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1. "We'd both been stripped of all the evasiveness, all the lies, everything we'd ever kept from each other. Layer by layer, we had given up our defenses and our excuses and our demands for whys and hows, and what was left were two broken beings. Clinging to one last shred of hope. Tethered to each other."
Author: Brodi Ashton
2. "And Rose knows that dictionaries will never be the same again. Dictionaries will be forever imbued, sanctified, significant, suggestive. They will not be just themselves, but this moment, these moments, being here, like this, in this place, her and him, in this now. She will always have this now, tethered to Collins and Chambers and the Shorter Oxford."
Author: Penelope Lively
3. "A human being can spend only so much time outside her comfort zone before she realizes she is still tethered to it."
Author: Sloane Crosley
4. "It's like being tethered to an angel. Hell keeps calling me but I can't let go."
Author: Tess Oliver
5. "And in all those escapes he could not help being astonished by the beauty of this land that was not his. He his in its breast, fingered its earth for food, clung to its banks to lap water and tried not to love it. On nights when the sky was personal, weak with the weight of its own stars, he made himself not love it. Its graveyards and its low-lying rivers. Or just a house - solitary under a chinaberry tree; maybe a mule tethered and the light hitting its hide just so. Anything could stir him and he tried hard not to love it."
Author: Toni Morrison

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Quotes About Being Tethered
Quotes About Being Tethered

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