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1. "No, I was one broken clone, and I'd never been happier about it. Hey, when you're being held captive in a sex dungeon-turned-birthing facility, you gotta take pleasure in the small things."
Author: A. Violet End
2. "Of course Will was right again. But I realized clearly for the first time how desperate our plight was. It has been foolish to think we could rescue Kai. Now, wherever he is, it couldn't be worse than being held captive by pirates. Even cannibals were more trustworthy."
Author: Cameron Stracher
3. "Next door but one is Quinlan Broddle, a Viceroy with a fear of gardens. So much so that he sold his garden to Virgin Atlantic and his erstwhile front lawn is now a runway where miniature helicopters and packets of crisps undertake sorties to 1940's Dresden where they have made several dozen unsuccessful attempts to rescue the Quaker Oats man, who is being held captive by the SS on the basis that his hair looks like ice cream."
Author: St John Morris
4. "Learn to forgive others so that you can release yourself from being held captive by the very negative thoughts around you."
Author: Stephen Richards

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Quotes About Being Held Captive
Quotes About Being Held Captive

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