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1. "In the vanity of self-consciousness one feels at a long remove above the ordinary love and trustfulness of a simple and pure heart."
Author: Donald G. Mitchell
2. "How can love be worthy of its name if one selects solely the pretty things and leaves out the hardships? It is easy to enjoy the good and dislike the bad. Anybody can do that. The real challenge is to love the good and the bad together, not because you need to take the rough with the smooth but because you need to go beyond such descriptions and accept love in its entirety."
Author: Elif Shafak
3. "He jerked her upward. "All the fires of hell could burn for a thousand years and it wouldn't equal what I feel for you in one minute of the day. I love you so much there is no pleasure in it. Nothing but torment. Because if I could dilute what I feel for you to the millionth part, it would still be enough to kill you. And even if it drives me mad, I would rather see you live in the arms of that cold, soulless bastard than die in mine."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
4. "Translating from one language to another, unless it is from Greek and Latin, the queens of all languages, is like looking at Flemish tapestries from the wrong side, for although the figures are visible, they are covered by threads that obscure them, and cannot be seen with the smoothness and color of the right side."
Author: Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
5. "If trees can create art, if they can encircle the globe seven times in one year, if prisoners can grow plants and raise frogs, then perhaps there are other static entities that we hold inside ourselves, like grief, like addictions, like racism, that can also change."
Author: Nalini Nadkarni
6. "The unification of worlds is an author's priority, as one of them surely resides forbidden to the public."
Author: Paul Andreas Wunderlich
7. "Whereas the tourist generally hurries back home at the end of a few weeks or months, the traveler belonging no more to one place than to the next, moves slowly over periods of years, from one part of the earth to another. Indeed, he would have found it difficult to tell, among the many places he had lived, precisely where it was he had felt most at home."
Author: Paul Bowles
8. "My true-love hath my heart and I have his, By just exchange one for the other given: I hold his dear, and mine he cannot miss; There never was a bargain better driven."
Author: Philip Sidney
9. "Please," Professor Solanka asked. "Just tell me.""That's the worst part," Dubdub said. "There's nothing to tell. No direct or proximate cause. You wake up one day and you aren't a part of your life. You know this. Your life doesn't belong to you. Your body is not, I don't know how to make you this the force of this, yours. there's just life, living itself. You don't have it. You don't have anything to do with it. That's all. It doesn't sound like much, but believe me. It's like when you hypnotize someone and persuade them there's a big pile of mattresses outside their window. They no longer see a reason not to jump."
Author: Salman Rushdie
10. "I get scared easily, so I'm not one for just sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and watching horror stories. But, I mean, I'm learning more. Maybe one day I'd like to be able to watch them."
Author: Taissa Farmiga
11. "Was it worse for him, Reynie wondered, to have felt loved and then rejected? Or was it worse to have always felt alone?"
Author: Trenton Lee Stewart

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