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1. "There was no religious ceremony connected with marriage among us, while on the other hand the relation between man and woman was regarded as in itself mysterious and holy."
Author: Charles Eastman
2. "The woman who can't influence her husband to vote the way she wants ought to be ashamed of herself."
Author: E. M. Forster
3. "I had, of course, no model for that sort of woman being married, but I can make that up as I go along."
Author: Elizabeth Moon
4. "He was ugly, himself. Weird-ugly. But ugliness in a man doesn't matter, much. Ugliness in a woman is her life."
Author: Joyce Carol Oates
5. "I look deep into her rich brown eyes and she look into mine. Law, she got old-soul eyes, like she done lived a thousand years. And I swear I see, down inside, the woman she gone grow up to be. She is tall and straight. She is proud. She got a better haircut. And she is remembering the words I put in her head. Remembering as a full-grown woman."
Author: Kathryn Stockett
6. "He could feel the only woman he had ever wanted slipping away for the third time, and he knew that this time, the pain of losing her would annihilate her."
Author: Laura Lee Guhrke
7. "Until they come up with an independent woman who's on an adventure of her own, I don't think I'm interested."
Author: Michelle Rodriguez
8. "I have broken a lot of stories."
Author: Robert Scheer
9. "The confidence is really driven by the woman - whether she can have the confidence that there will be enough earning or income to finance all the domestic spending - but also by the middle-income class, which for many Asian countries has become the growth power for the economy."
Author: Sri Mulyani Indrawati
10. "Great Light, the Enemy's power is so fragile! The devils can use only what we ourselves will give them. Do you see? Give them nothing and their power fails; it falls like a spent arrow, like a blade broken and blunted."
Author: Stephen R. Lawhead
11. "That beautiful mild woman for whose sakeThere's many a one shall find out all heartacheOn finding that her voice is sweet and lowReplied, 'To be born a woman is to know-Although they do not talk of it at school -That we must labor to be beautiful."
Author: W.B. Yeats

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Quotes About Broken Hearted Woman
Quotes About Broken Hearted Woman
Quotes About Broken Hearted Woman

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