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1. "'Eyes Wide Open' took shape from two real life events straight from my own past. One was the sad suicide of my young nephew, a troubled kid, who was found at the bottom of a landmark cliff in central California. The second was a chance encounter forty years ago with none other than, ahem, Charles Manson!"
Author: Andrew Gross
2. "Michael rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I'm a real catch. I'm shocked they're not lined up at the door."Gabriel reached out and gave his ponytail a yank. "Maybe if you didn't look like Charles Manson, they would be.""I do not look like Charles Manson."Gabriel gestured at the door. "Go tap-tap on your lap top and look him up. Dead ringer."Michael laughed."
Author: Brigid Kemmerer
3. "You can see the same immorality or amorality in the Christian view of guilt and punishment. There are only two texts, both of them extreme and mutually contradictory. The Old Testament injunction is the one to exact an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth (it occurs in a passage of perfectly demented detail about the exact rules governing mutual ox-goring; you should look it up in its context (Exodus 21). The second is from the Gospels and says that only those without sin should cast the first stone. The first is a moral basis for capital punishment and other barbarities; the second is so relativistic and "nonjudgmental" that it would not allow the prosecution of Charles Manson. Our few notions of justice have had to evolve despite these absurd codes of ultra vindictiveness and ultracompassion."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
4. "I'm not Mother Teresa, but I'm not Charles Manson, either."
Author: Mike Tyson
5. "It bothered me in a kind of Charles Manson way to have a brown smear of blood on my wall but I also liked it because every time I looked at it I was reminded that I was, at that very moment, not bleeding from my face. And those are powerful words of hope, really."
Author: Miriam Toews
6. "...And eventually, he (Charles Manson) testified to an empty court, as Bugliosi had convinced the presiding judge Older, that Manson's hypnotic powers might convince the jury he was innocent."
Author: Nikolas Schreck
7. "I think Charles Manson was a hair's breath away from just being a terrorist. He wanted to start a war, too."
Author: Patty Hearst
8. "When a friend of mine boasted about living in a gated community, I thought he meant Folsom, and I wondered whether he knew Charles Manson."
Author: Ron Brackin
9. "Although the evidence at this trial shows that Charles Manson was the leader of the conspiracy to commit these murders, there is no evidence that he actually personally killed any of the seven victims in this case."
Author: Vincent Bugliosi

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