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1. "Mrs. Dale was a good woman, Hollis will grant her that. A busybody and a pain in the neck, but she never judged what she didn't understand and that Hollis knows, is rare. Unlike Alan and the boys in the village, she treated him fairly, but that doesn't mean he has to moan and bellyache down at the funeral parlor. Ashes to ashes, that's all there is. If you can't change a fact of life, then be smart enough to walk away from it."
Author: Alice Hoffman
2. "I took my first acting class at age 6 because I found out that's what Carol Burnett was doing - acting. Also she had an imaginary friend as a kid and went to UCLA, two things we have in common. I will always admire her and hope one day, I can make someone laugh a fraction as hard as she's made me bellyache."
Author: Christine Lakin
3. "King John won't need any persuading that the French have a hand in this. From what I've heard, if a bean gives him a bellyache he swears it was a French one."
Author: Karen Maitland
4. "Like almost all girls I don't know the date of my birth: my parents did not trouble to record the day and the time. I only know the year and the season, and I only know the season because my mother had a great desire for asparagus when she was carrying me and swears that she ate it too green and her bellyache brought on my birth."
Author: Philippa Gregory
5. "No SurprisesA heart that's full up like a landfill,a job that slowly kills you,bruises that won't heal.You look so tired-unhappy,bring down the government,they don't, they don't speak for us.I'll take a quiet life,a handshake of carbon monoxide,with no alarms and no surprises,no alarms and no surprises,no alarms and no surprises,Silent silence.This is my final fit,my final bellyache,with no alarms and no surprises,no alarms and no surprises,no alarms and no surprises please.Such a pretty houseand such a pretty garden.No alarms and no surprises,no alarms and no surprises,no alarms and no surprises please."
Author: Radiohead
6. "The louder you bellyache, the longer your stomach will hurt."
Author: Richelle E. Goodrich

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Quotes About Bellyache
Quotes About Bellyache
Quotes About Bellyache

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