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1. "There's a huge cloud of shame around art and business being seen as bedfellows."
Author: Amanda Palmer
2. "Strangers make restless bedfellows, especially when bedbugs are your only acquaintances."
Author: Bauvard
3. "Politics makes strange bedfellows."
Author: Charles Dudley Warner
4. "Be lucky, Xander, and be brave. You will find that bravery and luck are often bedfellows."
Author: David Gemmell
5. "Politics makes estranged bedfellows."
Author: Goodman Ace
6. "We talk a bit, until Tess is sufficiently calm, and then I take her upstairs and see her snuggled back into bed with Cyclops and one of Maura's romance novels. Strange bedfellows, but both seem to comfort her, and it serves to remind me again that she is a strange mix of woman and child, carrying a burden far too heavy for her."
Author: Jessica Spotswood
7. "Luck is only my lover, not my wife," replied Bahktiaan easily. He drew his saber. "If ever I wed, it will be skill and intelligence." "Tedious bedfellows," said Sergi."
Author: Kate Elliott
8. "The reason politics makes strange bedfellows is because they all like the same bunk."
Author: Los Angeles Times
9. "Well, Kaleb's voice whispered in Nikita's mind, it seems this will make strange bedfellows out of us all."
Author: Nalini Singh
10. "Pain and beauty, our constant bedfellows"
Author: Nick Bantock
11. "The associations get only richer and more intense when you realise that the very concept of truth - the cornerstone of philosophy and religion alike, let alone law - also rests heavily on the meaning of waking up. And you don't need a philosopher to appreciate it, because there are clues to its dependency in everyday phrases such as 'waking up to the truth', 'my eyes were opened' and even 'wake up and smell the coffee'. If such phrases hint that waking up and truth are bedfellows of some sort, you need only go back to the ancient Greek for corroboration. There you'll find that the word truth is 'aletheia', from which in English we get the word for 'lethargy'. But see how the Greek word is 'a-letheia' rather than letheia - that is truth is the opposite of lethargy. And what is opposite of lethargy, if not waking up?"
Author: Robert Rowland Smith
12. "What an alliance, huh? A Dark-Hunter and a Spathi united to guard an Apollite. Who would have ever imagined? (Wulf)Love makes strange bedfellows. (Acheron)I thought that was politics. (Wulf)It's both. (Acheron)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
13. "Psychology and art are never easy bedfellows."
Author: Steve Merrick
14. "Perhaps Bach and Beethoven are strange bedfellows for Mickey Mouse, but it's all been a lot of fun."
Author: Walt Disney Company

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