley Jr.
32. "Opposing the free flow of goods or people is a bad idea."
Author: William Weld

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