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1. "Berikan kepadaku mereka yang lelah dan papaYang terbelenggu dan mendambakan kebebasanYang terbanting ke pantaimu, berimpitan lemasBeri aku para gelandangan, dan yang terhempasAkan kunyalakan pelitaku di sisi gerbang emas"
Author: Emma Lazarus
2. "No," I said. "I'm not safe, Belen. Who is going to tear Kerrick's arm off if he hits me again? Come on," I urged. "Stay with us"."
Author: Maria V. Snyder
3. "You had me tied in knots. You saved Belen's life, and I wanted to kill and thank you all at the same time. And during those nights when we didn't know if you'd live or die, I went from being angry, to worried to frustrated to scared all within a single heartbeat. If you had die, I would have killed you."
Author: Maria V. Snyder
4. "So who gave him his name?" I asked."Kerrick," Belen answered.Not who I'd expect. "Why 'Flea'?"A full-out grin spread across Flea's face. "Cause I'm fast and hard to catch.""Because he's a pest and hard to squash," Belen said."Because he jumps about three feet in the air when you scare him," Loren added."Because he's annoying and makes us itch with impatience," Quain said."Thanks, guys. I love you too." Flea made exaggerated kissing noises and patted his ass."
Author: Maria V. Snyder
5. "I found a few springs of rosemary and returned. Ignoring the collective sigh when I appeared, I stripped off the leaves and handed them to Loren.He sniffed them in suspicion. "What's this?"I guess it would take more than my word for them to trust me, "Rosemary." No glimmer of recognition. "It's to make your stew taste better. Don't you know the basic herbs and spices?""No. I took this job in self-defence. Quain burns everything. Belen thinks jerky is all we need to survive. Flea's idea of good meal is something that hasn't been in garbage can first. And Kerrick poisoned us---""Not on purpose." Kerrick said. "The meat looked done."
Author: Maria V. Snyder
6. "After almost two hours of creeping around the forest, one of the jacks discovered Belen. He had fallen asleep, and the young man had literally tripped over him. So much for his reputation."
Author: Maria V. Snyder
7. "Kita tidak terbelenggu oleh cinta yang tidak kita terima di masa lalu, tetapi oleh cinta yang tidak kita ulurkan di saat sekarang"
Author: Marianne Williamson
8. "Yang membelenggu kita bukan kekuatan-kekuatan luar, entah itu negara agresor, industrialis global, kapitalis tamak, merek ternama atau Hollywood, tapi justru jiwa yang sempit, pikiran yang kerdil, dan imajinasi yang pendek."
Author: Radhar Panca Dahana
9. "Belen shrugs. "It's a perfect plan.""As easy as falling in love," Mara adds."Foolproof," Hector agrees.I don't deserve such friends. I blink against the sting of threatening tears and say, "All you Joyans are filthy liars."
Author: Rae Carson
10. "And Belen?""Yes, Your Majesty?"Maybe I do want to talk about him. A little. "Humberto would be proud of you, too. He always believed you'd come back to us." Saying his name aloud doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would. Humberto, I practice silently. Humberto.A soft catch of breath. Then: "He had a way of believing in people long before they believed in themselves, didn't he?"The entrance to my tent flaps closes, and he is gone."
Author: Rae Carson
11. "Mungkin ada benarnya juga buku - buku itu bilang. Orang - orang yang jatuh cinta terkadang terbelenggu oleh ilusi yang diciptakan oleh hatinya sendiri."
Author: Tere Liye

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