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1. "It was a terrible refreshment, his plain way, the simple words, the absence of strategy. It made you realize how much of your life you spent not being like that. It made you realize what a waste not being like that was."
Author: Glen Duncan
2. "The things you learn about your kids after the fact."
Author: Jaci Burton
3. "We all have roles in life. I'm a dad, a husband, this and that, but basically I only feel justified in being alive when I'm on the stage."
Author: Jack Bruce
4. "With a person I respect, I wash my hands before I shake their hand. With a person I don't respect, I wash my hands after I shake their hand."
Author: Jarod Kintz
5. "It may be that you are settled in another place it may be that you are happy but the one who took your heart wields final power."
Author: Jeanette Winterson
6. "Of course you would, Mitt," Reagan said. "Well, I'm glad we understand each other, and I think your father would be proud of you being in his old spot, and I want you to know that when I'm choosing my Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, your resumé will be on the very top of the pile. It's been great chatting with you but you know, I have to find a vice presidential candidate, and soon.""Ha, ha, ha, ah it's been great chatting with you, too, Mr. President, and—"Reagan cocked his head slightly, smiled, and caught the eye of a minion; a moment later Romney had been deposited outside the door like a discarded room service tray, having barely had time to shift from ha, ha, ha back to ah…ah…"
Author: John Barnes
7. "She gave me the jabs and said I was covered for every worst-case scenario, including being bitten by a dirty chimp. I told her this is why we have over-population problems. Why are idiots who annoy dirty chimps being protected?"
Author: Karl Pilkington
8. "I find that the time that goes by is actually your best friend when you are making a record. The passing of time gives you perspective on what you recorded and what you wrote. If something sounds good to you 12 months after you recorded it then chances are pretty good that there's something valuable about the part or the song."
Author: M. Ward
9. "Maybe I should go back to teaching school about crazy people instead of being one. (Jim Alvin)"
Author: Patricia Briggs
10. "I'm quite into the idea of engineering being beautiful."
Author: Sean Booth
11. "I have definitely had experiences where I can feel the shift from simply living my life to being slightly outside of my life and taking notes."
Author: Sloane Crosley
12. "Everyone in England knows about Burberry, and it kind of represents a standard of being well-dressed... But the nice thing is, they have a lot of clothes, so I still feel like myself whenever I'm wearing their clothes."
Author: Tom Odell

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Quotes About Being Happy After Heartbreak
Quotes About Being Happy After Heartbreak
Quotes About Being Happy After Heartbreak

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