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1. "Okay, so when you get past all the cheeseburgers and video games, life's pretty stupid."
Author: Amber Heart
2. "I don't eat vegetables. I only eat food like cheeseburgers, Spam, hot dogs and pizza."
Author: Art Donovan
3. "I could have made a fortune in cheeseburgers, but I finally chose politics."
Author: Francois Hollande
4. "Sometimes I thank God... for cheeseburgers."
Author: Garth Brooks
5. "I like pizza and I like cheeseburgers a lot and I like Chicago food a lot."
Author: Jake Johnson
6. "I like cheeseburgers too much to be a model."
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
7. "I'd literally rather hang out at the T.G.I. Friday's in New Jersey than tool around at a place that sells $40 cheeseburgers."
Author: Patrick Carney
8. "It was almost enough to make me turn vegetarian, except for the pesky fact that I loved cheeseburgers."
Author: Rick Riordan
9. "Keep climbing,' he told himself.'Cheeseburgers,' his stomach replied.'Shut up,' he thought.'With fries,' his stomach complained."
Author: Rick Riordan
10. "He just summoned the dead with coke and cheeseburgers"
Author: Rick Riordan
11. "Ethically, she couldn't cause the suffering of any living thing. Logically, bacon cheeseburgers were delicious."
Author: Thomm Quackenbush
12. "I was kosher until I had my Bar Mitzvah, and I parlayed officially becoming a man into telling my father I wanted to eat cheeseburgers."
Author: Zach Braff

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