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1. "Cartooning is about deconstruction: you gotta tear something down to make a joke."
Author: Berkeley Breathed
2. "[Editorial cartooning] is essentially a destructive art. We are not pontificators, or molders of thought—or at least we shouldn't try to be. Ours is more the role of the lowly gadfly: circle and stab, circle and stab. Roughly put, our credo should be, if it's big, hit it."
Author: Bill Mauldin
3. "Cartooning is an honorable thing."
Author: Bill Sienkiewicz
4. "So cartooning, for me, is an honorable thing. It's pushing the envelope. It's the truth of something through exaggeration."
Author: Bill Sienkiewicz
5. "Cartooning will destroy you; it will break your heart."
Author: Charles M. Schulz
6. "But to me what seems to be missing in a lot of portfolios is Cartooning."
Author: Craig McCracken
7. "It is more raw and unfettered and I'm more likely going into something you could call extreme cartooning. There's a lot of that in the course of 'Holy Terror.' There are interludes where there are pictures - cartoon pictures - of modern figures and they are all wordless. It's up to readers to put the words in."
Author: Frank Miller
8. "My future plans are hazy, and I've yet to experience how much cartooning is in my blood and therefore how much I'll miss it. But I have some other interests, especially in music, and I will probably take the opportunity to delve into those things more deeply."
Author: Gary Larson
9. "There was a teacher who recognized that I was interested in cartooning and he was great."
Author: Jonathan Shapiro
10. "Certainly in cartooning I'm given huge free rein at the moment."
Author: Jonathan Shapiro
11. "People go into cartooning because they're shy and they're angry. That's when you're sitting in the back of a classroom drawing the teacher."
Author: Matt Groening
12. "Cartooning is for people who can't quite draw and can't quite write. You combine the two half-talents and come up with a career."
Author: Matt Groening
13. "I hope to actually get back to painting someday... soon. I sort of transitioned into cartooning from painting."
Author: Max Cannon
14. "I was doing illustration work, and the cartooning slowly took over."
Author: Max Cannon
15. "Cartooning at its best is a fine art. I'm a cartoonist who works in the medium of animation, which also allows me to paint my cartoons."
Author: Ralph Bakshi
16. "There is a relationship between cartooning and people like Mir= and Picasso which may not be understood by the cartoonist, but it definitely is related even in the early Disney."
Author: Roy Lichtenstein
17. "But now that I'm cartooning full-time, I'm more of an observer. I'm talking to people who are experiencing these things. But it's not like being in the trenches."
Author: Ted Rall
18. "The journalism school helped me develop writing skills, and I had been enjoying cartooning from a very young age. My interest in puppetry, however, came much later."
Author: William Jackson

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