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1. "Covered with a white blanket. The keen wind still carried the howling of the dogs, though this grew fainter as we went on our way. The baying of the wolves sounded nearer and nearer, as though they were closing round on us from every side. I grew dreadfully afraid, and the horses shared my fear. The driver, however, was not in the least disturbed. He kept turning his head to left and right, but I could not see anything through the darkness. Suddenly, away on our left I saw a faint flickering blue flame. The driver saw it at the same moment. He at once checked the horses, and, jumping"
Author: Bram Stoker
2. "Kontemplasi massal terbesar. Pengampunan Allah terbesar. Bagi yang diterima wukufnya, dia lahir kembali suci seperti bayi."
Author: Dian Nafi
3. "Yet when I looked from that highest of all gable windows, looked while the candles sputtered and the insane viol howled with the night-wind, I saw no city spread below, and no friendly lights gleamed from remembered streets, but only the blackness of space illimitable; unimagined space alive with motion and music, and having no semblance of anything on earth. And as I stood there looking in terror, the wind blew out both the candles in that ancient peaked garret, leaving me in savage and impenetrable darkness with chaos and pandemonium before me, and the demon madness of that night-baying viol behind me."
Author: H.P. Lovecraft
4. "Chang Chang suka main senter, Juju suka mengejar sinar senternya, Eomma! Oh ya, Juju itu perempuan, Chang Chang ingin punya bayi kucing biar ramai. Jadi kami mau cari kucing laki-laki."-Cerita 2: Hyunnie and His Pet Proposal, TMHOLT hal.10-"
Author: Ida R. Yulia
5. "Pohon ini hampir tak bisa bernapas, Eomma. Dia kesakitan. Rantingnya dipotong, itu tak baik buat dia. Ibu guru di sekolahpernah bilang, ‘pohon yang ranting atau dahannya dipotong samasaja seperti ketika bayi dipotong tangan dan kakinya, apalagi jikapohon itu masih kecil'."-Cerita 1: Hyunnie and His Protective Side, TMHOLT hal.2-"
Author: Ida R. Yulia
6. "Bau bayi itu menyembuhkan, kata Ibuk."
Author: Iwan Setyawan
7. "Harum bayi membuat pagi begitu sempurna."
Author: Iwan Setyawan
8. "Dengan penuh kebahagiaan kau akan menerima benih si bayi, dan melalui rasa sakit kau akan melahirkan seorang bayi. Tapi inilah yang membuatmu menghargai dan menyayangi anakmu. Itu sebabnya ada pepatah mengatakan, kalaupun kau meletakkan anakmu di dalam biji matamu, matamu tidak akan terasa sakit."
Author: Kim Dong Hwa
9. "Our Di had, according to her myth, been hounded to death by the baying werewolves of the yellow press. Of course it was now plain I was one. Maybe even the worst of them. Some people claimed they had actually seen me baying. In the tunnel. With the blood of their angel on my hands."
Author: Michael Moorcock
10. "Here"-she handed me the coffee-"I was just bringing this up to you.""Oh,wow,that's really nice of you," I replied, mentally adding Lara to my list of People Who Are Awesome. At Hex Hall, we were practically blasted out of bed in the morning by an alarm that was somewhere between a foghorn and the baying of hell hounds. People bringing you coffee in bed was a way nicer way to wake up."
Author: Rachel Hawkins

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