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1. "Almost all Christians being wretchedly enslaved to blindness and ignorance, which the priests are so far from preventing or removing, that they blacken the darkness, and promote the delusion: wisely foreseeing that the people (like cows, which never give down their milk so well as when they are gently stroked), would part with less if they knew more..."
Author: Desiderius Erasmus
2. "And I saw that truly nothing happens by accident or luck, but everything by God's wise providence. If it seems to be accident or luck from our point of view, our blindness and lack of foreknowledge is the cause; for matters that have been in God's foreseeing wisdom since before time began befall us suddenly, all unawares; and so in our blindness and ignorance we say that this is accident or luck, but to our Lord God it is not so."
Author: Julian Of Norwich

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Quotes About Blindness And Ignorance
Quotes About Blindness And Ignorance

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Sometimes attaining the deepest familiarity with a question is our best substitute for actually having the answer."
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