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1. "Honor, obey?" Gisbourne shouted, grappling with John. "This is what you call being a good wife?"I stopped. "I never said I'd be a good wife, Guy. Just that I'd marry you."
Author: A.C. Gaughen
2. "But, you know, I feel more fellowship with the defeated than with saints. Heroism and sanctity don't really appeal to me, I imagine. What interests me is being a man."
Author: Albert Camus
3. "We are not allowed to have hearts, under penalty of being hooted down."
Author: Alexandre Dumas Fils
4. "He would much rather hear a piano being demolished by illegal bulldozers than a Mozart concerto"
Author: Andy Stanton
5. "Its better to be true person rather than being one who is not true to himself!!!!!"
Author: Anonymous.
6. "The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can touch the poison of hatred without being harmed."
Author: Avatar
7. "If I open this envelope fifty years from now, I will be again as I am now and there will be no being old for me. There's a long, long time yet before fifty years...millions of hours of time. But one hour has gone already since I sat hour less to hour gone away from all the hours of my life."
Author: Betty Smith
8. "Being a kind, emperor, or president is mighty small potatoes compared to being a mother. Commanding an army is little more than sweeping a street compared with training a boy or girl. The mother of Moses did more for the world than all the kinds that Egypt ever had. Oh, you wait until you reach the mountains of eternity, then read the mothers' names in God's Hall of Fame."
Author: Billy Sunday
9. "I suppose it's too bad people can't be a little more consistent. But if they were, maybe they would stop being people."
Author: Budd Schulberg
10. "Come on guys, you cant fight like this forever""Actually," Simon said, raising his hand,"I can".Jace made a weird noise and I realized he was trying not to laugh-which by the way, wasn't working."
Author: Cassandra Clare
11. "By a route obscure and lonelyHaunted by ill angels only,Where an eidolon, named NIGHT,On a black throne reigns upright,I have reached these lands but newlyFrom an ultimate dim Thule --From a wild, weird clime that lieth, sublime,Out of SPACE, out of TIME."
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
12. "He whom God has touched will always be a being apart: he is, whatever he may do, a stranger among men; he is marked by a sign."
Author: Ernest Renan
13. "Thus, words being symbols of ideas, we can collect ideas by collecting words. The fellow who said he tried reading the dictionary but couldn't get the hang of the story simply missed the point: namely, that it is a collection of short stories."
Author: James Webb Young
14. "I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve."
Author: Jane Austen
15. "Sure, people can make you happy, but no one can stop you from being happy."
Author: Jason Daniel Chaplin
16. "You are enough, which I believe is critical for any human being to get in their bones."
Author: KaDee Strickland
17. "I have taken taking my music to labels for years, and everyone just thought it was creepy. They thought the images with the music were weird and verging on psychotic."
Author: Lana Del Rey
18. "I'm not terribly conversant with children's literature in general. I tend to read books for adults, being an adult."
Author: Lois Lowry
19. "I was tired of her getting away with being so young."
Author: Margaret Atwood
20. "You f**king piss me off with your smugness." Each and every word forced from the beast's mouth sounded strained, like they were kidney stones being passed. "I so want to kill you, feel the life of you ebb away while I strangle you with my bare hands. Then, once finished, trample your sorry carcass into the dirt, fertilizer for the grass the sheep of your farm will graze upon. Then, as a final insult to you, and only what you deserve in my mind, I would butcher and eat alive the lamb that ate the grass."Keallan to Jack (best mates)"
Author: Mark Alders
21. "The being cannot be termed rational or virtuous, who obeys any authority, but that of reason."
Author: Mary Wollstonecraft
22. "I survived my fall down the ravine. I survived the implosion of Ashwood Estates. I wasn't even conscious then, and Malcolm said something kept us from being crushed, that it was as if some force kept us safe as the world fell down around us. Third time's the charm."
Author: Pittacus Lore
23. "I learnt a whole lot from my mother. About music, relationships, being a good person, loving people, the whole of life. I learnt about everything from her. Every single day I think about her. All through the day."
Author: R. Kelly
24. "... for you will never, I trust, disconnect what you may yourselves be learning from the hope and prospect of being enabled thereby to teach others more effectually. If you do, and your studies in this way become a selfish thing, if you are content to leave them barren of all profit to others, of this you may be sure, that in the end they will prove not less barren of profit to yourselves. In one noble line Chaucer has characterized the true scholar:- "And gladly would he learn and gladly teach." Resolve that in the spirit of this line you will work and live."
Author: Richard Chevenix Trench
25. "The trouble is Indians aren't used to being prosperous. We are more comfortable dealing with poverty- after all, poverty has been the staple here, and has been for many centuries."
Author: Shobhaa Dé
26. "It's time for these people to have accountability for what is being done."
Author: Sonny Landham
27. "We both wanted money. Immense necessity! Universal want! Is there a civilised human being who does not feel for us? How insensible must that man be! Or how rich!"
Author: Wilkie Collins
28. "Many great writers address audiences who do not exist; to address passionately and sometimes with very great wisdom people who do not exist has this advantage—that there will always be a group of people who, seeing a man shouting apparently at somebody or other, and seeing nobody else in sight, will think it is they who are being addressed."
Author: Wyndham Lewis

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