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1. "Belladonna, n.: In Italian a beautiful lady; in English a deadly poison. A striking example of the essential identity of the two tongues."
Author: Ambrose Bierce
2. "Dr. Watson's summary list of Sherlock Holmes's strengths and weaknesses:"1. Knowledge of Literature: Nil.2. Knowledge of Philosophy: Nil.3. Knowledge of Astronomy: Nil.4. Knowledge of Politics: Feeble.5. Knowledge of Botany: Variable. Well up in belladonna, opium, and poisons generally. Knows nothing of practical gardening.6. Knowledge of Geology: Practical but limited. Tells at a glance different soils from each other. After walks has shown me splashes upon his trousers, and told me by their colour and consistence in what part of London he had received them.7. Knowledge of Chemistry: Profound.8. Knowledge of Anatomy: Accurate but unsystematic.9. Knowledge of Sensational Literature: Immense. He appears to know every detail of every horror perpetrated in the century.10. Plays the violin well.11. Is an expert singlestick player, boxer, and swordsman.12. Has a good practical knowledge of British law."
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
3. "SHERLOCK HOLMES - I SUOI LIMITI1. Conoscenza della letteratura - Zero.2. Conoscenza della filosofia - Zero.3. Conoscenza dell'astronomia - Zero.4. Conoscenza della politica - Scarsa.5. Conoscenza della botanica - Variabile. Sa molte cose sulla belladonna, l'oppio e i veleni in genere. Non sa niente di giardinaggio.6. Conoscenza della geologia - Pratica, ma limitata. Distingue a colpo d'occhio un tipo di terreno da un altro. Rientrando da qualche passeggiata mi ha mostrato delle macchie di fango sui pantaloni e, in base al colore e alla consistenza, mi ha detto in quale parte di Londra se l'era fatte.7. Conoscenza della chimica - Profonda.8. Conoscenza dell'anatomia - Accurata, ma non sistematica.9. Conoscenza della letteratura scandalistica - Immensa. Sembra conoscere ogni particolare di tutti i misfatti più orrendi perpetrati in questo secolo.10. Buon violinista.11. Esperto schermidore col bastone, pugile, spadaccino.12. Ha una buona conoscenza pratica del diritto britannico."
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
4. "What do you need?" I asked, sitting beside him and fumbling through the mishmash in my lap. "How about this?"I examined a container and read the label."Will belladonna do?""That's a poison, dear.I'd prefer if you didn't give me that." Even with his ghastly injury,his dry humor survived."
Author: Cayla Kluver
5. "His veins were dark with a vivid belladonna tincture, the essence of jealousy."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
6. "Graveyards were the one place Belladonna never saw ghosts."
Author: Helen Stringer
7. "To think I should have lived to be goodmorninged by Belladonna Took's son, as if I was selling buttons at the door!"
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
8. "FoxgloveIN THEoleanderRIGHT DOSEmoonseedEVERYTHINGbelladonnaIS A POISONlove."
Author: Maryrose Wood

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