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1. "It's actually a rather romantic and dramatic story --- one I would eagerly tell you, except for the fact that I recently forgot it, based on it being far too long and having not enough decapitations."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
2. "When Luce did look in the mirror, she thought she might still be sort of pretty, if you went by what most people thought was pretty. And if that's the way you went, you had your own problems. It wasn't like being pretty was an accomplishment, and it would go away in time. So it would be a mistake to get too hung up on it."
Author: Charles Frazier
3. "While like most men, Sam prided himself on being equipped with a supernatural internal compass that kept him from ever being lost, he'd also learned to concede those rare times when that compass seemed to be temporary disrepair."
Author: Clive Cussler
4. "When's the last time you really thought about what you eat, how much you move throughout the day, whether or not you feel fantastic when you get up in the morning, and which shoes keep your feet comfortable?"
Author: David Agus
5. "The acronym was derived from the title of the first book--a pamphlet, really-- in which Khyfo was expounded, a supposedly scatalogical phase that meant 'Don't Touch'...The title was Keep Your Fucking Hands Off. Mean anything to you?Not a thing.Nor to me. But it supposedly summed up their philosophy pretty well at the time."
Author: F. Paul Wilson
6. "Poor Cecil. It's hard to be a devil of a fellow in these modern times. No stagecoaches to hold up. No princesses to rescue. Just Petey Todd to escort, while the easy, expert fellow walks the pretty girl home."
Author: Franny Billingsley
7. "You can't fake being able to cook well."
Author: Gail Simmons
8. "When some years ago, knowing ten words of English and using them all wrong, I applied for a translator's job, my would-be employer (or would-be-not-employer) softly remarked: ‘I am afraid your English is somewhat unorthodox.' This translated into any continental language would mean: EMPLOYER (to the commissionaire): ‘Jean, kick this gentleman down the steps!"
Author: George Mikes
9. "We were a very small circle of writers. Everybody brought to the table their own life experience."
Author: Howie Mandel
10. "I make my own judgements of people, mate. I don't need to borrow yours."
Author: Jesse Hajicek
11. "The Professor looked like a Protestant saint when the cannibal offered him the choice of taking six wives or being boiled alive. He wanted to mortify some flesh, but he didn't know which."
Author: Joyce Cary
12. "There are those among you who seek the talkative through fear of being alone.The silence of aloneness reveals to their eyes their naked selves and they would escape.And there are those who talk, and without knowledge or forethought reveal a truth which they themselves do not understand.And there are those who have the truth within them, but they tell it not in words.In the bosom of such as these the spirit dwells in rhythmic silence."
Author: Kahlil Gibran
13. "God, if you ever loved me, open my eyes for me when I'm being this stupid! (Ron)"
Author: Kim Harrison
14. "Lore? Tell me what Sin said about you being tortured wasn't true,'He didn't look at her as he moved toward the bathroom. 'It wasn't true.''You're lying.''You told me to."
Author: Larissa Ione
15. "What you ain't never understood is that I ain't got nothing, don't own nothing, ain't never really wanted nothing that wasn't for you. There ain't nothing as precious to me...There ain't nothing worth holding on to, money, dreams, nothing else--"
Author: Lorraine Hansberry
16. "Now, let's never talk about you being related to her again. Because I'm technically still engaged to her, and that's really weird."Cinder couldn't help laughing, even exhaustedly, even just to cover up the screaming inside, as he bound her up in his arms again. Her headache began to fade, replaced with the strength of his heartbeat and the way she felt almost delicate when she was pressed up against him like this. Almost fragile.Almost safe. Almost like a princess."
Author: Marissa Meyer
17. "Our small ears never had such a workout as on the Fourth of July, hearing not only our own bursting crackers but also those of our friends, and often the boom of homemade cannon shot off by daring boys of 16 years, ready to lose a hand if it blew up."
Author: Paul Engle
18. "The gods tempt us. They offer us riches and sweet smelling women, tres leches, each milk sweeter than the one before. But you cannot beat the gods. The grander house and the bigger deal only mean more borrowed time, more risk. When you build your life on a house of cards, you never know when the joker will turn up."
Author: Paul Levine
19. "Men command the world that they know . Everything that men know they make their own. Everything that they learn, they claim for themselves. They are like the alchemists who took for the laws that govern the world, and then want to own them and keep them secret. Everything they discover,they hug to themselves: they shape knowledge into their own selfish image. What is left to us women but the realms of the unknown?"
Author: Philippa Gregory
20. "You'd better. Otherwise Stryker and I will feast on your innards, bathe in your blood and I will use your eyes as earrings. (Zephyra)You know, with imagery like that, you should write for Hallmark. (Jericho)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
21. "From the floor, I see the tops of the Philadelphia skyline out of her window. Staring at it, I realize that the night sky isn't really black, which is the way I've always thought of it. It's actually a dark shade of blue, the darkest possible."
Author: Siobhan Vivian
22. "To deliver your own personal maximum, you'll realise there are no shortcuts; if you want to be a champion it is all about rolling your sleeves up and getting stuck in."
Author: Steve Backley
23. "Something had happened to him ove the past couple of years, something to do with being home with Aaron, sinking into the rhythm of a kid's day. The little tasks, the small pleasures. The repetition that goes beyond boredom and becomes a kind of peace. You do it long enough, and the adult world starts to drift away. You can't catch up with it, not even if you try."
Author: Tom Perrotta
24. "We sat grown quiet at the name of love; We saw the last embers of daylight die,And in the trembling blue-green of the skyA moon, worn as if it had been a shellWashed by time's waters as they rose and fellAbout the stars and broke in days and years.I had a thought for no one's but your ears:That you were beautiful, and that I stroveTo love you in the old high way of love;That it had all seemed happy, and yet we'd grownAs weary-hearted as that hollow moon"
Author: W.B. Yeats
25. "Training, Books, Learning is all expensive. Being stupid though is still much more expensive."
Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour

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