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1. "You must on no account attempt to use the squares given in the Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage until you have succeeded in the Operation. More, unless you mean to perform it, and are prepared to go to any length to do so, you are a fool to have the book in your possession at all. Those squares are liable to get loose and do things on their own initiative; and you won't like it."
Author: Aleister Crowley
2. "Sentirai il tuono e mi rammenterai,penserai: desiderava la bufera...Sarà una striscia di cielo accesa di rosso,e il cuore come allora in fiamme.E ciò accadrà nel giorno moscovitain cui abbandonerò per sempre la città,muoverò verso il bramato riparo,lasciando in mezzo a voi ancora la mia ombra."
Author: Anna Akhmatova
3. "I'm afraid the workings of J.J. Abrams' mind falls outside the predictive capacity of any coherent theory."
Author: Antony Garrett Lisi
4. "Se pois, é pela imagem, e não por si mesmo, que o esquecimento se enraíza na memória, foi preciso que se achasse presente para que a memória pudesse captar a imagem. Como pôde o esquecimento, quando estava presente, gravar a sua imagem na memória, se ele, com sua presença apaga tudo que lá encontra? Enfim, seja como for, apesar de ser inexplicável e incompreensível o modo como se enraíza de fato, estou certo de que me lembro do esquecimento, que nos varre da memória tudo aquilo de que nos lembramos."
Author: Augustine Of Hippo
5. "Mention the gothic, and many readers will probably picture gloomy castles and an assortment of sinister Victoriana. However, the truth is that the gothic genre has continued to flourish and evolve since the days of Bram Stoker, producing some of its most interesting and accomplished examples in the 20th century - in literature, film and beyond."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
6. "Pocas cosas marcan tanto a un lector como el primer libro que realmente se abre camino hasta su corazón. Aquellas primeras imágenes, el eco de esas palabras que creemos haber dejado atrás, nos acompañan toda la vida y esconden un palacio en nuestra memoria al que, tarde o temprano –no importa cuántos libros leamos, cuántos mundos descubramos, cuánto aprendamos u olvidemos–, vamos a regresar."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
7. "No veo obstáculos a que goce de una suerte feliz, sino en ese entrecejo, un entrecejo orgullosos, que parece querer decir: "yo puedo vivir sola, si el respeto de mi misma y las circunstancias me obligaran a ello. No necesito vender mi alma a un comprador de felicidad. Poseo un escondido e innato tesoro que me bastará para vivir si he de prescindir de todo placer ajeno a mí misma, en el caso de que hubiese de pagar por la dicha un precio demasiado caro". En la frente se lee: "mi razón es sólida y no permitirá a los sentimientos entregarse a sus desordenadas pasiones. Podrán las pasiones bramar y los deseos imaginar toda clase de cosas vanas; pero la sensatez será siempre la última palabra sobre el asunto y emitirá el voto decisivo en todas las terminaciones. Podrán producirse violentos huracanes, impetuosos temblores de tierra, ardorosas llamas, pero yo seguiré siempre los dictados de esa voz interior que interpreta los dictados de la conciencia"."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
8. "Když ctyrnožec beží, zustává zajatcem cyklu jeden krok - jeden nádech," ríká doktor Bramble. "Zatímco lidští bežci, které jsme studovali, tento pomer nikdy nedodržují. Mohou si vybrat z mnoha jiných a obvykle dávají prednost pomeru dva ku jednomu."
Author: Christopher McDougall
9. "I am an Imperial commissar. I will enflame the weak, support the wavering, guide the lost. I will be all things to all men who need me. But I will also punish without hesitation the incompetent, the cowardly, and the treasonous. --Ibram Gaunt"
Author: Dan Abnett
10. "I think Joy sleeps in strange places. We're always looking for her in shiny, happy, fun times, assuming that Joy prefers her twin brother, Pleasure, when she often hangs out with her somewhat stoic big sister, Strength. Joy is not always easy to recognize, dirt-smudged and sweating, brambles in her hair. I want to believe she sometimes wears a ski mask."
Author: Edmond Manning
11. "At Bramasole, the first secret spot that draws me outside is a stump and board bench on a high terrace overlooking the lake and valley. Before I sit down, I must bang the board against a tree to knock off all the ants. Then I'm happy. With a stunted oak tree for shelter and a never-ending view, I am hidden. No one knows where I am. The nine-year-old's thrill of the hideout under the hydrangea comes back: My mother is calling me and I am not answering."
Author: Frances Mayes
12. "Somos todos mais místicos do que acreditamos ou queremos crer (...). Temos visto mais do que deixamos transparecer, até para nós mesmos. Seja em momentos de beleza ou dor, seja por meio de alguma reviravolta sutil em nossa vida, ao menos vislumbramos o que cegou os santos; só que, ao contrário dos santos, seguimos em frente como se nada tivesse acontecido. Seguir em frente ciente de que algo aconteceu, apesar de não ter certeza do que foi, nem do que fazer com o que ocorreu, é entrar na dimensão da vida de que trata a palavra religião."
Author: Frederick Buechner
13. "Please don't hug me. Please don't hug me.But she did. And now Bram had two sets of black eyes glaring at him.Finally, he said out loud, "It's not me! I swear!" Rhiannon laughed and leaned back from Bram. "So cute! Isn't he cute, Bercelak?" "No.""Bercelak's only teasing." "No, I'm not."
Author: G.A. Aiken
14. "And just in general, I'm better. Better than I've been since Bram died, and in some ways better than I was even before that. No, Lulu didn't break my hear. But I'm beginning to wonder if in some roundabout way, she fixed it."
Author: Gayle Forman
15. "[On writing more Sherlock Holmes stories.] ‘I don't care whether you do or not,' said Bram. ‘But you will, eventually. He's yours, till death do you part. Did you really think he was dead and gone when you wrote "The Final Problem"? I don't think you did. I think you always knew he'd be back. But whenever you take up your pen and continue, heed my advice. Don't bring him here. Don't bring Sherlock Holmes into the electric light. Leave him in the mysterious and romantic flicker of the gas lamp. He won't stand next to this, do you see? The glare would melt him away. He was more the man of our time than Oscar was. Or than we were. Leave him where he belongs, in the last days of our bygone century. Because in a hundred years, no one will care about me. Or you. Or Oscar. We stopped caring about Oscar years ago, and we were his bloody *friends.* No, what they'll remember are the stories. They'll remember Holmes. And Watson. And Dorian Gray."
Author: Graham Moore
16. "I was, throughout school, in the theater program. Through elementary school, junior high, high school, and then J.J. Abrams, my closest friend in the world, we were living together. He was writing, and I was trying writing; I wasn't getting paid for it like he was, but I always had the acting bug."
Author: Greg Grunberg
17. "The Harold Herald, alive with news of the war, even printed an extra edition the next day, and among the news of the front page, the girls discovered that Minister Fairweller had been wounded. Clover, so tenderhearted, cried. "Oh,he's probably all right," said Bramble. "It would take a lot to kill him. Like garlic and a stake through the heart."Clover still cried. That was Clover for you."
Author: Heather Dixon
18. "Don't step on the rug. It's a bit ... peckish."...In a billow of skirts, Bramble leaped. It was a grand jeté worthy of the Delchastrian prima ballerina. She landed right on Lord Teddie, who had no choice but to catch her, and threw her arms around his neck. Then, to everyone's shock, she pressed her lips full on his."Oh ... my," said Clover.No one seemed more surprised than Lord Teddie, who stumbled back under Bramble's assault. He staggered onto the magicked rug. In a blur of red, the rug clapped over them like a red snapdragon.The entire package overbalanced and fell to the ground with a whumpf.No one moved inside the rug. Everyone stared."Sorry," said Eve. "What just happened?"From the rug came a muffled Mmm mmm mmfph."We'd better take them out," said Azalea. "Before they start to digest."
Author: Heather Dixon
19. "His steward his here,too.""Oh,look, the King's gone out to greet him.""With a gun," said Bramble.Everyone leaned forward."Pistols!" cried Clover. She fled the room."Clover-duels aren't-oh,hang," said Bramble. "She's going to do something rash. Well, at least we can see it from here."Two seconds later, Clover streaked out the entrance hall doors, down the marble stairs, her skirts flying behind her.The gentlemen had a split moment to look up before Clover threw herself onto the King in a scatter of gravel, sobbing as she hung about his neck.The window muffled their voices. Everyone leaned even farther forward.Clover fell to her knees and kissed the hem of the King's coat."Oh,now,let's not go overboard," Bramble muttered.Fairweller removed his coat and set it over Clover's shoulders; the King threw it off and put his own coat over her shoulders."
Author: Heather Dixon
20. "It's just a guess," said Bramble after a moment, "but I don't think he's in the mood to see us."
Author: Heather Dixon
21. "A muffled voice startled them both."When are you going to kiss her?"They pulled away. In the ballroom windows, noses and hands pressed against the glass, were the girls. They stood among the prickly rosebushes, beaming wicked little grins. Delphinium and Eve whispered and giggled to each other; Bramble wore a magnificent grin on her face and a spark of light in her yellow-green eyes.Another figure stood among them. This one had his arms folded across his chest, stiff and firm and formal......Yet he did not look displeased."
Author: Heather Dixon
22. "You forgot my birthday, too.""And mine."The girls looked miserable. The King opened his mouth, then shut it."Sir!" whined Lord Teddie. "You forgot my birthday, too!"Bramble gave a surprised laugh, then slapped her hand over her mouth, as though shocked at letting it out. The tension broke. The girls laughed sheepishly, and Lord Teddie beamed. He probably did not have many ladies think him funny. In fact, he probably got slapped by a lot of them."
Author: Heather Dixon
23. "La mia nostalgia inebriata non dipinge più colori di sogno sulle velate lontananze, il mio occhio si accontenta di ciò che c'è perché ha imparato a vedere. Il mondo si é fatto più bello da allora. Il mondo si è fatto più bello. Io sono solo e non soffro di esserlo. Non desidero niente altro. Sono pronto a farmi abbrustolire dal sole. Sono bramoso di maturare. Sono pronto a morire, pronto a rinascere. Il mondo si è fatto più bello."
Author: Hermann Hesse
24. "He told them tales of bees and flowers, the ways of trees, and the strange creatures of the Forest, about the evil things and the good things, things friendly and things unfriendly, cruel things and kind things, and secrets hidden under brambles."
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
25. "The brambles and the thorns grew thick and thicker in a ticking thicket of bickering crickets. Farther along and stronger, bonged the gongs of a throng of frogs, green and vivid on their lily pads. From the sky came the crying of flies, and the pilgrims leaped over a bleating sheep creeping knee-deep in a sleepy stream, in which swift and slippery snakes slid and slithered silkily, whispering sinful secrets."
Author: James Thurber
26. "Abram: .. One [Sentient] often believes it best to choose the higher path over the companionship of another. But, this circumstance draws to mind a point which Seers might forget to easily.Lily: What's that?Abram: That Love is the higher path"
Author: Jennifer DeLucy
27. "Lily, look and see Narcissus's true reflection . . . - Abram, Seers of Light"
Author: Jennifer DeLucy
28. "There are innumerable paths one may choose in this life- some that, at first, appear flawed. Yet, if lived with love and honesty, they will always render the greatest fruit. They will serve as a lesson to us all. - Abram"
Author: Jennifer DeLucy
29. "What Love Means to Me," Chad said, writing. "By Apron Bramhall, the loveliest noun I know. Get over here, noun."
Author: Jennifer Gooch Hummer
30. "It was a lot of fun working with J.J. Abrams. He got me to drive a Corvette, which was pretty awesome, and jumping out of it was even cooler."
Author: Jimmy Bennett
31. "A friend once told me that the real message Bram Stoker sought to convey in 'Dracula' is that a human being needs to live hundreds and hundreds of years to get all his reading done; that Count Dracula, basically nothing more than a misunderstood bookworm, was draining blood from the necks of 10,000 hapless virgins not because he was the apotheosis of pure evil but because it was the only way he could live long enough to polish off his extensive reading list. But I have no way of knowing if this is true, as I have not yet found time to read 'Dracula."
Author: Joe Queenan
32. "I wish that every director was as interested in doing as much in camera and with physical objects as much as possible as J.J. Abrams is."
Author: Joseph Gatt
33. "Some of the immediate causes of Jack Abramoff's troubles were some Indian elections that went bad for him."
Author: Joshua Micah Marshall
34. "If Sawtooth could put words to the brambled knot forming in his throat, he would tell her: Girl, don't go. I am marooned in this place without you. What I feel for you is more than love. It's stronger, peninsular. You connect me to the Mainland. You are my leg of land over dark water."
Author: Karen Russell
35. "Mr. Kaplan smiled back and answered promptly, "Vell, I´ll tell you about Prazidents United States. Fife Prazidents United States is Abram Lincohen, he vas freeink de neegers; Hodding, Coolitch, Judge Vashington, an´ Banjamin Franklin."Futher encouragement revealed that Mr. Kaplan´s literary Valhalla the "most famous tree American wriders" were Jeck Laundon, Valt Viterman, and the author of "Hawk l. Barry-Feen," one Mock- tvain. Mr. Kaplan took pains to point out that he did not mention Relfvaldo Amerson because "He is a poyet, an´I´m talkink about wriders."
Author: Leo Rosten
36. "I ran this through my "girl talk" translator and said, "I could eat him, if either of you'd like. Seems like it might be the easiest thing to do."-Bram to Nora & Pamela"
Author: Lia Habel
37. "I heard my father trail off, my face hidden in Bram's chest."Ah...I should have told you about that," Samedi said, sounding a trifle embarrased. Bram urged me back again and bent down to give me another peck on the lips, a calmer one. I melted into it."You do realize that this is wrong?" Bram joked. I opened my eyes and found him looking at me as if he wanted to rememorize my face."So,so wrong," I agreed, reaching up to finger another new cut he'd acquired on his hairline. The skin along his right cheek was lightly singed. He was still the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen."No, it's all right, Samedi," I heard Dad chuckling. "It's all right."
Author: Lia Habel
38. "Na jawie snisz z otwartymi oczamiCo dzieje sie miedzy nami ze nie poznalemTego kraju co otwiera ci bramyI dokad nigdy wizy nie dostalemCi przez których przeszla muzyka Zdaja sie lasu galezia co drzyUginajaca sie pod ptakamiAle tyCi których wzrok sie sklada z nieprzeliczonych szlifów liczbyCi którzy zongluja funkcjami mgly Ci których paraboliczny umysl blyska jak lustroHipoteza to ich papieros skreconyAle tyTy milczysz z dlonia przy skroniI nie smiem zapytac cie o nic"
Author: Louis Aragon
39. "La Libertad — bramó Wednesday — es una ramera con la que hay que acostarse sobre un colchón de cadáveres."
Author: Neil Gaiman
40. "What are the thorns really telling her? It's why she won't let us see them, why she clings to them--or they cling to her--as though she got herself buried in a bramble thicket and she can't get out and we can't get in to free her."
Author: Patricia A. McKillip
41. "The brambles pulled and tore at my pants and shirt, little fingers trying to keep me away from her."
Author: Price McNaughton
42. "Because of 'Lost,' particularly, J.J. Abrams's fans are all over his stuff."
Author: Ron Eldard
43. "By the way, I have a bone to pick with you." Esperetta"Only one?" Velkan"At the moment." Esperetta"Then I can't wait to hear it." Velkan"'Bram' and 'Stoker'?" Esperetta"It was fitting, I thought." Velkan"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
44. "So you intend to spend the remainder of your life whoring, drinking, wagering, and being as outrageous as you can manage?"Bram shook himself. He made it a point to be serious as little as possible, and neither did he want to argue with two newly married men about the meruts of being leg-shackled."Please Phin," he said aloud. "I would never think so small. You know my ultimate goal is to lower the standards of morality enough that everything I do becomes acceptable."
Author: Suzanne Enoch
45. "This is absurd," Colin grumbled. "At this rate, we'll arrive next Tuesday.""Stop talking. Start moving." Bram nudged a sheep with his boot, wincing as he did. With his leg already killing him, the last thing he needed was a pain in the arse, but that's exactly what he'd inherited, along with all his father's accounts and possessions: responsibility for his wastrel cousin, Colin Sandhurst, Lord Payne.He swatted at another sheep's flank, earning himself an indignant bleat and a few inches more."I have an idea," Colin said.Bram grunted, unsurprised. As men, he and Colin were little more than strangers. But during the few years they'd overlapped at Eton, he recalled his younger cousin as being just full of ideas. Ideas that had landed him shin-deep in excrement. Literally, on at least one occasion.Colin looked from Bram to Thorne and back again, eyes keen. "I ask you, gentlemen. Are we, or are we not, in possession of a great quantity of black powder?"
Author: Tessa Dare
46. "So close. He'd get there. Not today, but soon. He had a task to accomplish here, and the sooner he completed it, the sooner he could rejoin his regiment. He wasn't stopping for anything.Except sheep. Blast it. It would seem they were stopping for sheep.A rough voice said, "I'll take care of them."Thorne joined their group. Bram flicked his gaze to the side and spied his hulking mountain of a corporal shouldering a flintlock rifle."We can't simply shoot them, Thorne."Obedient as ever, Thorne lowered his gun. "Then I've a cutlass. Just sharpened the blade last night.""We can't butcher them, either."Thorne shrugged. "I'm hungry."Yes, that was Thorne--straightforward, practical. Ruthless."
Author: Tessa Dare
47. "I really want to meet and work with JJ Abrams. Everyone talks about what a nice director he is, and he has kids and stuff, so he sounds really awesome, not to mention he makes awesome movies."
Author: Ty Simpkins
48. "Ours is only a little power, seems like, next to theirs," Moss said. "But it goes down deep. It's all roots. It's like an old blackberry thicket. And a wizard's power's like a fir tree, maybe, great and tall and grand, but it'll blow right down in a storm. Nothing kills a blackberry bramble."
Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
49. "Viaggiare è nascere e morire in ogni momento. Forse, nella più vaga regione della sua mente, faceva accostamenti tra quei mutevoli orizzonti e l'esistenza umana. Tutte le cose della vita sono continuamente in fuga davanti a noi. Gli ottenebramenti e le luci si frammischiano: dopo un abbagliamento, un'eclisse; si guarda, ci si affretta, si tendono le mani per afferrare ciò che passa; ogni evento è una svolta della strada; e d'un tratto si è vecchi."
Author: Victor Hugo
50. "A man must choose his own way of life, and…it is only by following out one's own bent that there can be the really harmonious life." [In an interview conducted by Bram Stoker]"
Author: Winston Churchill

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