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1. "All reading is good reading. And all reading of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens is sublime reading."
Author: Anna Quindlen
2. "Jednog Božica Sempere mi je darovao najljepši dar koji sam ikada dobio. Bila je to stara knjiga, temeljito procitana i proživljena. 'Velika ocekivanja Charlesa Dickensa...' procitao sam na naslovnici.Znao sam da Sempere poznaje neke pisce koji su cesto posjecivali njegov ducan i, sudeci po ljubavi kojom je rukovao tom knjigom, pomislio sam da je možda i taj don Charles jedan od njih.'Vaš prijatelj?' 'Još od djetinjstva. Od danas i tvoj."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
3. "Very few conversations with Charles Dickens did not include a laugh from him. I had never met a man so given to laughter. Almost no moment or context was too serious for this author not to find some levity in it, as some of us had discovered to our embarrassment at funerals."
Author: Dan Simmons
4. "These incident acquaintances and the twisted stories that grew out of them, made John thinking that "Charles Dickens" was not just another pub, but a special place in the Universe, where life itself ties the knots."
Author: Darren H. Pryce
5. "My office walls are covered with autographs of famous writers - it's what my children call my 'dead author wall.' I have signatures from Mark Twain, Earnest Hemingway, Jack London, Harriett Beecher Stowe, Pearl Buck, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, to name a few."
Author: Debbie Macomber
6. "In Charles Dickens's books I had to admire the way the meanest enemies spoke to each other, with what seemed to me to be the greatest civility."
Author: Jane Hamilton
7. "And I knew in my bones that Emily Dickinson wouldn't have written even one poem if she'd had two howling babies, a husband bent on jamming another one into her, a house to run, a garden to tend, three cows to milk, twenty chickens to feed, and four hired hands to cook for. I knew then why they didn't marry. Emily and Jane and Louisa. I knew and it scared me. I also knew what being lonely was and I didn't want to be lonely my whole life. I didn't want to give up on my words. I didn't want to choose one over the other. Mark Twain didn't have to. Charles Dickens didn't."
Author: Jennifer Donnelly
8. "For the narrative to exist, so that it could be read and reread even if I was taken away. Stories outlive their writers all the time. We know plenty about Goethe and Charles Dickens from what they chose to tell, even though they have been dead for years."
Author: Jodi Picoult
9. "Snowden said carefully, 'I've been unable to get in touch with the person I thought might know about our mutual friend's difficulty.'The guy sounded like he worked for the CIA. Or Charles Dickens."
Author: Josh Lanyon
10. "Velg hva du vil, Anni, sa Indira. Hun var like rastløs her som jeg hadde vært i avdelingen for dameklær. For en gangs skyld protesterte jeg ikke, men valgte tre: Charles Dickens' Samlede verker, Jane Eyre av Charlotte Brontë og Stolthet og fordom av Jane Austen. Jeg klemte dem inntil meg da vi forlot Harrods og kunne nesten ikke tro at jeg virkelig eide dem og aldri ville bli nødt til å gi dem fra meg."
Author: Lucinda Riley
11. "Til slutt stanset vi foran en streng, grå bygning som minnet meg - noe som kanskje var urettferdig - om Dothebys Hall, skolen der den unge Nicholas Nickleby sikrer seg en viserektorstilling i Charles Dickens' historie."
Author: Lucinda Riley
12. "(from his random observations after reading David Copperfield by Charles Dickens)In the Old Curiosity Shop I discovered that in the character of Dick Swiveller, Dickens provided P.G. Wodehouse with pretty much the whole of his oeuvre. In David Copperfield, David's bosses Spenlow and Jorkins are what must be the earliest fictional representations of good cop/bad cop."
Author: Nick Hornby
13. "Familial love can find an echo in our own hearts just as it did in that of Charles Dickens."
Author: Peter Ackroyd
14. "My indiscretion was a part of my author mystique, just like Charles Dickens and Richard Madeley."
Author: Rosen Trevithick

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