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1. "When I'm on stage the savage in me is released. It's like going back to being a cave man. It takes me six hours to come down after a show."
Author: Angus Young
2. "I offered her the benefit of my company this New Year's Eve, but informed her that as of midnight I should much like to insist that she refers to me as Master Oscar at all times. For that is whom I am, and I can't stress enough the importance of being Oscar."
Author: Dawn French
3. "For me, its like go ahead and eat. Live your life. I mean, I've just seen so much death, you know, as of late, being in my 40s, of people getting sick or, you know, whatever, that I just feel like, you know what? You never know with life. Eat. Enjoy yourself. Just try to be healthy and, you know, and watch it."
Author: Debi Mazar
4. "He was a precocious and delicate little boy, quivering with the malaise of being unloved. When we played, his child's heart would come into its own, and the troubled world where his vague hungers went unfed and mothers and fathers were dim and far away--too far away to ever reach in and touch the sore place and make it heal--would disappear, along with the world where I was not sufficiently muscled or sufficiently gallant to earn my own regard."
Author: Harold Brodkey
5. "Just concentrate on being in the moment", he said. "Don't read into things. See what's really there ok?"
Author: Jennifer Brown
6. "I'm just starting to scratch the surface of what really makes me happy and it's taken me a while to admit that acting like a little child and being a jerk and a punk is fun."
Author: Leonardo DiCaprio
7. "Your moral stance depends on what you think is being aborted. If you don't believe it to be a person but part of a woman's body, of course you will be pro-choice. I would be virulently pro-choice if I didn't believe it to be a person."
Author: Louise Mensch
8. "And though I might have learnt more wit and advanced my understanding by living in a Court, yet being dull, fearful and bashful, I neither heeded what was said or practised, but just what belonged to my loyal duty and my own honest reputation."
Author: Margaret Cavendish
9. "While games are fun to play, children should grow up not just being the consumers of technology but also the creators of technology."
Author: Newton Lee
10. "I burst into tears and I cry and cry until it feels as though it is not salt and water being squeezed from my eyes, but blood."
Author: Nick Hornby
11. "Smog hung all round the horizon, the sun on the bright beige countryside was painful; she and the Chevy seemed parked at the centre of an odd, religious instant. As if, on some other frequency, or out of the eye of some whirlwind rotating too slow for her heated skin even to feel the centrifugal coolness of, words were being spoken."
Author: Thomas Pynchon
12. "I concluded that an understanding of the biblical marks of a healthy church was absolutely foundational and necessary, but that something more should be said if gospel ministry was going to be productive."
Author: Timothy Keller

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Quotes About Being Healthy Wealthy And Wise
Quotes About Being Healthy Wealthy And Wise
Quotes About Being Healthy Wealthy And Wise

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