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1. "Being necessary to someone was not unlike being loved."
Author: Adam McOmber
2. "I've tried being other people and myself suits me the best."
Author: Chris Colfer
3. "Ivy returned his direct gaze with a particularly innocent smile. "The great advantage," she said, "of being thought silly, is that people forget and begin to think one might also be foolish. I may, Professor Lyall, be a trifle enthusiastic in my manner and dress, but I am no fool."
Author: Gail Carriger
4. "It's the most extraordinary and saddest thing, the amount of talent out there not being seen."
Author: Gedde Watanabe
5. "Thus thought I, as by night I readOf the great army of the dead,The trenches cold and damp,The starved and frozen camp,--The wounded from the battle-plain,In dreary hospitals of pain,The cheerless corridors,The cold and stony floors.Lo! in that house of miseryA lady with a lamp I seePass through the glimmering gloomAnd flit from room to room.And slow, as in a dream of bliss,The speechless sufferer turns to kissHer shadow, as it fallsUpon the darkening walls."
Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
6. "I guess Satan was the first superhero [...] In his first adventure, he took the form of a snake to free two prisoners being held naked in a Third World jungle prison by an all-powerful megalomaniac. At the same time, he broadened their diet and introduced them to their own sexuality."
Author: Joe Hill
7. "What the semicolon's anxious supporters fret about is the tendency of contemporary writers to use a dash instead of a semicolon and thus precipitate the end of the world. Are they being alarmist?"
Author: Lynne Truss
8. "Since when had I become such a slave to security? Since when had my dream to be my own boss morphed into merely working for my dream boss?"
Author: Meg Donohue
9. "Perfect silence. This in response to Sully's key being turned in the ignition of the pickup."
Author: Richard Russo
10. "I told you the truth... Memory's truth, because memory has its own special kind. It selects, eliminates, alters, exaggerates, minimizes, glorifies, and vilifies also; but in the end it creates its own reality, its heterogeneous but usually coherent version of events; and no sane human being ever trusts someone else's version more than his own."
Author: Salman Rushdie

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Quotes About Being A Lady Boss
Quotes About Being A Lady Boss
Quotes About Being A Lady Boss

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