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1. "The clothes are different: pre-dog, I used to be very finicky and self-conscious about how I looked; now I schlep around in the worst clothing - big heavy boots, baggy old sweaters, a hooded down parka from L.L. Bean that makes me look like an astronaut."
Author: Caroline Knapp
2. "The time of dangling insects arrived. White houses with caterpillars dangling from the eaves. White stones in driveways. You can walk at night down the middle of the street and hear women talking on the telephone. Warmer weather produces voices in the dark. They are talking about their adolescent sons. How big, how fast. The sons are almost frightening. The quantities they eat. The way they loom in doorways. These are the days that are full of wormy bugs. They are in the grass, stuck to the siding, hanging in the hair, hanging from the trees and eaves, stuck to the window screens. The women talk long-distance to grandparents of growing boys. They share the Trimline phone, beamish old folks in hand-knit sweaters on fixed incomes. What happens to them when the commercial ends?"
Author: Don DeLillo

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Quotes About Big Sweaters

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Se suponía que saltar del tren era una cancelación. Levantar el cuerpo, preparar las rodillas para entrar en un bloque de aire distinto. Se va en busca de vacío, y en cambio ¿qué encuentra? La inmediatez de una avalancha de paisajes nuevos que exigen una atención que no pedían cuando ibas en el tren mirando por la ventanilla, sin más. ¿Qué haces aquí? ¿Adónde vas? Una sensación de que te observan cosas de las que no sabías nada. De ser un intruso. De que la vida que te rodea llega a conclusiones sobre ti desde ángulos privilegiados que no puedes ver."
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