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1. "No one gets out of this life alive.So leave a footprint of your choice.You are writing your epitaph.You are writing it now!Life is a process, not a goal.Live it now, or you will miss it!We have time to spend and no time to waste."
Author: Charles Franklin
2. "Hands still in the air, Jordan reached back and gently caressed her cheek. Dying for this woman would be no hardship. He'd die a thousand times over if it would take away her pain.Since he had every intention of living a long and healthy life with Eden at his side, he sincerely hoped Noah was on his way and dying wouldn't be necessary."
Author: Christy Reece
3. "The point is, life has to be endured, and lived. But how to live it is the problem."
Author: Daphne Du Maurier
4. "This kingdom of God life is not a matter of waking up each morning with a list of chores or an agenda to be tended to, left on our bedside table by the Holy Spirit for us while we slept. We wake up already immersed in a large story of creation and covenant, of Israel and Jesus, the story of Jesus and the stories that Jesus told. We let ourselves be formed by these formative stories, and especially as we listen to the stories that Jesus tells, get a feel for the way he does it, the way he talks, the way he treats people, the Jesus way."
Author: Eugene H. Peterson
5. "Death is not a curse to be outwitted no matter the cost. Death is the natural pivot on which life turns, without which life as we know it could not be. A pro-life-support position is not always a pro-life position. When we can no longer hold on with purpose, to let go is to die with dignity and grace."
Author: Forrest Church
6. "But then, how could you have any self-respect knowing that you didn't believe in anything exactly? How did you embrace what was yours if you didn't leave something for it? How did you create a life of meaning and pride?"
Author: Kiran Desai
7. "All life is bound to a simple truth... that time goes on, that in each person's life begins a tale, a tale that will either end in memory or in legend."
Author: M.J. Chrisman
8. "Hope doesn't announce that life is safe, therefore, we will be; instead, it whispers that Christ is our safety in the midst of harsh reality."
Author: Patsy Clairmont
9. "I'm of the mind that life is a risk, every time you leave your house it's a risk, and I see no reason to go through life with my hands tied behind my back for any reason. I'd be foolish to let something stop me from doing what I love to do."
Author: Thomas Jane

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Quotes About Beauty Of Life Tagalog
Quotes About Beauty Of Life Tagalog
Quotes About Beauty Of Life Tagalog

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