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1. "Find a way to change your attitude for the better and your life will change for the better with little effort from you."
Author: Dan Pearce
2. "... And these childrenthat you spit onas they try to change their worldsare immune to your consultations.They're quite awareof what they're going through..."
Author: David Bowie
3. "I felt the weakness of these books, their immateriality, how they had failed to change the world, and I didn't want to sully myself with their weakness anymore."
Author: Gary Shteyngart
4. "As you change your point of view, your views bring about a change in you."
Author: George Alexiou
5. "The kiss, dear maid ! thy lip has leftShall never part from mine,Till happier hours restore the giftUntainted back to thine. Thy parting glance, which fondly beams,An equal love may see:The tear that from thine eyelid streamsCan weep no change in me. I ask no pledge to make me blestIn gazing when alone;Nor one memorial for a breast,Whose thoughts are all thine own. Nor need I write --- to tell the taleMy pen were doubly weak:Oh ! what can idle words avail,Unless the heart could speak ? By day or night, in weal or woe,That heart, no longer free,Must bear the love it cannot show,And silent ache for thee."
Author: George Gordon Byron
6. "I hope that in future Congresses there will reemerge a recognition that climate change is a reality, that our policies to meet our energy needs must also deal responsibly with environmental issues, including the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions."
Author: Jeff Bingaman
7. "Being a wizard gives you more power than most, but it doesn't change your heart. We're all human. We're all of us equally naked before the jaws of pain."
Author: Jim Butcher
8. "The point is, feelings can change - and often do - abruptly. It's one of the riskiest aspects of falling for someone, especially during these tumultuous years when we're young and restless."
Author: Jody Gehrman
9. "It's a wholly illogical but nonetheless powerful belief that things will change for the better in a new place; that the urge to self-destruct will magically disappear."
Author: Stephen King

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Quotes About Breakups And Change
Quotes About Breakups And Change
Quotes About Breakups And Change

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