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1. "I really cut my teeth on off-off-off Broadway shows."
Author: Bea Arthur
2. "Broadway has changed tremendously from the early days when the shows were referred to as musical comedies. Musical Theater is now a more expanded art form. Back then, singer/actors were not the norm. From the 60's to now, it is necessary to do it all to be a consummate Broadway performer."
Author: Betty Buckley
3. "I really did sneak into Broadway shows, starting when I was 12."
Author: David Copperfield
4. "When I got to Broadway, I conducted five Broadway shows."
Author: David Friedman
5. "Though I acted in hundreds of productions, appeared at the Guthrie Theatre and on Broadway in Amadeus, I discovered in my thirties that I didn't really like stage acting. The presence of the audience, the eight shows a week and the possibility of a long run were all unnatural to me."
Author: Fred Melamed
6. "Broadway shows in New York draw two times the attendance of all New York sports teams put together."
Author: John Lahr
7. "Tony Awards boost Broadway attendance and sell the shows on the road. They're the sugar to swat the fly. If you needed more explanation for the yearly ballyhoo, in the metropolitan areas where a Broadway show plays, the local economy is boosted by three and a half times the gross ticket sales. So when we're talking Tonys, we're talking moolah."
Author: John Lahr
8. "It's a very tough time for the playwright. Broadway has become almost a musical comedy theme park with all these long-running shows."
Author: John Lithgow
9. "I don't go to that many Broadway shows, so I can't really say anything."
Author: Kenneth Edmonds
10. "People see a lot of huge stuff on Broadway, but there's always Off-Broadway energy and also shows that you can work in."
Author: Loretta Devine
11. "If Broadway shows charge preview prices while the cast is in dress rehearsal, why should restaurants charge full price when their dining room and kitchen staffs are still practicing?"
Author: Marian Burros
12. "The fact that ticket prices are way too expensive, and there's only one bunch of people going to see Broadway shows, is something I've never liked."
Author: Martin McDonagh
13. "I saw my first two Broadway shows when I was 4 years old, 'The Lion King' and 'Beauty and the Beast,' and after both of them I came home and reenacted the entirety of the shows on my living room table for my family and friends. I started doing that after every show I saw until I actually did my first youth production when I was 5."
Author: Max Schneider
14. "Because even at the age of fifteen, I used to go see all the Broadway shows and feel that they were sentimental, that they were pandering to the audience and trying to manipulate the audience. I had no use for practically any of the shows that were hits."
Author: Richard Foreman
15. "The dumbing down of the country reflects itself on Broadway. The shows get dumber, and the public gets used to them."
Author: Stephen Sondheim

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