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1. "The old dictum was backward. It should be "Better not tohave loved at all, than to love and have lost." I had done theright thing, I reassured myself. So why did it feel like I hadmade the biggest mistake of my life?"
Author: Amy Plum
2. "But the biggest mistake I made is the one that most of us make while doing this. I did not live in the moment enough. This is particularly clear now that the moment is gone, captured only in photographs. There is one picture of the three on them sitting in the grass on a quilt in the shadow of the swing set on a summer day, ages 6, 4, and 1. And I wish I could remember what we ate, and what we talked about, and how they sounded, and how they looked when they slept that night. I wish I had not been in a hurry to get on to the next things: dinner, bath, book, bed. I wish I had treasured the doing a little more and the getting it done a little less."
Author: Anna Quindlen
3. "Like vampires and extremely rich people, black folk can sense one another. Use your Spidey Sense (Blacky Sense?). Use your blackdar to inspect the workplace for signs of Other Negroes. They may be working security for the building. They may be in administrative support. They may be among the associate pool, or they may even be in upper management. Black folk can be anywhere. After all, you're here. But one of the biggest mistakes you can make as The Black Employee is to assume you are the only one."
Author: Baratunde R. Thurston
4. "My biggest mistake: not wanting to help myself into thinking I am happy, that change would come about without really trying to change, or wanting to change. Procrastinating about changing. I do want to change."
Author: Beatrice Sparks
5. "This could be the biggest mistake of my life. Or it could be the most perfect prize. One you've earned."
Author: Belle Aurora
6. "Christopher throws dandelion head after dandelion head into his bag. It's getting heavy now and his fingers are stained from the work but there are still so many left to kill. His biggest mistake is giving them names."
Author: Brian Martinez
7. "I felt something I had never felt before, a mixture of fear and pride. I liked it. This was fatherhood. The biggest mistake anyone could make, and yet universally accepted. I had arrived."
Author: Carl John X. Veraja
8. "It's just the biggest mistake I could think to make"
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
9. "The biggest mistake is believing there is one right way to listen, to talk, to have a conversation - or a relationship."
Author: Deborah Tannen
10. "A biggest mistake I made when I started doing a talk show was I thought you had to read the books."
Author: Dick Cavett
11. "The three biggest fashion mistakes are cheap suits, shoes, and shirts. Spend your money on something good."
Author: Donatella Versace
12. "I'm sorry, babe. I'm sorry I hurt you. I was stupid. I fucked up. I thought I was doing you a favor by keeping things light. I thought I was helping you when I left. But now, I see… it was the biggest mistake of my life. You gave me something precious, you gave yourself to me, and I threw it away. I'm not makin' that mistake again, babe. Never again."
Author: E.M. Abel
13. "Failing to listen to the woman is one of the biggest mistakes a practitioner can make."
Author: Helen Varney
14. "My last conscious thought was of my biggest mistake- not the boy beside me, but the one i could never have."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
15. "Bah! Suffragettes. I've no time for suffragettes. They made the biggest mistake in history. They went for equality. They should have gone for power!"
Author: Jennifer Worth
16. "...This was probably my biggest mistake: to think that the truth could be captured externally and simply with one's eyes, to imagine a truth exists which can be grasped at once and thereafter remain still and at peace, just like a statue, a truth which contracts and expands depending on the temperature, a truth which eventually erodes, not only modifying the surrounding space but subtly altering thhe composition of the ground on which it stands, shedding minute particles of marble, just as we shed hairs, nail clippings, saliva and the words we speak."
Author: José Saramago
17. "Of course, you could, no doubt, call my going to film school the biggest mistake I ever made."
Author: Krzysztof Kieślowski
18. "I'm scared of making the biggest mistake of my life. I'm just trying to figure out what the mistake is."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
19. "A guy's biggest style mistake is definitely trying to look too cool. As long as you've got a good pair of jeans, a good pair of boots and a few good shirts, you're fine."
Author: Luke Evans
20. "Giving up is not an option. It is the biggest mistake one can make and there's nothing to be learnt from it"
Author: Lyrikal
21. "With a strange half-mocking tone, Aislinn said, "It's not just guys like those today. Even the pretty ones can be awful. Don't trust them just because they're pretty."Donia laughed, coldly, sounding every bit Beira's creature in that moment. "Where were you when I needed that advice? I've already gone out with the biggest mistake a girl can make."
Author: Melissa Marr
22. "Investors should invest on what they know. The biggest mistake is to invest on what they don't know."
Author: Mohamed El Erian
23. "To avoid situations in which you might make mistakes may be the biggest mistake of all."
Author: Peter McWilliams
24. "+He wasn't much for erasing anyway. Sometimes your mistakes showed you the really interesting connections between your brain, your hand, and your heart, the ones you might otherwise never know were there. They were important even if you had no idea what they meant.Like now, for instance. Coming back here might be the biggest mistake he'd ever made. But it might also be the most important thing he'd ever done."
Author: Poppy Z. Brite
25. "He pressed another kiss to her lips as he took her hand into his. "I'm sorry for being a jerk last night and almost making the biggest mistake of my life. I was afraid of hurting you. I know what I am and I also know you deserve a guy that can spoil you rotten and take you to all the nice places that you deserve. I-""Jason, I don't care about those things," she said softly.He shook his head stubbornly. "It doesn't mean that you don't deserve them, but if you give me a chance to make up for my past stupidity, and I'm not just talking about with you, I promise that I will do my best to make you happy.""Jason-""I want to try this. You and me, I mean. I know I'll most likely fuck up along the way and you'll want to ring my neck, but I want to try. I'll do my best not to hurt you."
Author: R.L. Mathewson
26. "Being a noninvasive advanced civilization was the biggest mistake of Batak Kingdom."
Author: Toba Beta
27. "Getting married in four days was the biggest... mistake I've ever made. I have two beautiful kids, but... how can you know somebody in four days? Bonehead."
Author: Tommy Lee
28. "The moments that define lives aren't always obvious. They don't scream LEDGE, and nine times out of ten there's no rope to duck under, no line to cross, no blood pact, no official letter on fancy paper. They aren't always protracted, heavy with meaning. Between one sip and the next, Victor made the biggest mistake of his life, and it was made of nothing more than one line. Three small words. "I'll go first."
Author: Victoria Schwab
29. "Biggest mistake Reagan ever did re: foreign policy? 1984 decision to appease Hezbollah with Lebanon withdrawal"
Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour

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