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1. "I made it, Ma - Carnegie Hall. And I didn't have to practice."
Author: Alan King
2. "The respectable family that supports worthless relatives or covers up their crimes in order to "protect the family name"(as if the moral stature of one man could be damaged by the actions of another)-the bum who boasts that his great-grandfather was an empire-builder, or the small-town spinster who boasts that her maternal great-uncle was a state senator and her third cousin gave a concert at carnegie hall (as if the achievement of one man could rub off on the mediocrity of another)-the parents who search geneological trees in order to evaluate their prospective son-in-law.-the celebrity who starts his autobiography with a detailed account of his family history -All these are samples of racism."
Author: Ayn Rand
3. "It was one of the most exciting, perfect evenings of my life, my solo debut at Carnegie Hall. And knowing we were all there to raise money for Gay Men's Health Crisis made the evening an extraordinary experience."
Author: Bernadette Peters
4. "Carnegie Hall is as good as they say it is. It's not like Stonehenge which looks great in books but then you go there and it's a pile of rocks next to a highway. There's actually a highway right next to it, but you don't see that in pictures."
Author: Bill Burr
5. "[They're in the middle of a gun fight with Carnegie's men] Solara: You know that voice you heard, did it say anything about this.Eli: We'll get out both of us.George: What about us?Eli: Didn't say anything about you."
Author: Book Of Eli Movie
6. "Carnegie: [Carnegie inspects the book] Ask and you shall receive. God is good, is he not?Eli: All the time.Carnegie: Not all the time.[shoots Eli]"
Author: Book Of Eli Movie
7. "Carnegie: And who are you?Eli: Nobody.Carnegie: Oh, I doubt that. The men you killed in my bar, now they were nobody."
Author: Book Of Eli Movie
8. "The Carnegie Foundation is well aware of the fact that their reports frequently find their way to dusty archives in academic institutions, but occasionally people pick up a segment of a report and act upon it."
Author: C. Everett Koop
9. "For Jared Lyman(March 28, 1975-February 3, 2012)A man who knew how to love people. For his son's twenty-fifth birthday (sixteen years from now) he wrote:No UnlessesI love you and I'm proud of youYou might be watching this from prisonIf so - I love you and I'm proud of youIf you're watching this from backstage at Carnegie Hall - I love you and I'm proud of you.It doesn't really matter where you are or what you're doing...I will always be proud of you and I will always love you.I think that's what I'd say.I almost said "Unless..."But I couldn't think of an "Unless"NopeNo "unlesses"
Author: E.M. Tippetts
10. "As a parent and a citizen, I'll take a Bill Gates (or Warren Buffett) over Steve Jobs every time. If we must have billionaires, better they should ignore Jobs's example and instead embrace the morality and wisdom of the great industrialist-philanthropist Andrew Carnegie."
Author: Eric Alterman
11. "And then Adam Wilde shows up at Carnegie Hall on the biggest night of my career, and it felt like more than a coincidence. It felt like a gift. From them. For my first recital ever, they gave me a cello. And for this one, they gave me you."
Author: Gayle Forman
12. "Entonces Adam Wilde aparece en Carnegie Hall en la noche más grande de mi carrera, y se sintió como más que una coincidencia. Se sintió como un regalo. De ellos. Para mi primer recital, me dieron un violonchelo. Y para éste, me dieron tu presencia. -Mia"
Author: Gayle Forman
13. "Everywhere in the world, music enhances a hall, with one exception: Carnegie Hall enhances the music."
Author: Isaac Stern
14. "When you play a concerto with a small orchestra, you don't feel it is as important as Carnegie Hall. You try to work out all the little problems. Once that's all done, trust comes in."
Author: Itzhak Perlman
15. "Matt Bomer and I went to Carnegie Mellon for drama together."
Author: Joe Manganiello
16. "As a writer, politician, scientist, and businessman, [Ben] Franklin had few equals among the educated of his day—though he left school at ten. (...)Boys like Andrew Carnegie who begged his mother not to send him to school and was well on his way to immortality and fortune at the age of thirteen, would be referred today for psychological counseling; Thomas Edison would find himself in Special Ed until his peculiar genius had been sufficiently tamed."
Author: John Taylor Gatto
17. "The extraordinary genius of John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie 100 years ago was their recognition that the great wealth they had amassed could be put to public good and used to solve the complex problems for which there were no other sources of capital."
Author: Judith Rodin
18. "I did theater at Carnegie, and in Pittsburgh and New York."
Author: Laura San Giacomo
19. "On the corner of 57th and 7th Avenue sits the most famous concert hall in the world. No less a figure than when Tchaikovsky led the first performances in 1891. Virtually every major artist has performed there. There is simply no place like it. The first time I stepped foot in Carnegie Hall was in 1964."
Author: Leonard Slatkin
20. "I knew the full 'Judy Garland Carnegie Hall' double album set at age 2. And then my mother wondered why I was gay. I was like, 'Are you nuts? You would make me get on the table to sing Judy Garland songs and you're upset?'"
Author: Mario Cantone
21. "Take an instance: the removal of the motto [In God We Trust] fetched out a clamor from the pulpit; little groups and small conventions of clergymen gathered themselves together all over the country, and one of these little groups, consisting of twenty-two ministers, put up a prodigious assertion unbacked by any quoted statistics and passed it unanimously in the form of a resolution: the assertion, to wit, that this is a Christian country. Why, Carnegie, so is hell. Those clergymen know that, inasmuch as "Strait is the way and narrow is the gate, and few — few — are they that enter in thereat" has had the natural effect of making hell the only really prominent Christian community in any of the worlds; but we don't brag of this and certainly it is not proper to brag and boast that America is a Christian country when we all know that certainly five-sixths of our population could not enter in at the narrow gate."
Author: Mark Twain
22. "Don't I have a choice in this?" But when she looks behind her, the answer isclear. There are two guards waiting to make sure that she has no choice at all.And as they lead her away, she thinks of Mr. Durkin. With a bitter laugh, Risarealizes that he may get his wish after all. Someday he may see her hands playingin Carnegie Hall. Unfortunately, the rest of Risa won't be there."
Author: Neal Shusterman
23. "I went to Carnegie Mellon."
Author: Patina Miller
24. "Carnegie Hall was real fabulous, but you know, it ain't as big as the Grand Ole Opry."
Author: Patsy Cline
25. "She wondered how people would remember her. She had not made enough to spread her wealth around like Carnegie, to erase any sins that had attached to her name, she had failed, she had not reached the golden bough. The liberals would cheer her death. They would light marijuana cigarettes and drive to their sushi restaurants and eat fresh food that had traveled eight thousand miles. They would spend all of supper complaining about people like her, and when they got home their houses would be cold and they'd press a button on a wall to get warm. The whole time complaining about big oil."
Author: Philipp Meyer
26. "Sve do svog posljednjeg predavanja nikada nikome na Carnegie Mellonu, a to se odnosi i na profesore i na studente, nisam rekao da sam bio odbijen. Cega sam se bojao? Da nisam bio dovoljno pametan za njihovo društvo? Da me nece ozbiljno doživljavati?Zanimljivo je da postoje tajne koje poželite otkriti tek na kraju života.Morao sam odavno ispricati ovu pricu jer je njezina poruka sljedeca: ako nešto dovoljno jako želite, nikada nemojte odustati (i primite pomoc ako vam je nude)."
Author: Randy Pausch
27. "The most memorable performance was my appearance in concert in Carnegie Hall. The first standup to do so."
Author: Shelley Berman
28. "Although we are being presented in Carnegie Hall, we have to furnish a budget for our guest stars, and for the music writing - which is a huge budget in any orchestra that plays popular music."
Author: Skitch Henderson
29. "Another time he felt himself reenacting a conversation with father, a long talk about duty and honor and all the reasons why enlisting was the right thing to do. It was a talk they'd had several months ago, and Frank had agreed with everything his father had said, only this time Frank found himself taking a contrary opinion. What the hell's so honorable about it? Duty to whom? To myself, or the guys who would be fighting without me, or to the people here at home afraid of the Hun? Or duty to President Wilson, or to Carnegie, or to God, or to all the fallen soldiers before me, to Great-grandad Emmett and his bleached bones down at Antietam?"
Author: Thomas Mullen

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