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1. "Who do you suppose decided that the birds are free? Even if they can fly the skies unless they have a destination and a branch upon which to perch and rest their wings they might even come to resent having those wings. True freedom... true freedom may be having somewhere to return to."
Author: Kazuya Minekura
2. "When they started to drain a swamp where birds and fish had lived, for a new housing development down the road from his apartment, Steven watched the protests and the preparations with interest. The bird people were furious, the developers unmovable, and Steven was filled with relief that the fight wasn't his. Nothing here was his... He thought there should have been something sad about how little he was tied up with the place, but instead it felt like freedom. He was free because it wasn't his water here, and they weren't his fish."
Author: Maile Meloy
3. "Birds and the people who love freedom have something common: They must fly freely to feel that they are alive!"
Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan

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Quotes About Birds And Freedom
Quotes About Birds And Freedom
Quotes About Birds And Freedom

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