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1. "The things I've seen," he continues easily, "have shown me that the only constant is change. Too much power in one place is a fool's errand. Eventually, and inevitably, no matter how good the intentions, or how long the life, power always wins out, and everyone suffers for it. The only true path of rational existence is balance; a constant re-assessment of the burdens of power, if you will."
Author: Bill Blais
2. "Identity is theft, don't trust anyone whose state vector hasn't forked for more than a gigasecond, change is the only constant, et bloody cetera."
Author: Charles Stross
3. "In education, change is the only constant."
Author: Dale Vigil
4. "Change is a funny thing. We never are quite sure what we are becoming or even why. Then one day we look at ourselves and wonder who we are and how we got that way. Only one thing about change remains is always painful"
Author: Jodi Picoult
5. "Change is the only constant, whether it's in music, culture, dance or fashion."
Author: Sonu Nigam
6. "This has always bothered me. If "Change" is the only constant how can we have absolutes?"
Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich

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