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1. "No one shall expel us from the paradise that Cantor has created for us."
Author: David Hilbert
2. "«Perché lavorate? Non potreste limitarvi a vivere ed essere contenti? E se vi affaticate solo per potervi affaticare di più, quando troverete la felicità? Voi dite di lavorare per vivere, ma la vita non è fatta di bellezza e canzoni? E se non sopportate fra di voi un cantore, dove vanno i frutti di tanto lavoro? Lavorare senza divertirsi è come fare un viaggio interminabile senza meta. Non sarebbe meglio morire?»"
Author: H.P. Lovecraft
3. "Bob Hope, Red Skelton, and Eddie Cantor... help us keep our balance."
Author: Hattie McDaniel
4. "If you have heard a Jewish cantor sing, if he has touched you and made your own sorrow seem trivial when compared with his, you will know my feeling when I follow the curves of her profile, like mobile rivers, to their common delta."
Author: Jean Toomer
5. "Ignoraba si los arboles tenian sentimientos a la manera de los humanos. Al menos en lo que tocaba a los arboles cantores, si poseian cierta inteligencia. Podrian ama sin corazon?."
Author: Laura Gallego García
6. "Cantor illustrated the concept of infinity for his students by telling them that there was once a man who had a hotel with an infinite number of rooms, and the hotel was fully occupied. Then one more guest arrived. So the owner moved the guest in room number 1 into room number 2; the guest in room number 2 into number 3; the guest in 3 into room 4, and so on. In that way room number 1 became vacant for the new guest.What delights me about this story is that everyone involved, the guests and the owner, accept it as perfectly natural to carry out an infinite number of operations so that one guest can have peace and quiet in a room of his own. That is a great tribute to solitude."
Author: Peter Høeg
7. "OS QUATRO CANTORESPobre Marat em tua casa cercadaestás adiantado um século de nósEnquanto tine a lâmpada lá forae tuas palavras se decompõeescorre-se em sanguetoda a verdade que aprendeste,"
Author: Peter Weiss
8. "A cantor, when he starts singing, it's like rain - once it starts, it's hard to stop."
Author: Sholom Aleichem
9. "When have you ever heard of a cantor or any artist turning anyone down when he is strongly urged to perform?"
Author: Sholom Aleichem

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