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1. "Wait a second, Carlie. You're not telling me you're letting Aunt Charlotte help you find a man for Clara? Are you serious? You think My Aunt Charlotte, who has a raccoon in the house and washes out Dixie bathroom cups, knows where the right guy is for Clara Johnson?"
Author: Lisa Smartt
2. "She pulled a deck from a drawer and sat across from Tyler. "What would you like to play?" She looked at Tyler."Strip poker?"Carlie started to rise, her mouth drawn in annoyance, but Tyler stopped her. He was laughing. "Okay, okay. Bad jest. Sorry."She nodded grudgingly. "So. What should we play?"With a twinkle in his eyes, he asked innocently, "Old maid?"She threw the cards at him, then sat there glaring."Well, I suppose that decides it." He grinned wryly, a card sitting on top of his head, the rest scattered in his lap and on the floor. "Fifty-two pickup it is."-Carlie and Tyler"
Author: Lori Foster
3. "Tyler caught her wrist. "You can't walk home now. It's raining.""Believe me, it won't bother me a bit.""Now, Carlie, don't be obstinate.""Tyler, I'm dangerously close to laying you low." She had to get away from him. Now. "Violence? My, my, your cold is making you surly."She tugged, but he didn't release her. "Tyler, what did you intend to do today, before you came here and decided to harass me?""I was going to harass Brenda, but you'll do better."
Author: Lori Foster

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Quotes About Carlie
Quotes About Carlie

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