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1. "Grace works that way. It's a kind word from a gentle person with an impossible prayer. It's a force sometimes transmitted best hand to hand in a dark place."
Author: Bob Goff
2. "It's hard being a girl. There are a lot of body image issues that come up and I think the best thing we can do for our kids is lead by example."
Author: Cheryl Hines
3. "[R]eligion was the race's first (and worst) attempt to make sense of reality. It was the best the species could do at a time when we had no concept of physics, chemistry, biology or medicine. We did not know that we lived on a round planet, let alone that the said planet was in orbit in a minor and obscure solar system, which was also on the edge of an unimaginably vast cosmos that was exploding away from its original source of energy. We did not know that micro-organisms were so powerful and lived in our digestive systems in order to enable us to live, as well as mounting lethal attacks on us as parasites. We did not know of our close kinship with other animals. We believed that sprites, imps, demons, and djinns were hovering in the air about us. We imagined that thunder and lightning were portentous. It has taken us a long time to shrug off this heavy coat of ignorance and fear, and every time we do there are self-interested forces who want to compel us to put it back on again."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
4. "The best thing I ever learned from my dad was he knew he wasn't the best of singers, but he always knew he was a great entertainer, and I always thought that was a good concept to bring along, that ultimately acting is an entertainment art and you have to be aware of the fact that you want people to be excited to be watching you."
Author: Dean Norris
5. "I had asked her for help, and she had sent me to the lions. I knew that she was trying to save her little girl, but sometimes mothers with the best intentions kill their daughters all the same."
Author: Laura Whitcomb
6. "All you have the right to ask of life is to choose a battle in this war, make the best you can, and leave the field with honor."
Author: Leon Uris
7. "Gemma~Was he really looking at me that way?Kartik~What way? Gemma~Like a piece of ripe fruit?Katrik~You'd best be on your guard with him."
Author: Libba Bray
8. "To be someone's best friend requires a minimum investment of time. More than that, though, it takes emotional energy. Caring about someone deeply is exhausting."
Author: Malcolm Gladwell
9. "My flat in Ladbroke Grove, west London, is in the best building in the world. It's like a commune - everyone gets on - and on Friday evenings I often cook us all dinner."
Author: Oona Chaplin
10. "[Measure for Measure] leaves me with the sense that life is all there is, so we might as well live it as best we can; that being human is not a given something we have to strive for. That the reason we are here is to live and that this involves making many difficult judgements."
Author: Roger Allam
11. "In fact, in lyric poetry, truthfulness becomes recognizable as a ring of truth within the medium itself."
Author: Seamus Heaney
12. "You know, I met a wise man centuries ago in China who said to me, ‘He who lets fear rule him, has fear for a master. (Acheron)Confucius? (Talon)No, Minh-Quan. He was a fisherman who used to sell what I'm told was the best zong zi ever made. (Acheron)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
13. "My mom worked as a pharmacist, but she is one of the best storytellers I know. My sister is a gospel and opera singer and my brother, who passed away, was a writer."
Author: Tunde Adebimpe

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Quotes About Best Truthfulness
Quotes About Best Truthfulness

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