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1. "All of my life had been spent in the shadow of apartheid. And when South Africa went through its extraordinary change in 1994, it was like having spent a lifetime in a boxing ring with an opponent and suddenly finding yourself in that boxing ring with nobody else and realising you've to take the gloves off and get out, and reinvent yourself."
Author: Athol Fugard
2. "Love never fails. But then again, sometimes love has to put boxing gloves on and be tough in order to survive. Sometimes, you have to do the harder thing—the thing where you let someone grow on their own."
Author: Courtney Cole
3. "I've had boxing gloves on since before I could walk and been in gyms all of my life."
Author: Floyd Mayweather Jr.
4. "As a West Side kid fooling around with boxing gloves, I had been, for some reason of temperament, more interested in dodging a blow than in striking one."
Author: Gene Tunney
5. "Never let go of a good thing without a fight. Especially if that good thing is a pair of boxing gloves."
Author: Jarod Kintz
6. "When archaeologists discover the missing arms of Venus de Milo, they will find she was wearing boxing gloves."
Author: John Barrymore
7. "All that is worth seeing in good boxing can best be witnessed in a contest with soft gloves. Every value is called out: quickness, force, precision, foresight, readiness, pluck, and endurance. With these, the rowdy and 'rough' are not satisfied."
Author: John Boyle O'Reilly
8. "The brutalities of a fight with bare hands, the crushed nasal bones, maimed lips, and other disfigurements, which call for the utter abolition of boxing in the interests of humanity, at once disappear when the contestants cover their hands with large, soft-leather gloves."
Author: John Boyle O'Reilly
9. "I'm a satirist, so I've got boxing gloves on if the person is worthy of satire. But I'm not an assassin."
Author: Stephen Colbert
10. "Her bosom filled the jacket like a pair of boxing gloves stuck inside it."
Author: Walter Kaylin

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