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1. "That must be something to discover a book that nobody's ever heard of or everybody thought was lost.""It's every bibliophile's dream," said Francis, and Peter knew in a second that it was his own."
Author: Charlie Lovett
2. "Not anymore. I'm afraid I've degenerated into a bibliophile.""A what?" asked Eragon."One who loves books," explained Jeod."
Author: Christopher Paolini
3. "I'm afraid I've degenerated into a bibliophile."
Author: Christopher Paolini
4. "Earlier that day, a typewriter bomb had exploded at a black market skin house over on Eel Street, sending words raining through the cardboard walls of the boudoirs and tattooing copies of the Machinist's ‘Twelve Terms' on the bodies of whores and patrons alike. Forty pieces of merch ruined. Their bodies had been obliterated by language, all traces of their sexuality buried beneath a storm of words. There was something horrific about the sight of those who had survived a typewriter attack. Their faces scarred with text, as if they had become hostages to some awful advertisement. A few of the victims took to working the streets around the library where bibliophiles sometimes paid them to satisfy their fantasies amid the desolate hush of the reading rooms and the deserted stacks where the only witnesses to this erotic pantomime of the blank body and its printed partner were other words."
Author: Craig Padawer
5. "...I said. "But there are bibliophiles the world over it would reduce to tears of joy." No exaggeration. Harley's [book] collection's worth a million-six..."
Author: Glen Duncan
6. "The bibliophile is the master of his books, the bibliomaniac their slave."
Author: Henry Ward Beecher
7. "Holy borrowing bibliophile, let's book!"
Author: Karen Marie Moning
8. "We lusty bibliophiles know that reading, unlike just about anything else, is both good for you and loads of fun."
Author: Kevin Smokler
9. "Done to death by books? There were worse ways to go, even if you weren't a bibliophile."
Author: Martin Edwards
10. "Her library would have been valuable to a bibliophile except she treated her books execrably. I would rarely open a volume that she had not desecrated by underlining her favorite sections with a ball-point pen. Once I had told her that I would rather see a museum bombed than a book underlined, but she dismissed my argument as mere sentimentality. She marked her books so that stunning images and ideas would not be lost to her."
Author: Pat Conroy
11. "Her home is the burrow of a bibliophile hobbit -- low-ceilinged, close-walled, and brimming over with books."
Author: Robin Sloan
12. "But as it turned out, the two had a great deal in common, for both Bailey and Thackeray (named for the famous novelist William Makepeace Thackeray, author of Vanity Fair) were devoted bibliophiles who believed that "a book a day kept the world at bay," as Thackeray was fond of saying. Bailey was the offspring of a generation of badgers who insisted that "Reader" was the most rewarding vocation to which a virtuous badger might be called and who gauged their week's anticipated pleasure by the height of their to-be-read pile. (Perhaps you know people like this. I do.)"
Author: Susan Wittig Albert
13. "To a bibliophile, there is but one thing better than a box of new books, and that is a box of old ones."
Author: Will Thomas
14. "Does a bibliophile ever have enough room on his shelves? The answer is obvious: get more shelves."
Author: Will Thomas
15. "A bibliophile of little means is likely to suffer often. Books don't slip from his hands but fly past him through the air, high as birds, high as prices."
Author: William Lyon Phelps

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Quotes About Bibliophile
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