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1. "The dog approached again, cautiously. I found the bologna sandwich, ripped off a chunk, wiped the cheap watery mustard off, then placed it on the sidewalk.The dog walked up to the bit of sandwich, put his nose to it, sniffed, then turned and walked off. This time he didn't look back. He accelerated down the street.No wonder I had been depressed all my life. I wasn't getting proper nourishment."
Author: Charles Bukowski
2. "For 'Around the World in 80 Plates' we got to travel all over, having what was like a cross between a culinary competition and races. And in each country we had a chef Ambassador. We went to London, Barcelona, Bologna, Hong Kong, Thailand, Morocco... It was amazing."
Author: Curtis Stone
3. "I am at length joined to Bologna, where I am settled like a sausage."
Author: George Gordon Byron
4. "Bologna girl, that's me."
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
5. "I'm really happy, but mostly relieved that for the first time in 48 days I don't have to get up tomorrow and drag my sled for nine hours in the snow and icy wind. Today was really hard. The closer I got to the Pole, the slower I went. My legs had had enough. But now I'm here and I've had some spaghetti bolognaise and I am sitting in a heated tent."
Author: Lewis Clarke
6. "Bologna is the best city in Italy for food and has the least number of tourists. With its medieval beauty, it has it all."
Author: Mario Batali
7. "Questo ti volevo dire. Ho rotto il nostro patto ma forse é stato meglio così. Ora basta però, non ti voglio rattristare. Mia madre mi ha detto che sei bellissima e io lo sapevo. Quando eravamo piccoli ero sicuro che saresti diventata miss Italia. P.s. Preparati, che quando passo da Bologna ti prendo e ti porto via."
Author: Niccolò Ammaniti
8. "I grew up a vegetarian. Then, because I grew up in the states, I started slowly eating meat. First it was bologna sandwiches, or pepperoni on pizza."
Author: Padma Lakshmi
9. "Sassy the basset hound sat up on the seat and yawned. Her tongue rolled into a long bologna canoe. She did a little shuffle on her front paws and snorted. Maybe it was a friendly greeting. Maybe she was having a doggie coronary."
Author: Rick Riordan
10. "But aesthetic value does not rise from the work's apparent ability to predict a future: we do not admire Cézanne because of the Cubists drew on him. Value rises from deep in the work itself - from its vitality, its intrinsic qualities, its address to the senses, intellect, and imagination; from the uses it makes of the concrete body of tradition. In art there is no progress, only fluctuations of intensity. Not even the greatest doctor in Bologna in the 17th century knew as much a bout the human body as today's third-year medical student. But nobody alive today can draw as well as Rembrandt or Goya."
Author: Robert Hughes
11. "The sandwich he made was bologna and cheese, his favorite. All the sandwiches he made were his favorites; that was one of the advantages of being single."
Author: Stephen King
12. "In viaggio verso Bologna ho pensato a chi diceva di sentire il tempo come un enorme dolore. E ho visto, seduti accanto a me, donne e uomini di malaffari che andavano a guadagnarsi il pane vendendo un po' di se stessi. Su tutta la carrozza non c'era un posto libero. Eppure il treno sembrava deserto."
Author: Teresio Vola
13. "I have a saying: 'I'm good for three things: making fried bologna sandwiches, making money and picking out good movies.'"
Author: Tyler James Williams

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