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1. "The world' is man's experience as it appears to, and is moulded by, his ego. It is that less abundant life, which is lived according to the dictates of the insulated self. It is nature denatured by the distorting spectacles of our appetites and revulsions. It is the finite divorced from the Eternal. It is multiplicity in isolation from its non-dual Ground. It is time apprehended as one damned thing after another. It is a system of verbal categories taking the place of the fathomlessly beautiful and mysterious particulars which constitute reality. It is a notion labelled 'God'. It is the Universe equated with the words of our utilitarian vocabulary."
Author: Aldous Huxley
2. "Incenerire i sogni. Bruciare i sogni è il segreto per abbattere definitivamente i propri nemici, perché non trovino più la forza di rialzarsi e ricominciare. Non sognino le cose belle delle loro città, delle vite altrui, non sognino i racconti di altri, così pieni di libertà e di amore. Non sognino più nulla. Se non permetti alle persone di sognare, le rendi schiave."
Author: Alessandro D'Avenia
3. "Les étoiles sont belles, à cause d'une fleur que l'on ne voit pas..."
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
4. "-Lo que más embellece el desierto -dijo el principito- es el pozo que oculta en algún sitio..."
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
5. "I told you I have both male and female organs.""You didn't say they were all fully functional!" Belle stared at the rapidly disappearing bulge."Damn girl, how'd you get so lucky? Shit!"
Author: Belinda McBride
6. "La guerre, c'est la discipline. La sujétion maximale. L'esclavage. C'est l'une des situations où l'homme est le plus soumis à l'homme et a le moins d'issues pour y échapper. Il est empoigné. Réquisitionné. Ballotté par des ordres mécaniques. Objet d'un sadisme sans réplique. Exposé à l'humiliation ou au feu. Numéroté. Broyé. Astreint à la corvée. Pris dans des mouvements collectifs très lents, trè...s obscurs, parfaitement indéchiffrables, qui, au plus naturellement rebelle, ne laissent d'autre choix que de se plier. La guerre c'est la circonstance, par excellence, où joue ce pouvoir de laisser vivre et de faire mourir qui est, selon les bons philosophes, le propre du pouvoir absolu. L'homme de guerre c'est le dernier des hommes, c'est-à-dire l'esclave absolu.(Réflexions sur la Guerre, le Mal et la fin de l'Histoire)"
Author: Bernard Henri Lévy
7. "No era justo. Después de tantos años, la belleza de una mujer no debería ser capaz de penetrar con tanta impunidad en el pecho de un hombre y de oprimirlo hasta arrebatarle el aliento. Sobre todo cuando jamás podría ser suya."
Author: Brent Weeks
8. "Sabes, al cerrar de nuevo el folio, que por eso vive Aura en esta casa: para perpetuar la ilusion de juventud y belleza de la pobre anciana enloquecida. Aura, encerrada como un espejo, como un icono mas de ese muro religioso, cuajado de milagros, corazones preservados, demonios y santos imaginados."
Author: Carlos Fuentes
9. "Ignoravo il piacere che può dare la parola scritta, il piacere di penetrare nei segreti dell'anima, di abbandonarsi all'immaginazione, alla bellezza e al mistero dell'invenzione letteraria."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
10. "Isabelle was holding an umbrella. It was clear plastic, decorated with decals of colorful flowers. It was one of the girliest things Simon had ever seen, and he didn't blame Alec for ducking out from under it and taking his chances with the rain."
Author: Cassandra Clare
11. "Simon?" she asked. "I have a stupid question.""What is it?""Did you sleep with Isabelle?"Simon made a choking sound. Clary swiveled slowly around to look at him."Are you okay?" she asked."I think so," he said, recovering his poise with apparent effort. "Are you serious?""Well, you were gone all night."
Author: Cassandra Clare
12. "Even the trip throught the Portal had not disarranged Magnus's hair spikes. He tugged on one proudly. "Check it out", he said to Isabelle."Magic?""Hair gel. $3.99 at Ricky's."
Author: Cassandra Clare
13. "Okayyyyy," Isabelle said in a low voice, "When did Brother Zachariah get hot?"
Author: Cassandra Clare
14. "Children of the Nephilim," Magnus said. "Well, well. I don't recall inviting you."Isabelle took out her invitation and waved it like a white flag. "I have an invitation. These"--she indicated the rest of the group with a grand wave of her arm--"are my friends."Magnus plucked the invitation out of her hand and looked at it with fastidious distaste. "I must have been drunk," he said. He threw the door open. "Come in. And try not to murder any of my guests." Jace looked at him, "Even if one of them spills something on my new shoes?" "Even then."- 219"
Author: Cassandra Clare
15. "Hello?" Isabelle called from the other side. "Simon, is your diva moment over? I need to talk to Jace."
Author: Cassandra Clare
16. "Hearts are breakable," Isabelle said. "And I think even when you heal, you're never what you were before"."
Author: Cassandra Clare
17. "Sometimes work is a bit slow, and I always wanted to be a princess at Disneyland. There were 1,500 of us who auditioned, and 11 of us were hired. I went through all of the training, but never ended up actually getting to play Belle because 'Revenge' started. It was the time of my life, though!"
Author: Christa B. Allen
18. "It seems cruel," she said, "that after a while nothing matters... any more than these little things that used to be necessary and important to forgotten people, and now have to be guessed at under a magnifying glass and labelled: 'Use unknown.'""Yes, but meanwhile -""Ah, meanwhile -"
Author: Edith Wharton
19. "She'd seen it with Isabelle, the way things could become so permeated with memories that story was more important than function."
Author: Erica Bauermeister
20. "Lorsque tu veux savoir si tu es dans un endroit riche ou pauvre, tu regardes les poubelles. Si tu vois ni ordures ni poubelles, c'est très riche. Si tu vois des poubelles et pas d'ordures, c'est riche. Si tu vois des ordures à côté des poubelles, c'est ni riche ni pauvre: c'est touristique. Si tu vois les ordures sans les poubelles, c'est pauvre. Et si les gens habitent dans les ordures, c'est très très pauvre."
Author: Éric Emmanuel Schmitt
21. "La mayor nobleza de los hombres es la de levantar su obra en medio de la devastación, sosteniéndola infatigablemente, a medio camino entre el desgarro y la belleza."
Author: Ernesto Sabato
22. "„We gave your way a try," he said to Annabelle. „Now it's time for my way." He flattened his palm on Brax's chest and pushed. Just a little push, but the man flew backward and slammed into the foyer wall. […] In a blink, Zacharel had a hand wrapped around Brax's throat and his body pinned against the wall, his legs dangling. […] A soft hand on his shoulder, a beseeching voice in his ear. „Zacharel. Let him down, please. Despite everything, I love him the way you love Hadrenial. I don't want to see him hurt." Golden eyes widened, bulged, really, as Zacharel increaed the pressure. „Just a little longer. He disrespected you."
Author: Gena Showalter
23. "Pourquoi croit-on que derrière un beau visage se cache obligatoirement une belle âme?Pourquoi vit-on à une époque ou tout le monde veut être jeune et svelte alors que, après un certain age le combat est perdu d'avance?"
Author: Guillaume Musso
24. "Where, indeed? Captain Vincent Reed had been born in the city of Richmond, Virginia, of northern parents who were stationed there by the telegraph company. He had attended West Point and he thought he knew something about warfare, having served under General Pope in his long and futile struggle against General Stonewall Jackson. Those men were fighters who would face the enemy till the last bullet was fired, but neither would participate in such a slaughter. Reed had had his troops in position. He was quite prepared to rush in for the kill, and he had positioned himself so that he would be in the vanguard when his men made their charge against the guns of the young braves threatening the left flank. But when he saw that the enemy had no weapons, that even their bows and arrows were not at hand, and that he was supposed to chop down little girls and old women, he rebelled on the spot, taking counsel with no one but his own conscience."
Author: James A. Michener
25. "Comprendre... Vous n'avez que ce mot-là à la bouche, tous, depuis que je suis toute petite. Il fallait comprendre qu'on ne peut pas toucher à l'eau, à la belle eau fuyante et froide parce que cela mouille les dalles, à la terre parce que cela tache les robes. Il fallait comprendre qu'on ne doit pas manger tout à la fois, donner tout ce qu'on a dans ses poches au mendiant qu'on rencontre, courir, courir dans le vent jusqu'à ce qu'on tombe par terre et boire quand on a chaud et se baigner quand il est trop tôt ou trop tard, mais pas juste quand on en a envie ! Comprendre. Toujours comprendre. Moi, je ne veux pas comprendre. Je comprendrai quand je serai vieille [...]. Si je deviens vieille. Pas maintenant."
Author: Jean Anouilh
26. "Historical fact: people stopped being human in 1913. That was the year Henry Ford put his cars on rollers and made his workers adopt the speed of the assembly line. At first, workers rebelled. They quit in droves, unable to accustom their bodies to the new pace of the age. Since then, however, the adaptation has been passed down: we've all inherited it to some degree, so that we plug right into joysticks and remotes, to repetitive motions of a hundred kinds."
Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
27. "No estoy seguro de nada excepto de la santidad del afecto del Corazón y la verdad de la Imaginación. Aquello que la imaginación capta como Belleza ha de ser verdad, haya existido antes o no."
Author: John Keats
28. "Si tengo que definir la poesía y no las tengo todas conmigo, si no me siento demasiado seguro, digo algo como: «poesía es la expresión de la belleza por medio de palabras artísticamente entretejidas». Esta definición podría valer para un diccionario o para un libro de texto, pero a nosotros nos parece poco convincente. Hay algo mucho más importante: algo que nos animaría no sólo a seguir ensayando la poesía, sino a disfrutarla y a sentir que lo sabemos todo sobre ella.Esto significa que sabemos qué es la poesía. Lo sabemos tan bien que no podemos definirla con otras palabras, como somos incapaces de definir el sabor del café, el color rojo o amarillo o el significado de la ira, el amor, el odio, el amanecer, el atardecer o el amor por nuestro país. Estas cosas están tan arraigadas en nosotros que sólo pueden ser expresadas por esos símbolos comunes que compartimos. ¿Y por qué habríamos de necesitar más palabras?"
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
29. "Elena era tan bella que no sólo no había en ella sombra alguna de coquetería sino que, al contrario, parecía avergonzarse de su propia belleza, que sobresalía demasiado exultante y victoriosa; diríase que deseaba reducir sus efectos, aunque sin conseguirlo."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
30. "Non pas aimée parce que belle, mais belle parce qu'aimée."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
31. "I never rebelled against my parents - I worked hard, I was responsible, and I didn't go to high-school parties."
Author: Lindsay Lohan
32. "Pero en las demás plateas, casi en todas, las blancas deidades que habitaban aquellas moradas sombrías se habían refugiado contra las oscuras paredes y permanecían invisibles. Sin embargo, a medida que el espectáculo avanzaba, sus formas, vagamente humanas, se destacaban blandamente, una tras otra, de las profundidades de la noche que tapizaban y, alzándose hacia la claridad, dejaban que emergiesen sus cuerpos semidesnudos y venían a detenerse en el límite vertical y en la superficie claroscura en que sus brillantes rostros aparecían tras el risueño, espumoso y ligero romper de olas de sus abanicos de plumas, bajo sus cabelleras de púrpura enmarañadas de perlas que parecía haber encorvado la ondulación de la pleamar; después comenzaban las butacas de orquesta, el retiro de los mortales por siempre separado del sombrío y transparente reino a que servían acá y allá de frontera, en superficie líquida y compacta, los ojos límpidos y reverberantes de las diosas de las aguas."
Author: Marcel Proust
33. "Je sais que ce ne sont pas les vêtements qui font les femmes plus ou moins belles ni les soins de beauté, ni les prix des onguents, ni la rareté, le prix des atours. Je sais que le problème est ailleurs. Je ne sais pas où il est."
Author: Marguerite Duras
34. "Más sincero que la mayoría de los hombres, confieso sin ambages las causas secretas de esa felicidad; aquella calma tan propicia para los trabajos y las disciplinas del espíritu se me antoja uno de los efectos más bellos del amor. Y me asombra que esas alegrías tan precarias, tan raramente perfectas a lo largo de una vida humana -bajo cualquier aspecto con que las hayamos buscado o recibido-, sean objeto de tanta desconfianza por quienes se creen sabios, temen el hábito y el exceso de esas alegrías en vez de temer su falta y su pérdida, y gastan en tiranizar sus sentidos un tiempo que estaría mejor empleado en ordenar o embellecer su alma."
Author: Marguerite Yourcenar
35. "I feel greatly at fault in not having made a loud public protest about Belle Glade before this."
Author: Marjory Stoneman Douglas
36. "Suzanne trabaja media jornada. Odia a su padre. Y se odia a sí misma por no plantarle cara. Se lamenta de todo.—Pero adoro a Melinda —dice—. Es el toque de belleza en medio de tanta fealdad."
Author: Markus Zusak
37. "Le grand secret de la vie ne lui était pas inconnu : les femmes ne recherchent pas le bel homme, les femmes recherchent l'homme qui a eu de belles femmes."
Author: Milan Kundera
38. "Annabelle was practically standing on my back. It was like wearing an Annabelle backpack."
Author: Rose Pressey
39. "Whereas Mirabelle is tall, thin and sad, Vesta is physically and emotionally her opposite."
Author: Sara Sheridan
40. "If you put Mirabelle into some of the situations she gets into, there is only one way Mirabelle can behave."
Author: Sara Sheridan
41. "A revolutionary age is an age of action; ours is the age of advertisement and publicity. Nothing ever happens but there is immediate publicity everywhere. In the present age a rebellion is, of all things, the most unthinkable. Such an expression of strength would seem ridiculous to the calculating intelligence of our times. On the other hand a political virtuoso might bring off a feat almost as remarkable. He might write a manifesto suggesting a general assembly at which people should decide upon a rebellion, and it would be so carefully worded that even the censor would let it pass. At the meeting itself he would be able to create the impression that his audience had rebelled, after which they would all go quietly home--having spent a very pleasant evening."
Author: Søren Kierkegaard
42. "Mirabelle is not sparkling tonight, because she works only in gears, and tonight she is in the wrong gear. Third gear is her scholarly, perspicacious, witty self; second gear is her happy, giddy, childish self; and first gear is her complaining, helpless, unmotivated self. Tonight she is somewhere midshift, between helpless and childish."
Author: Steve Martin
43. "Mirabelle knows, and she lets this be unspoken, that all free things require conversation. Sitting in a darkened movie theatre requires absolutely no conversation at all, whereas a free date, like a walk down Hollywood Boulevard in the busy evening, requires comments, chatter, observations, and with luck, wit. She worries that since they have only exchanged perhaps two dozen words between them, these free dates will be horrible."
Author: Steve Martin
44. "—Porque yo estoy aquí, con ganas de darte un elogio apropiado, pero mi vocabulario miserable me lo impide. Creo que lo que necesitamos es una excursión científica. Tengo que aventurarme en una selva donde la belleza ocupe el lugar de la lluvia. Donde la misma hermosura caiga del cielo a intervalos regulares. Salpique cada superficie, sature el suelo, flote como vapor en el aire. Porque la forma en que te ves en estos momentos... —Su mirada atrapó la de ella en el reflejo—. Allí tendrían una palabra para eso."
Author: Tessa Dare
45. "You know, fate intervened. I went on to the DCMS committee to have a quieter life before the phone hacking scandal broke, and then ended up investigating the company that had libelled me previously when I was a minister."
Author: Tom A. Watson
46. "Senin bu ellerinde ne var bilmiyorum göge bakalimTuttukça güçleniyorum kalabalik oluyorumBu senin eski zaman gözlerin yalniz gibi agaçlar gibiSularim isinsin diye bakiyorum isiniyorSeni aldim bu sunturlu yere getirdimSayisiz penceren vardi bir bir kapattimBana dönesin diye bir bir kapattimSimdi otobüs gelir biner giderizDönmeyecegimiz bir yer begen baska türlüsü güçBir ellerin bir ellerim yeter belleyelim yetsinSeni aldim bana ayirdim durma kendini hatirlatDurma kendini hatirlatDurma göge bakalim"
Author: Turgut Uyar
47. "Estás perdido AltazorSolo en medio del universoSolo como una nota que florece en las alturas del vacíoNo hay bien no hay mal ni verdad ni orden ni belleza¿En dónde estás Altazor?"
Author: Vicente Huidobro
48. "Pero el amor puede transformar en belleza y dignidad lo que es grosero, deforme y vulgar. El amor ve con la mente, no con la vista."
Author: William Shakespeare
49. "Nothing becomes funny by being labelled so."
Author: William Strunk Jr.
50. "¿Pero cuánto durará esta belleza? A las mujeres nos entristece pensar en eso"
Author: Yasunari Kawabata

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