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1. "Bob Dole used to be really funny. Barney Frank can be kind of funny. Bob Kerrey has a good sense of humor."
Author: Al Franken
2. "Ted, I believe you and I met for a reason. It's like the universe was saying, "Hey Barney, there's this dude, he's pretty cool, but it is your job to make him awesome"
Author: Barney Stinson
3. "Barney was interested in bringing professional boxing back to Northern Ireland in a big way."
Author: Barry McGuigan
4. "What I would say about Barney Eastwood is that when our relationship worked, it worked extremely well. He had a lot of strengths as a promoter and a manager."
Author: Barry McGuigan
5. "By the time we went to Doctor Simon I think Barney had been totally disabled for at least six months."
Author: Betty Hill
6. "From 1961 to 1965 Barney and I had not seen another UFO."
Author: Betty Hill
7. "From that night on, wherever Barney and I went UFOs paced us."
Author: Betty Hill
8. "I don't know if we even mentioned UFOs. It was to find out why Barney was emotionally upset."
Author: Betty Hill
9. "Because we're framily. You know, I love you, you love me? Like Barney only with bad language."
Author: Dakota Cassidy
10. "Before long, I'll have my own channel - I'll be like Barney."
Author: David Hasselhoff
11. "Artist Matthew Barney has made a film about "shit". It is hardly original. Hollywood has made shit films for decades."
Author: Dean Cavanagh
12. "Mainly, I thought of Barney as a kid. You can always look into the faces of kids and see what they're thinking, if they're happy or sad. That's what I tried to do with Barney."
Author: Don Knotts
13. "I hear. Nobody thinks so. But I do. Sometimes people whisper. Sometimes they yell. Sometimes they say mean things. I see more than the TV. It's my friend. I don't have any others, like the kids on Barney do. Why are people afraid of me? I don't want to hurt them. I taste only the sweet air, whooshed through tubes to help me breathe. If I'm lucky a bit of flavor comes with the wind or skin or clothes I smell. I wish my mouth would let me tell Mama I love her. Let me tell Daddy I ms him. Let me tell Shane how good I feel when I see him happy with Alex. I like when I swim because when I float, I am free. I like when I sleep because I dance when I dream. I hear, I see, I taste, I smell, I feel, I dream."
Author: Ellen Hopkins
14. "I had an action figure that did that," Graham nodded. "I tried to use it on my mum, once. Got me in no end of Barney."
Author: G. Norman Lippert
15. "Braith opened her eyes and screamed at what hovered above her, "Gods! Death comes for me!"The horrifying face of death curled its lip at her and growled, "Well, that's charmin'." Death sat back in its chair, hands resting on its knees. "This face is not me fault, ya know?" Death looked off, thought a moment. Its finger traced one of the deep gouges across its jaw. "This one actually is kind of me fault." She pointed at the other side of her face, where part of her chin was missing. "And this one. A bit of barney at the pub."..."That was not death," he whispered. "That was our Great-Aunt Brigida.""Brigida? Brigida the Foul?" He nodded. "I thought she was dead."Addolgar shook his head and whispered, "She just won't die."
Author: G.A. Aiken
16. "Barney spotted our neighbor's lawn, where he promptly took care of his business. There I was, the former president of the United States, with a plastic bag on my hand, picking up that which I had been dodging for the past eight years."
Author: George W. Bush
17. "'Barney Miller' was a lot of fun. I'm very fond of Abe Vigoda. Most - a lot of people on that cast - I really liked."
Author: James Cromwell
18. "The fact is, I'm being attacked by extraterrestrials. They're invisible, and now, even as I write this, my anus is bleeding. Science turns into sexual harassment when the aliens probe my ass with dildos, cucumbers, and Barney Frank's tiny shoes."
Author: Jarod Kintz
19. "He was a strange mix of Heinrich Himmler and Barney the Dinosaur."
Author: Jonas Eriksson
20. "Could you really catch me? (Serenity)Absolutely. Besides, Barney would have my head if I let you make a mess on the deck. (Morgan)Oh, thanks. I'm glad chivalry is alive and well on the high seas. (Serenity)"
Author: Kinley MacGregor
21. "Bah. What's a little water to a pirate? (Barney)A bout of pneumonia if he's not careful. (Morgan)"
Author: Kinley MacGregor
22. "You were just a beautiful woman. Now you're my beautiful woman. What you got under your clothes is for me. No one else. They don't look. They don't touch. That's the deal. Yeah?"I stared at him, speechless, which was a good thing because if I had words, I would have said them so loudly the neighbors would hear."Now," he went on, either not feeling or not caring about the badder than bad vibes emanating from me directly toward him, "go put on a tank."That's when I found my words."Maybe I should go put on my ragged white dress and stone necklace and you can put on your leopard skin tunic and we can pedal in our stone car to the roadhouse before you go bowling with Barney and I go shopping with Betty, Fred."
Author: Kristen Ashley
23. "Maybe I should go put on my ragged white dress and stone necklace and you can put on your leopard skin tunic and we can pedal in our stone car to the roadhouse before you go bowling with Barney and I go shopping with Betty, Fred. –Sadie"
Author: Kristen Ashley
24. "We'll just sit here," said Barney, "and if we think of anything worth while saying we'll say it. Otherwise, not. Don't imagine you're bound to talk to me.""John Foster says," quoted Valancy, "'If you can sit in silencewith a person for half an hour and yet be entirely comfortable, youand that person can be friends. If you cannot, friends you'llnever be and you need not waste time in trying.'""Evidently John Foster says a sensible thing once in a while,"conceded Barney."
Author: L.M. Montgomery
25. "Every girl's dream is to have two hot guys having a bit of a barney over you."
Author: Lenora Crichlow
26. "When, suddenly, on an ordinary Wednesday, it seemed to Barney that the world tilted and ran downhill in all directions, he knew he was about to be haunted again."
Author: Margaret Mahy
27. "If people fainted from too much thinking I'd scarcely ever be conscious," Tabitha began at once. "I think and think all the time, and I've never fainted – not once." She looked over at Barney enviously. "Why do the best things always happen to other people and not to a promising writer?"
Author: Margaret Mahy
28. "Honestly, Tabitha, the sooner your novel is written and published the better," Claire said crispl, seeing Barney was made uncomfortable by these comments. "No more talking about Barney's faint. He's better now – that's the main thing.""Ok- let's talk about funerals," Tabitha replied at once."
Author: Margaret Mahy
29. "I don't want to spin the world," Barney said. "I don't know what I want, but I do know it's not that.""Nor do I!" Claire shook her head. "Poor Troy" If you can do almost anything, it's all the harder to choose the right thing to do. Poor Cole, too – coming in like a lion and then staying like a pet lamb. I suppose if most of us were asked, we'd think that magicians would be free of care, but somehow or other there are always rules."
Author: Margaret Mahy
30. "One of my great influences was Don Knotts as Barney Fife."
Author: Martin Short
31. "Some of the attitudes of Barney are certainly attitudes I share, but not all."
Author: Mordecai Richler
32. "Barney said that everybody deserves to have something good in their life at least once. I have. More than once."
Author: Morris Gleitzman
33. "Giving a girl the impression that girlhood is an extended bounce on Barney's knee is like prepping a young gazelle for life on the Serengeti by dipping it in cream."
Author: Natalie Angier
34. "Dr. Barney stared at me, his lips puckered. What was he so serious about? Who hasn't thought about killing themselves, as a kid? How can you grow up in this world and not think about it?"
Author: Ned Vizzini
35. "When I was older and I first started working, I was obsessed with buying my first Chanel jacket. I saved up my hard-earned money, went to Barneys, and bought a little black Chanel jacket. It saw many, many job interviews and many, many events. I'm not fitting into it lately, but I still have it."
Author: Nina Garcia
36. "No one, it appeared to Barney, had anything to do now; the weight of empty time hung over them all."
Author: Philip K. Dick
37. "You're so hilarious. You know, if this whole Daimon-slaying gig doesn't work out for you, you should really consider being a comedian. The bright Barney hair color would just add to the overall entertainment factor."
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
38. "Eleven thousand five hundred and fifty-one years old, and yes, I feel every day of it. (Acheron)Wow, I had no idea. Hell, I didn't even know we had people back then. (Nick)Yeah, I was part of the original Bedrock crew who worked in the quarry on the back of dinosaurs and ran with the Flintstones. Barney Rubble was short, but he played a good game of stone-knuckle. (Acheron)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
39. "Barney did not reply. He looked at Krendler as though the left and right hemispheres of Krendler's brain were two dogs stuck together."
Author: Thomas Harris
40. "CEASE FIRE,' Captain Johansen shouted. 'Cease fire, what's wrong with you guys? Stop wasting the goddamn ammo. CEASE FIRE!'Cease fire,' the lieutenants hollered.Cease fire,' the platoon sergeants hollered.Cease the goddamn fire,' shouted the squad leaders.That,' I told Barney, 'is the chain of command."
Author: Tim O'Brien

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